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American Authors

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 Abigail Adams popularity 9/10  Abigail Adams quotes Josh Billings popularity 6/10  Josh Billings quotes
 Adela Rogers St. Johns popularity 3/10  Adela Rogers St. Johns quotes Joshua Kadison popularity 0/10  Joshua Kadison quotes
 Adelle Davis popularity 6/10  Adelle Davis quotes Josiah Royce popularity 6/10  Josiah Royce quotes
 Abby Joseph Cohen popularity 0/10  Abby Joseph Cohen quotes John von Neumann popularity 7/10  John von Neumann quotes
 Adair Lara popularity 0/10  Adair Lara quotes Jonathan Safran Foer popularity 6/10  Jonathan Safran Foer quotes
 Alex Chilton popularity 6/10  Alex Chilton quotes Jonathan Winters popularity 7/10  Jonathan Winters quotes
 Alexandra Stoddard popularity 5/10  Alexandra Stoddard quotes Jon Krakauer popularity 0/10  Jon Krakauer quotes
 Alexis Bledel popularity 10/10  Alexis Bledel quotes Jon Peter Lewis popularity 0/10  Jon Peter Lewis quotes
 Agnes Repplier popularity 0/10  Agnes Repplier quotes Jon Stewart popularity 8/10  Jon Stewart quotes
 Ali Landry popularity 10/10  Ali Landry quotes Jon Walters popularity 0/10  Jon Walters quotes
 Alice Miller popularity 6/10  Alice Miller quotes Jonas Salk popularity 8/10  Jonas Salk quotes
 Alice Paul popularity 8/10  Alice Paul quotes Jonathan Brandis popularity 8/10  Jonathan Brandis quotes
 Alice Walker popularity 9/10  Alice Walker quotes Joseph Brodsky popularity 5/10  Joseph Brodsky quotes
 Alicia Keys popularity 10/10  Alicia Keys quotes Joseph Campbell popularity 8/10  Joseph Campbell quotes
 Alicia Silverstone popularity 10/10  Alicia Silverstone quotes Joseph Cotten popularity 6/10  Joseph Cotten quotes
 Alicia Witt popularity 8/10  Alicia Witt quotes Joseph Gordon-Levitt popularity 8/10  Joseph Gordon-Levitt quotes
 Alley Baggett popularity 10/10  Alley Baggett quotes Joseph Mascis popularity 0/10  Joseph Mascis quotes
 Althea Gibson popularity 9/10  Althea Gibson quotes Joseph P. Kennedy popularity 5/10  Joseph P. Kennedy quotes
 Alyson Hannigan popularity 10/10  Alyson Hannigan quotes Joseph Pulitzer popularity 7/10  Joseph Pulitzer quotes
 Alyssa Milano popularity 10/10  Alyssa Milano quotes Joseph R. McCarthy popularity 3/10  Joseph R. McCarthy quotes
 Amanda Bynes popularity 10/10  Amanda Bynes quotes Joseph Smith popularity 8/10  Joseph Smith quotes
 Amanda Cross popularity 5/10  Amanda Cross quotes Joseph Wechsberg popularity 2/10  Joseph Wechsberg quotes
 Amanda Peet popularity 10/10  Amanda Peet quotes Joseph Wood Krutch popularity 3/10  Joseph Wood Krutch quotes
 Amel Larrieux popularity 8/10  Amel Larrieux quotes John Claypool popularity 0/10  John Claypool quotes
 Amelia E. Barr popularity 0/10  Amelia E. Barr quotes John Coltrane popularity 9/10  John Coltrane quotes
 Alix Olson popularity 0/10  Alix Olson quotes John Cusack popularity 8/10  John Cusack quotes
 Amy Lee popularity 10/10  Amy Lee quotes John D. Rockefeller popularity 8/10  John D. Rockefeller quotes
 Amy Lowell popularity 7/10  Amy Lowell quotes John D. Rockefeller, Jr. popularity 0/10  John D. Rockefeller, Jr. quotes
 Amy Vanderbilt popularity 6/10  Amy Vanderbilt quotes John Denver popularity 9/10  John Denver quotes
 Amy Weber popularity 10/10  Amy Weber quotes John Dewey popularity 9/10  John Dewey quotes
 Anais Nin popularity 8/10  Anais Nin quotes John Doe popularity 8/10  John Doe quotes
 Anna Quindlen popularity 7/10  Anna Quindlen quotes John Dos Passos popularity 7/10  John Dos Passos quotes
 Anne Bancroft popularity 10/10  Anne Bancroft quotes John Erskine popularity 5/10  John Erskine quotes
 Anne Hathaway popularity 10/10  Anne Hathaway quotes John Goodman popularity 8/10  John Goodman quotes
 Anne Heche popularity 9/10  Anne Heche quotes John Gotti popularity 9/10  John Gotti quotes
 Anne Herbert popularity 0/10  Anne Herbert quotes John Greenleaf Whittier popularity 8/10  John Greenleaf Whittier quotes
 Anne Hillman popularity 0/10  Anne Hillman quotes John Gregory Dunne popularity 0/10  John Gregory Dunne quotes
 Anne Lamott popularity 8/10  Anne Lamott quotes John Gunther popularity 6/10  John Gunther quotes
 Anne Morrow Lindbergh popularity 0/10  Anne Morrow Lindbergh quotes John Hancock popularity 9/10  John Hancock quotes
 Anne O'Hare McCormick popularity 0/10  Anne O'Hare McCormick quotes John Hancock (consultant) popularity 0/10  John Hancock (consultant) quotes
 Anne Rice popularity 0/10  Anne Rice quotes John Hay Whitney popularity 0/10  John Hay Whitney quotes
 Anne Roiphe popularity 3/10  Anne Roiphe quotes John Heisman popularity 7/10  John Heisman quotes
 Anne Schedeen popularity 6/10  Anne Schedeen quotes John Huston popularity 7/10  John Huston quotes
 Anne Sexton popularity 0/10  Anne Sexton quotes John Mason Brown popularity 5/10  John Mason Brown quotes
 Anne Sullivan popularity 8/10  Anne Sullivan quotes John Maxwell popularity 8/10  John Maxwell quotes
 Anne Tyler popularity 7/10  Anne Tyler quotes John Mayer popularity 10/10  John Mayer quotes
 Annette Funicello popularity 8/10  Annette Funicello quotes John McAllister Schofield popularity 0/10  John McAllister Schofield quotes
 Anita Hill popularity 8/10  Anita Hill quotes John McCain popularity 8/10  John McCain quotes
 Anita Loos popularity 6/10  Anita Loos quotes John McEnroe popularity 8/10  John McEnroe quotes
 Ann Douglas popularity 7/10  Ann Douglas quotes John Nance Garner popularity 6/10  John Nance Garner quotes
 Ann Landers popularity 8/10  Ann Landers quotes John Paul Jones popularity 9/10  John Paul Jones quotes
 Ann Richards popularity 7/10  Ann Richards quotes John Quincy Adams popularity 9/10  John Quincy Adams quotes
 Anna Chlumsky popularity 8/10  Anna Chlumsky quotes John Reed popularity 7/10  John Reed quotes
 Anna Julia Cooper popularity 7/10  Anna Julia Cooper quotes John Russell popularity 6/10  John Russell quotes
 Anna Lappe popularity 0/10  Anna Lappe quotes John Rzeznik popularity 0/10  John Rzeznik quotes
 Anna Louise Strong popularity 6/10  Anna Louise Strong quotes John Sebastian popularity 7/10  John Sebastian quotes
 Angelina Jolie popularity 10/10  Angelina Jolie quotes John Steinbeck popularity 9/10  John Steinbeck quotes
 Angie Everhart popularity 10/10  Angie Everhart quotes John Taylor popularity 8/10  John Taylor quotes
 Ani Difranco popularity 9/10  Ani Difranco quotes John Jay popularity 8/10  John Jay quotes
 Aretha Franklin popularity 9/10  Aretha Franklin quotes John Kane popularity 6/10  John Kane quotes
 Aria Giovanni popularity 10/10  Aria Giovanni quotes John Kendrick Bangs popularity 5/10  John Kendrick Bangs quotes
 Ariel Durant popularity 0/10  Ariel Durant quotes John L. Graham popularity 0/10  John L. Graham quotes
 Ashlee Simpson popularity 10/10  Ashlee Simpson quotes John Larry Granger popularity 0/10  John Larry Granger quotes
 Ashley Judd popularity 10/10  Ashley Judd quotes John Lithgow popularity 7/10  John Lithgow quotes
 Annie Lennox popularity 9/10  Annie Lennox quotes John Lothrop Motley popularity 0/10  John Lothrop Motley quotes
 Ava Gardner popularity 9/10  Ava Gardner quotes John Madden popularity 8/10  John Madden quotes
 Ayn Rand popularity 9/10  Ayn Rand quotes John Maeda popularity 0/10  John Maeda quotes
 Barbara Bush popularity 8/10  Barbara Bush quotes John Malkovich popularity 8/10  John Malkovich quotes
 Barbara Cook popularity 6/10  Barbara Cook quotes John Marshall popularity 8/10  John Marshall quotes
 Barbara Cubin popularity 5/10  Barbara Cubin quotes John Fitzgerald Kennedy popularity 8/10  John Fitzgerald Kennedy quotes
 Barbara De Angelis popularity 5/10  Barbara De Angelis quotes John Foster Dulles popularity 7/10  John Foster Dulles quotes
 Barbara Feldon popularity 8/10  Barbara Feldon quotes John Gillespie Magee popularity 6/10  John Gillespie Magee quotes
 Barbara Harris popularity 6/10  Barbara Harris quotes John Glenn popularity 9/10  John Glenn quotes
 Barbara Johnson popularity 7/10  Barbara Johnson quotes John Turturro popularity 6/10  John Turturro quotes
 Barbara Jordan popularity 9/10  Barbara Jordan quotes John Tyler popularity 8/10  John Tyler quotes
 Barbara Kingsolver popularity 7/10  Barbara Kingsolver quotes John Unitas popularity 6/10  John Unitas quotes
 Barbara Marx Hubbard popularity 6/10  Barbara Marx Hubbard quotes John Wanamaker popularity 6/10  John Wanamaker quotes
 Barbara McClintock popularity 8/10  Barbara McClintock quotes John Waters popularity 8/10  John Waters quotes
 Barbara Sher popularity 7/10  Barbara Sher quotes John Wayne popularity 10/10  John Wayne quotes
 Barbara Stanwyck popularity 7/10  Barbara Stanwyck quotes John Wesley (TIAA-CREF product manager) popularity 0/10  John Wesley (TIAA-CREF product manager) quotes
 Barbara W. Tuchman popularity 1/10  Barbara W. Tuchman quotes John Wesley Powell popularity 7/10  John Wesley Powell quotes
 Barbra Streisand popularity 9/10  Barbra Streisand quotes John Wooden popularity 8/10  John Wooden quotes
 Beca Lewis popularity 0/10  Beca Lewis quotes John Ziff popularity 0/10  John Ziff quotes
 Belva Lockwood popularity 7/10  Belva Lockwood quotes Johnnie Ray popularity 7/10  Johnnie Ray quotes
 Belva Porter popularity 0/10  Belva Porter quotes Johnny Carson popularity 8/10  Johnny Carson quotes
 Bernadette Peters popularity 9/10  Bernadette Peters quotes Johnny Cash popularity 10/10  Johnny Cash quotes
 Berenice Abbott popularity 6/10  Berenice Abbott quotes Johnny Depp popularity 10/10  Johnny Depp quotes
 Bertha Damon popularity 0/10  Bertha Damon quotes Johnny Knoxville popularity 9/10  Johnny Knoxville quotes
 Betsy Johnson popularity 8/10  Betsy Johnson quotes Johnny Mercer popularity 8/10  Johnny Mercer quotes
 Betsy Ross popularity 9/10  Betsy Ross quotes Johnny Miller popularity 6/10  Johnny Miller quotes
 Bette Davis popularity 8/10  Bette Davis quotes Johnny Weissmuller popularity 7/10  Johnny Weissmuller quotes
 Bette Greene popularity 6/10  Bette Greene quotes Johnny Winter popularity 8/10  Johnny Winter quotes
 Bette Midler popularity 9/10  Bette Midler quotes Jon Bentley popularity 0/10  Jon Bentley quotes
 Betty Bender popularity 1/10  Betty Bender quotes Jon Bon Jovi popularity 9/10  Jon Bon Jovi quotes
 Betty Ford popularity 8/10  Betty Ford quotes John (Cougar) Mellencamp popularity 0/10  John (Cougar) Mellencamp quotes
 Betty Grable popularity 8/10  Betty Grable quotes John Adams popularity 9/10  John Adams quotes
 Betty Reese popularity 0/10  Betty Reese quotes Joe DiMaggio popularity 8/10  Joe DiMaggio quotes
 Betty Smith (writer) popularity 0/10  Betty Smith (writer) quotes John Barrymore popularity 7/10  John Barrymore quotes
 Beverly Mitchell popularity 10/10  Beverly Mitchell quotes John Belushi popularity 8/10  John Belushi quotes
 Beyonce Knowles popularity 10/10  Beyonce Knowles quotes John Berryman popularity 7/10  John Berryman quotes
 Billie Jean King popularity 8/10  Billie Jean King quotes John Burroughs popularity 6/10  John Burroughs quotes
 Bo Derek popularity 10/10  Bo Derek quotes John C. Maxwell popularity 7/10  John C. Maxwell quotes
 Bobbie Gentry popularity 8/10  Bobbie Gentry quotes John Cale popularity 8/10  John Cale quotes
 Bonnie Raitt popularity 9/10  Bonnie Raitt quotes John Cassavetes popularity 6/10  John Cassavetes quotes
 Brenda Hammond popularity 0/10  Brenda Hammond quotes Joe Flaherty popularity 6/10  Joe Flaherty quotes
 Brenda Ueland popularity 3/10  Brenda Ueland quotes Joe Frazier popularity 8/10  Joe Frazier quotes
 Briana Scurry popularity 0/10  Briana Scurry quotes Joe Frisco popularity 5/10  Joe Frisco quotes
 Bridget Hall popularity 8/10  Bridget Hall quotes Joe Hill popularity 7/10  Joe Hill quotes
 Bridget Moynahan popularity 9/10  Bridget Moynahan quotes Joe Lacey popularity 0/10  Joe Lacey quotes
 Britney Spears popularity 10/10  Britney Spears quotes Joe Montana popularity 8/10  Joe Montana quotes
 Brittany Murphy popularity 10/10  Brittany Murphy quotes Joe Paterno popularity 8/10  Joe Paterno quotes
 Brittnie Ballard popularity 0/10  Brittnie Ballard quotes Joel Achenbach popularity 0/10  Joel Achenbach quotes
 Brooke Burke popularity 10/10  Brooke Burke quotes Joel Chandler Harris popularity 7/10  Joel Chandler Harris quotes
 Brooke Shields popularity 10/10  Brooke Shields quotes Joey Adams popularity 6/10  Joey Adams quotes
 Butterfly McQueen popularity 7/10  Butterfly McQueen quotes Jesse Helms popularity 7/10  Jesse Helms quotes
 Caitlin Allen popularity 0/10  Caitlin Allen quotes Jesse Jackson popularity 8/10  Jesse Jackson quotes
 Calista Flockhart popularity 9/10  Calista Flockhart quotes Jesse Owens popularity 10/10  Jesse Owens quotes
 Cameron Diaz popularity 10/10  Cameron Diaz quotes Jesse Ventura popularity 8/10  Jesse Ventura quotes
 Candice Bergen popularity 8/10  Candice Bergen quotes Jim Pinto popularity 2/10  Jim Pinto quotes
 Caprice Bourret popularity 9/10  Caprice Bourret quotes Jim Rohn popularity 7/10  Jim Rohn quotes
 Carmen Electra popularity 10/10  Carmen Electra quotes Jim Valvano popularity 7/10  Jim Valvano quotes
 Carol Burnett popularity 8/10  Carol Burnett quotes Jimi Hendrix popularity 10/10  Jimi Hendrix quotes
 Carol Everett popularity 5/10  Carol Everett quotes Jimmy Buffett popularity 9/10  Jimmy Buffett quotes
 Carol Gilligan popularity 8/10  Carol Gilligan quotes Jimmy Carter popularity 9/10  Jimmy Carter quotes
 Carole Lombard popularity 7/10  Carole Lombard quotes Jimmy Connors popularity 7/10  Jimmy Connors quotes
 Carolyn Kizer popularity 6/10  Carolyn Kizer quotes Jimmy D. Moore popularity 0/10  Jimmy D. Moore quotes
 Charisma Carpenter popularity 10/10  Charisma Carpenter quotes Jimmy Fallon popularity 9/10  Jimmy Fallon quotes
 Carrie Fisher popularity 10/10  Carrie Fisher quotes Jimmy Johnson popularity 8/10  Jimmy Johnson quotes
 Carrie Snodgress popularity 7/10  Carrie Snodgress quotes Jimmy Page popularity 9/10  Jimmy Page quotes
 Carry Nation popularity 8/10  Carry Nation quotes Jimmy Piersall popularity 6/10  Jimmy Piersall quotes
 Carson McCullers popularity 8/10  Carson McCullers quotes Jimmy Swaggart popularity 8/10  Jimmy Swaggart quotes
 Cassie Liegh popularity 0/10  Cassie Liegh quotes Jim Backus popularity 6/10  Jim Backus quotes
 Catherine Drinker Bowen popularity 2/10  Catherine Drinker Bowen quotes Jim Bishop popularity 6/10  Jim Bishop quotes
 Catherine Zandonella popularity 5/10  Catherine Zandonella quotes Jim Davis popularity 8/10  Jim Davis quotes
 Charleszetta Waddles popularity 0/10  Charleszetta Waddles quotes Jim Gaffigan popularity 8/10  Jim Gaffigan quotes
 Charlize Theron popularity 10/10  Charlize Theron quotes Jim Henson popularity 8/10  Jim Henson quotes
 Charlotte Perkins Gilman popularity 8/10  Charlotte Perkins Gilman quotes Jim Ladd popularity 0/10  Jim Ladd quotes
 Charlotte Saunders Cushman popularity 0/10  Charlotte Saunders Cushman quotes Jim McMahon popularity 7/10  Jim McMahon quotes
 Cheewa James popularity 0/10  Cheewa James quotes Jim Morrison popularity 10/10  Jim Morrison quotes
 Cher popularity 10/10  Cher quotes Jerry Lewis popularity 8/10  Jerry Lewis quotes
 Cheryl Tiegs popularity 9/10  Cheryl Tiegs quotes Jerry O'Connell popularity 0/10  Jerry O'Connell quotes
 Chastity Bono popularity 7/10  Chastity Bono quotes Jerry Rubin popularity 6/10  Jerry Rubin quotes
 Chris Evert popularity 8/10  Chris Evert quotes Jerry Seinfeld popularity 8/10  Jerry Seinfeld quotes
 Christina Dittmann popularity 0/10  Christina Dittmann quotes Jed Gillin popularity 0/10  Jed Gillin quotes
 Christina Milian popularity 10/10  Christina Milian quotes Jeff Buckley popularity 10/10  Jeff Buckley quotes
 Christina Ricci popularity 10/10  Christina Ricci quotes Jeffrey Bryant popularity 0/10  Jeffrey Bryant quotes
 Christine M. Lannon popularity 0/10  Christine M. Lannon quotes Jeffrey D. Wilhelm popularity 0/10  Jeffrey D. Wilhelm quotes
 Christina Aguilera popularity 10/10  Christina Aguilera quotes Jelly Roll Morton popularity 8/10  Jelly Roll Morton quotes
 Christy Turlington popularity 8/10  Christy Turlington quotes Jeremy Bernstein popularity 3/10  Jeremy Bernstein quotes
 Cindi Wafstet popularity 0/10  Cindi Wafstet quotes Jeremy Piven popularity 8/10  Jeremy Piven quotes
 Cindy Crawford popularity 10/10  Cindy Crawford quotes Jerry Burchfiel popularity 0/10  Jerry Burchfiel quotes
 Claudette Colbert popularity 8/10  Claudette Colbert quotes Jerry Falwell popularity 8/10  Jerry Falwell quotes
 Claudia Lady Bird Johnson popularity 3/10  Claudia Lady Bird Johnson quotes Jean Paul Getty popularity 3/10  Jean Paul Getty quotes
 Cody Wilshire popularity 0/10  Cody Wilshire quotes Jean-Michel Basquiat popularity 0/10  Jean-Michel Basquiat quotes
 Clara Barton popularity 10/10  Clara Barton quotes Jean-Robert Lafortune popularity 0/10  Jean-Robert Lafortune quotes
 Connie Rice popularity 0/10  Connie Rice quotes Jeane J. Kirkpatrick popularity 0/10  Jeane J. Kirkpatrick quotes
 Constance Bennett popularity 5/10  Constance Bennett quotes James Fenimore Cooper popularity 8/10  James Fenimore Cooper quotes
 Courteney Cox popularity 8/10  Courteney Cox quotes James Brown popularity 10/10  James Brown quotes
 Courtney Cox popularity 0/10  Courtney Cox quotes James Buchanan popularity 8/10  James Buchanan quotes
 Courtney Love popularity 10/10  Courtney Love quotes James Conlon popularity 0/10  James Conlon quotes
 Cynthia Nixon popularity 9/10  Cynthia Nixon quotes Jann Wenner popularity 5/10  Jann Wenner quotes
 Dale Evans Rogers popularity 0/10  Dale Evans Rogers quotes Jaron Lanier popularity 5/10  Jaron Lanier quotes
 Danica McKellar popularity 9/10  Danica McKellar quotes Jascha Heifetz popularity 7/10  Jascha Heifetz quotes
 Dael Orlandersmith popularity 0/10  Dael Orlandersmith quotes Jason Kidd popularity 8/10  Jason Kidd quotes
 Danni Ashe popularity 10/10  Danni Ashe quotes Jason Mraz popularity 10/10  Jason Mraz quotes
 Daryl Hannah popularity 9/10  Daryl Hannah quotes Jason Mroz popularity 0/10  Jason Mroz quotes
 Danny Elfman popularity 9/10  Danny Elfman quotes Jason Robards Jr. popularity 3/10  Jason Robards Jr. quotes
 Debra Edwards popularity 0/10  Debra Edwards quotes Javan popularity 6/10  Javan quotes
 Denise Levertov popularity 7/10  Denise Levertov quotes Jay Cicero popularity 0/10  Jay Cicero quotes
 Denise McCanles popularity 0/10  Denise McCanles quotes Jay Leno popularity 9/10  Jay Leno quotes
 Denise Richards popularity 10/10  Denise Richards quotes Jay-Z popularity 0/10  Jay-Z quotes
 Denise Austin popularity 0/10  Denise Austin quotes James A. Garfield popularity 8/10  James A. Garfield quotes
 Diana Ross popularity 9/10  Diana Ross quotes Jackson Pollack popularity 0/10  Jackson Pollack quotes
 Diana Vreeland popularity 6/10  Diana Vreeland quotes Jackson Pollock popularity 9/10  Jackson Pollock quotes
 Diane Ackerman popularity 6/10  Diane Ackerman quotes James Agee popularity 7/10  James Agee quotes
 Diane Keaton (orig. Diane Hall) popularity 0/10  Diane Keaton (orig. Diane Hall) quotes James Anderson (football player) popularity 0/10  James Anderson (football player) quotes
 Diane Lane popularity 10/10  Diane Lane quotes James Arthur Baldwin popularity 6/10  James Arthur Baldwin quotes
 Diane LaVey popularity 0/10  Diane LaVey quotes James Arthur Ray popularity 0/10  James Arthur Ray quotes
 Diane Sawyer popularity 8/10  Diane Sawyer quotes Jacob Riis popularity 8/10  Jacob Riis quotes
 Dianne Feinstein popularity 7/10  Dianne Feinstein quotes James Baskett popularity 5/10  James Baskett quotes
 Dolly Parton popularity 10/10  Dolly Parton quotes James Hetfield popularity 9/10  James Hetfield quotes
 Donella Meadows popularity 6/10  Donella Meadows quotes James Holzier popularity 0/10  James Holzier quotes
 Doris Day popularity 9/10  Doris Day quotes James Joyce (IBM's chief financial officer) popularity 0/10  James Joyce (IBM's chief financial officer) quotes
 Doris Lilly popularity 3/10  Doris Lilly quotes James Knox Polk popularity 7/10  James Knox Polk quotes
 Dorothea Brande popularity 2/10  Dorothea Brande quotes James Luceno popularity 0/10  James Luceno quotes
 Dorothea Dix popularity 8/10  Dorothea Dix quotes James Madison popularity 9/10  James Madison quotes
 Dorothy Allison popularity 6/10  Dorothy Allison quotes James Monroe popularity 9/10  James Monroe quotes
 Dorothy Day popularity 8/10  Dorothy Day quotes James Montgomery Bailey popularity 0/10  James Montgomery Bailey quotes
 Dorothy Dix popularity 7/10  Dorothy Dix quotes James Randi popularity 7/10  James Randi quotes
 Dorothy Fields popularity 5/10  Dorothy Fields quotes James Russell Lowell popularity 7/10  James Russell Lowell quotes
 Donna Reed popularity 8/10  Donna Reed quotes James Stewart popularity 8/10  James Stewart quotes
 Dorothy Parker popularity 8/10  Dorothy Parker quotes James Taylor popularity 9/10  James Taylor quotes
 Dr. Joyce Brothers popularity 6/10  Dr. Joyce Brothers quotes James Thurber popularity 8/10  James Thurber quotes
 Dyan Cannon popularity 8/10  Dyan Cannon quotes James Truslow Adams popularity 5/10  James Truslow Adams quotes
 Edith Hamilton popularity 6/10  Edith Hamilton quotes James Weldon Johnson popularity 8/10  James Weldon Johnson quotes
 Edith Head popularity 8/10  Edith Head quotes James Wilcox popularity 5/10  James Wilcox quotes
 Edith Wharton popularity 8/10  Edith Wharton quotes James Woods popularity 7/10  James Woods quotes
 Edna St. Vincent Millay popularity 8/10  Edna St. Vincent Millay quotes Jamie Foxx popularity 9/10  Jamie Foxx quotes
 Eleanor Roosevelt popularity 9/10  Eleanor Roosevelt quotes Isiah Thomas popularity 7/10  Isiah Thomas quotes
 Eli Stanley Jones popularity 0/10  Eli Stanley Jones quotes Isidor Isaac Rabi popularity 0/10  Isidor Isaac Rabi quotes
 Elisabeth Shue popularity 9/10  Elisabeth Shue quotes Ira Gershwin popularity 6/10  Ira Gershwin quotes
 Eliza Dushku popularity 10/10  Eliza Dushku quotes Irv Kupcinet popularity 3/10  Irv Kupcinet quotes
 Eliza Wood Burhans Farnham popularity 0/10  Eliza Wood Burhans Farnham quotes Irvin Kauffman popularity 0/10  Irvin Kauffman quotes
 Elizabeth Arden popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Arden quotes Irving Berlin popularity 8/10  Irving Berlin quotes
 Elizabeth Beaver popularity 0/10  Elizabeth Beaver quotes Irving Fisher popularity 7/10  Irving Fisher quotes
 Elizabeth Berkley popularity 10/10  Elizabeth Berkley quotes Irving Howe popularity 0/10  Irving Howe quotes
 Elizabeth Bishop popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Bishop quotes Isaac Asimov popularity 8/10  Isaac Asimov quotes
 Elizabeth Cady Stanton popularity 9/10  Elizabeth Cady Stanton quotes J. D. Salinger popularity 6/10  J. D. Salinger quotes
 Elizabeth Drew popularity 1/10  Elizabeth Drew quotes J. Edgar Hoover popularity 8/10  J. Edgar Hoover quotes
 Elizabeth Harrison popularity 6/10  Elizabeth Harrison quotes J. Edward Day popularity 0/10  J. Edward Day quotes
 Elizabeth Keckley popularity 6/10  Elizabeth Keckley quotes J. Frederick Millea popularity 0/10  J. Frederick Millea quotes
 Elizabeth Wurtzel popularity 7/10  Elizabeth Wurtzel quotes J. G. Ballard popularity 5/10  J. G. Ballard quotes
 Ella Fitzgerald popularity 9/10  Ella Fitzgerald quotes J. Michael Straczynski popularity 5/10  J. Michael Straczynski quotes
 Ellen Barkin popularity 9/10  Ellen Barkin quotes J. P. Donleavy popularity 3/10  J. P. Donleavy quotes
 Ellen DeGeneres popularity 9/10  Ellen DeGeneres quotes J. Robert Oppenheimer popularity 7/10  J. Robert Oppenheimer quotes
 Ellen Glasgow popularity 5/10  Ellen Glasgow quotes J. Russell Lynes popularity 0/10  J. Russell Lynes quotes
 Ellen Goodman popularity 6/10  Ellen Goodman quotes J. William Fulbright popularity 3/10  J. William Fulbright quotes
 Ellen Swallow Richards popularity 0/10  Ellen Swallow Richards quotes J.P. Losman popularity 6/10  J.P. Losman quotes
 Elsa Lanchester popularity 7/10  Elsa Lanchester quotes Jack Benny popularity 8/10  Jack Benny quotes
 Emily Dickinson popularity 10/10  Emily Dickinson quotes Jack Carson popularity 5/10  Jack Carson quotes
 Emily Post popularity 8/10  Emily Post quotes Jack Casady popularity 0/10  Jack Casady quotes
 Emily Procter popularity 9/10  Emily Procter quotes Jack Handy popularity 8/10  Jack Handy quotes
 Emma Goldman popularity 8/10  Emma Goldman quotes Jack Johnson popularity 10/10  Jack Johnson quotes
 Emma Lazarus popularity 7/10  Emma Lazarus quotes Jack Kerouac popularity 9/10  Jack Kerouac quotes
 Erika Cosby popularity 5/10  Erika Cosby quotes Jack Kirby popularity 7/10  Jack Kirby quotes
 Erika Eleniak popularity 10/10  Erika Eleniak quotes Jack London popularity 9/10  Jack London quotes
 Estelle Ramey popularity 0/10  Estelle Ramey quotes Jack Nicholson popularity 8/10  Jack Nicholson quotes
 Ethel Merman popularity 8/10  Ethel Merman quotes Jack Nicklaus popularity 8/10  Jack Nicklaus quotes
 Ethel Waters popularity 8/10  Ethel Waters quotes Imamu Amiri Baraka popularity 5/10  Imamu Amiri Baraka quotes
 Eudora Welty popularity 8/10  Eudora Welty quotes Horace Greeley popularity 7/10  Horace Greeley quotes
 Eugenie Clark popularity 8/10  Eugenie Clark quotes Helen Thomas popularity 8/10  Helen Thomas quotes
 Eva Gabor popularity 8/10  Eva Gabor quotes Heywood C. Broun popularity 2/10  Heywood C. Broun quotes
 Eva Longoria popularity 10/10  Eva Longoria quotes Hillary Clinton popularity 10/10  Hillary Clinton quotes
 Eva Mendes popularity 10/10  Eva Mendes quotes Hinky Dink Kenna popularity 0/10  Hinky Dink Kenna quotes
 Faith Hill popularity 10/10  Faith Hill quotes Hinton Helper popularity 5/10  Hinton Helper quotes
 Fannie Hurst popularity 6/10  Fannie Hurst quotes Howard Cosell popularity 7/10  Howard Cosell quotes
 Fanny Brice popularity 8/10  Fanny Brice quotes Howard Dean popularity 9/10  Howard Dean quotes
 Fanny Fern popularity 7/10  Fanny Fern quotes Howard Keel popularity 7/10  Howard Keel quotes
 Fiona Apple popularity 10/10  Fiona Apple quotes Howard Stern popularity 10/10  Howard Stern quotes
 Francesca Lia Block popularity 0/10  Francesca Lia Block quotes Howard Thurman popularity 6/10  Howard Thurman quotes
 Folashade' Ayanwale popularity 0/10  Folashade' Ayanwale quotes Howard Zinn popularity 8/10  Howard Zinn quotes
 Frances Farmer popularity 8/10  Frances Farmer quotes Hubert H. Humphrey popularity 6/10  Hubert H. Humphrey quotes
 Frances Perkins popularity 8/10  Frances Perkins quotes Huey Long popularity 8/10  Huey Long quotes
 Gabrielle Union popularity 10/10  Gabrielle Union quotes Hugh Hefner popularity 8/10  Hugh Hefner quotes
 Gail Sheehy popularity 6/10  Gail Sheehy quotes Hugh Nibley popularity 7/10  Hugh Nibley quotes
 Geena Davis popularity 9/10  Geena Davis quotes Hugh Prather popularity 5/10  Hugh Prather quotes
 Gena Lee Nolin popularity 9/10  Gena Lee Nolin quotes Hugh White popularity 0/10  Hugh White quotes
 Georgia O'Keeffe popularity 0/10  Georgia O'Keeffe quotes Hugo Black popularity 7/10  Hugo Black quotes
 Gertrude Stein popularity 8/10  Gertrude Stein quotes Humphrey Bogart popularity 8/10  Humphrey Bogart quotes
 Ginger Rogers popularity 8/10  Ginger Rogers quotes Hunter S. Thompson popularity 9/10  Hunter S. Thompson quotes
 Glenn Close popularity 8/10  Glenn Close quotes Hyman George Rickover popularity 3/10  Hyman George Rickover quotes
 Gilda Radner popularity 8/10  Gilda Radner quotes Ice T popularity 0/10  Ice T quotes
 Gillian Anderson popularity 10/10  Gillian Anderson quotes Henry B. Wilson popularity 0/10  Henry B. Wilson quotes
 Gloria Grahame popularity 7/10  Gloria Grahame quotes Henry Cabot Lodge popularity 7/10  Henry Cabot Lodge quotes
 Gloria Vanderbilt popularity 8/10  Gloria Vanderbilt quotes Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. popularity 0/10  Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. quotes
 Goldie Hawn popularity 10/10  Goldie Hawn quotes Henry Clay popularity 8/10  Henry Clay quotes
 Grace Slick popularity 8/10  Grace Slick quotes Henry Clay Work popularity 5/10  Henry Clay Work quotes
 Grace Speare popularity 2/10  Grace Speare quotes Henry David Thoreau popularity 0/10  Henry David Thoreau quotes
 Gracie Allen popularity 7/10  Gracie Allen quotes Henry John Heinz popularity 0/10  Henry John Heinz quotes
 Grace Kelly popularity 9/10  Grace Kelly quotes Henry Kissinger popularity 8/10  Henry Kissinger quotes
 Grace Murray Hopper popularity 8/10  Grace Murray Hopper quotes Henry Louis Mencken popularity 5/10  Henry Louis Mencken quotes
 Gretchen Wilson popularity 10/10  Gretchen Wilson quotes Henry Miller popularity 8/10  Henry Miller quotes
 Gwen Stefani popularity 10/10  Gwen Stefani quotes Henry R. Luce popularity 1/10  Henry R. Luce quotes
 Gwen Verdon popularity 7/10  Gwen Verdon quotes Henry Rollins popularity 9/10  Henry Rollins quotes
 Gwyneth Paltrow popularity 9/10  Gwyneth Paltrow quotes Henry Van Dyke popularity 7/10  Henry Van Dyke quotes
 Halle Berry popularity 10/10  Halle Berry quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow popularity 8/10  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quotes
 Hannah Arendt popularity 7/10  Hannah Arendt quotes Henry Wheeler Shaw popularity 0/10  Henry Wheeler Shaw quotes
 Harriet Beecher Stowe popularity 9/10  Harriet Beecher Stowe quotes Henry Winkler popularity 8/10  Henry Winkler quotes
 Harriet McBryde Johnson popularity 0/10  Harriet McBryde Johnson quotes Henry Youngman popularity 5/10  Henry Youngman quotes
 Harriet Tubman popularity 10/10  Harriet Tubman quotes Herb Caen popularity 3/10  Herb Caen quotes
 Harrison E. Salisbury popularity 2/10  Harrison E. Salisbury quotes Herbert Bayard Swope popularity 0/10  Herbert Bayard Swope quotes
 Hazel Scott popularity 6/10  Hazel Scott quotes Herbert Hoover popularity 9/10  Herbert Hoover quotes
 Heather Graham popularity 10/10  Heather Graham quotes Henry J. Kaiser popularity 6/10  Henry J. Kaiser quotes
 Heather Locklear popularity 10/10  Heather Locklear quotes Herman J. Mankiewicz popularity 0/10  Herman J. Mankiewicz quotes
 Hedda Hopper popularity 6/10  Hedda Hopper quotes Herman Melville popularity 8/10  Herman Melville quotes
 Helen Foster Snow popularity 0/10  Helen Foster Snow quotes Harry M. Warner popularity 0/10  Harry M. Warner quotes
 Helen Gurley Brown popularity 6/10  Helen Gurley Brown quotes Harry S Truman popularity 8/10  Harry S Truman quotes
 Helen Hayes popularity 7/10  Helen Hayes quotes Harry Shearer popularity 7/10  Harry Shearer quotes
 Helen Hunt popularity 10/10  Helen Hunt quotes Harvey Allen popularity 0/10  Harvey Allen quotes
 Helen Keller popularity 10/10  Helen Keller quotes Harriet Monroe popularity 0/10  Harriet Monroe quotes
 Helena Rubinstein popularity 8/10  Helena Rubinstein quotes Harry A. Blackmun popularity 0/10  Harry A. Blackmun quotes
 Hilary Duff popularity 10/10  Hilary Duff quotes Harry B. Thayer popularity 0/10  Harry B. Thayer quotes
 Holly Marie Combs popularity 10/10  Holly Marie Combs quotes Harry Belafonte popularity 8/10  Harry Belafonte quotes
 Hortense Calisher popularity 2/10  Hortense Calisher quotes Harry Chapin popularity 8/10  Harry Chapin quotes
 Idina Menzel popularity 0/10  Idina Menzel quotes Harry Crews popularity 6/10  Harry Crews quotes
 Ilka Chase popularity 5/10  Ilka Chase quotes Harmon Killebrew popularity 6/10  Harmon Killebrew quotes
 Irish McCalla popularity 7/10  Irish McCalla quotes Harold Bloom popularity 8/10  Harold Bloom quotes
 India Arie popularity 0/10  India Arie quotes Hank Ballard popularity 6/10  Hank Ballard quotes
 Ingrid Bengis popularity 0/10  Ingrid Bengis quotes Hank Stram popularity 6/10  Hank Stram quotes
 Ingrid Bergman popularity 8/10  Ingrid Bergman quotes Hank Williams popularity 9/10  Hank Williams quotes
 Ingrid Newkirk popularity 6/10  Ingrid Newkirk quotes Harold L. Ickes popularity 3/10  Harold L. Ickes quotes
 Isadora Duncan popularity 8/10  Isadora Duncan quotes Harold Robbins popularity 6/10  Harold Robbins quotes
 Jackie Joyner-Kersee popularity 8/10  Jackie Joyner-Kersee quotes Harold Rosenberg popularity 0/10  Harold Rosenberg quotes
 Jackie Mason popularity 7/10  Jackie Mason quotes Harold S. Geneen popularity 5/10  Harold S. Geneen quotes
 Jacqueline Woodson popularity 7/10  Jacqueline Woodson quotes Harold Washington popularity 7/10  Harold Washington quotes
 Jaime Pressly popularity 10/10  Jaime Pressly quotes Gower Champion popularity 5/10  Gower Champion quotes
 Jan Denise popularity 0/10  Jan Denise quotes Harpo Marx popularity 7/10  Harpo Marx quotes
 Jan Sterling popularity 6/10  Jan Sterling quotes H. Allen Smith popularity 3/10  H. Allen Smith quotes
 Jane Addams popularity 9/10  Jane Addams quotes H. P Lovecraft popularity 5/10  H. P Lovecraft quotes
 Jane Fonda popularity 10/10  Jane Fonda quotes H. R. Haldeman popularity 0/10  H. R. Haldeman quotes
 Jane Kenyon popularity 0/10  Jane Kenyon quotes Hal Roach popularity 6/10  Hal Roach quotes
 Jane Pauley popularity 8/10  Jane Pauley quotes Haley Joel Osment popularity 8/10  Haley Joel Osment quotes
 Jane Rule popularity 3/10  Jane Rule quotes Groucho Marx popularity 8/10  Groucho Marx quotes
 Jane Wiedlin popularity 8/10  Jane Wiedlin quotes Grover Cleveland popularity 8/10  Grover Cleveland quotes
 Janeane Garofalo popularity 8/10  Janeane Garofalo quotes Grover Glenn Norquist popularity 0/10  Grover Glenn Norquist quotes
 Janet Flanner popularity 5/10  Janet Flanner quotes Guy Ritchie popularity 7/10  Guy Ritchie quotes
 Janet Jackson popularity 10/10  Janet Jackson quotes Grace Paley popularity 7/10  Grace Paley quotes
 Janis Joplin popularity 10/10  Janis Joplin quotes Floyd Patterson popularity 7/10  Floyd Patterson quotes
 Jamie Lee Curtis popularity 10/10  Jamie Lee Curtis quotes Gloria Steinem popularity 8/10  Gloria Steinem quotes
 Jayne Mansfield popularity 9/10  Jayne Mansfield quotes Grant Fairley popularity 0/10  Grant Fairley quotes
 Jean Harlow popularity 8/10  Jean Harlow quotes Grant Wood popularity 8/10  Grant Wood quotes
 Jean Ingelow popularity 5/10  Jean Ingelow quotes Grantland Rice popularity 7/10  Grantland Rice quotes
 Jean Kerr popularity 5/10  Jean Kerr quotes Greg Anderson popularity 6/10  Greg Anderson quotes
 Jennifer Aniston popularity 10/10  Jennifer Aniston quotes Gregory Hines popularity 8/10  Gregory Hines quotes
 Jennifer Baker (writer) popularity 0/10  Jennifer Baker (writer) quotes Gregory Wallace Campbell popularity 0/10  Gregory Wallace Campbell quotes
 Jennifer Capriati popularity 8/10  Jennifer Capriati quotes Good Will Hunting popularity 8/10  Good Will Hunting quotes
 Jennifer Connelly popularity 10/10  Jennifer Connelly quotes Gordon B. Hinckley popularity 0/10  Gordon B. Hinckley quotes
 Jennifer Garner popularity 10/10  Jennifer Garner quotes Gordon B. Hinkley popularity 0/10  Gordon B. Hinkley quotes
 Jennifer Jones popularity 8/10  Jennifer Jones quotes Gillis Triplett popularity 0/10  Gillis Triplett quotes
 Jennifer Lopez popularity 10/10  Jennifer Lopez quotes Glenway Wescott popularity 0/10  Glenway Wescott quotes
 Jennifer Love Hewitt popularity 10/10  Jennifer Love Hewitt quotes Gloria Allred popularity 6/10  Gloria Allred quotes
 Jennifer M. Granholm popularity 5/10  Jennifer M. Granholm quotes Gerald R. Ford popularity 8/10  Gerald R. Ford quotes
 Jenny Frost popularity 8/10  Jenny Frost quotes Geraldo Rivera popularity 7/10  Geraldo Rivera quotes
 Jenny Mccarthy popularity 10/10  Jenny Mccarthy quotes George Soros popularity 8/10  George Soros quotes
 Jenny Shimizu popularity 0/10  Jenny Shimizu quotes George S. Kaufman popularity 5/10  George S. Kaufman quotes
 Jeanette MacDonald popularity 6/10  Jeanette MacDonald quotes George Santayana popularity 7/10  George Santayana quotes
 Jeannette Rankin popularity 7/10  Jeannette Rankin quotes George H. Gallup popularity 0/10  George H. Gallup quotes
 Jenna Elfman popularity 9/10  Jenna Elfman quotes George Halas popularity 7/10  George Halas quotes
 Jenna Jameson popularity 10/10  Jenna Jameson quotes George Jessel popularity 6/10  George Jessel quotes
 Jennie Garth popularity 9/10  Jennie Garth quotes George Lindsey popularity 5/10  George Lindsey quotes
 Jerry Hall popularity 8/10  Jerry Hall quotes George Lucas popularity 9/10  George Lucas quotes
 Jessica Alba popularity 10/10  Jessica Alba quotes George McGovern popularity 7/10  George McGovern quotes
 Jessica Bascom popularity 0/10  Jessica Bascom quotes George P. Shultz popularity 5/10  George P. Shultz quotes
 Jessica Biel popularity 10/10  Jessica Biel quotes George Q. Cannon popularity 0/10  George Q. Cannon quotes
 Jessica Simpson popularity 10/10  Jessica Simpson quotes George V. Higgins popularity 3/10  George V. Higgins quotes
 Jessica Tandy popularity 7/10  Jessica Tandy quotes George W. Bush popularity 10/10  George W. Bush quotes
 Jewel popularity 0/10  Jewel quotes George Wallace popularity 8/10  George Wallace quotes
 Jill Ruckelshaus popularity 0/10  Jill Ruckelshaus quotes George Washington popularity 10/10  George Washington quotes
 Jessamyn West popularity 6/10  Jessamyn West quotes George Washington Carver popularity 10/10  George Washington Carver quotes
 Joan Armatrading popularity 8/10  Joan Armatrading quotes George Wildman Ball popularity 0/10  George Wildman Ball quotes
 Joan Baez popularity 9/10  Joan Baez quotes Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf popularity 0/10  Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf quotes
 Joan Benoit Samuelson popularity 0/10  Joan Benoit Samuelson quotes Gene Hackman popularity 8/10  Gene Hackman quotes
 Joan Blondell popularity 8/10  Joan Blondell quotes Gene Kelly popularity 8/10  Gene Kelly quotes
 Joan Crawford popularity 8/10  Joan Crawford quotes Gene Nelson popularity 6/10  Gene Nelson quotes
 Joan Didion popularity 6/10  Joan Didion quotes Garry Shandling popularity 3/10  Garry Shandling quotes
 Joan Fontaine popularity 0/10  Joan Fontaine quotes Garson Kanin popularity 3/10  Garson Kanin quotes
 Joan Ganz Cooney popularity 6/10  Joan Ganz Cooney quotes Garth Brooks popularity 10/10  Garth Brooks quotes
 Joan Severance popularity 9/10  Joan Severance quotes Gary Cooper popularity 8/10  Gary Cooper quotes
 Jodie Foster popularity 10/10  Jodie Foster quotes Gary Freeman popularity 0/10  Gary Freeman quotes
 Joey Lauren Adams popularity 8/10  Joey Lauren Adams quotes Gary Hart popularity 7/10  Gary Hart quotes
 Josephine Hull popularity 0/10  Josephine Hull quotes George Bedard popularity 0/10  George Bedard quotes
 Jorja Fox popularity 0/10  Jorja Fox quotes George Bush popularity 10/10  George Bush quotes
 Josie Maran popularity 10/10  Josie Maran quotes George Caleb Bingham popularity 7/10  George Caleb Bingham quotes
 Joy Held popularity 0/10  Joy Held quotes George Carlin popularity 10/10  George Carlin quotes
 Joy Page popularity 0/10  Joy Page quotes George Clooney popularity 9/10  George Clooney quotes
 Joyce Carol Oates popularity 8/10  Joyce Carol Oates quotes George Dennison Prentice popularity 0/10  George Dennison Prentice quotes
 Judge Judy popularity 0/10  Judge Judy quotes General George S. Patton popularity 7/10  General George S. Patton quotes
 Judith Crist popularity 3/10  Judith Crist quotes Geoff Johns popularity 5/10  Geoff Johns quotes
 Judith Guest popularity 8/10  Judith Guest quotes George Ade popularity 5/10  George Ade quotes
 Judith Martin popularity 6/10  Judith Martin quotes George Allen popularity 7/10  George Allen quotes
 Judy Carter popularity 5/10  Judy Carter quotes Gene Roddenberry popularity 7/10  Gene Roddenberry quotes
 Julia F. Carney popularity 0/10  Julia F. Carney quotes Gene Wilder popularity 8/10  Gene Wilder quotes
 Julia Roberts popularity 10/10  Julia Roberts quotes George Foreman popularity 8/10  George Foreman quotes
 Julianne Moore popularity 10/10  Julianne Moore quotes Gardner Dickinson popularity 0/10  Gardner Dickinson quotes
 Kaley Cuoco popularity 9/10  Kaley Cuoco quotes Fritjof Capra popularity 0/10  Fritjof Capra quotes
 Kathleen Casey Theisen popularity 0/10  Kathleen Casey Theisen quotes Fritz Kreisler popularity 6/10  Fritz Kreisler quotes
 Kathleen Turner popularity 9/10  Kathleen Turner quotes Fritz Reiner popularity 3/10  Fritz Reiner quotes
 Kathy Ireland popularity 9/10  Kathy Ireland quotes Fulton J. Sheen popularity 6/10  Fulton J. Sheen quotes
 Kathy Mattea popularity 8/10  Kathy Mattea quotes G. Gordon Liddy popularity 7/10  G. Gordon Liddy quotes
 Katie Couric popularity 10/10  Katie Couric quotes Frederick (Carl) Frieseke popularity 0/10  Frederick (Carl) Frieseke quotes
 Katie Holmes popularity 10/10  Katie Holmes quotes Frederick Douglass popularity 10/10  Frederick Douglass quotes
 Kelli Jae Baeli popularity 0/10  Kelli Jae Baeli quotes Frederick Loewe popularity 5/10  Frederick Loewe quotes
 Kelly Clarkson popularity 10/10  Kelly Clarkson quotes Frederick Perls popularity 0/10  Frederick Perls quotes
 Karen Allen popularity 8/10  Karen Allen quotes Forest E. Witcraft popularity 2/10  Forest E. Witcraft quotes
 Karen Carpenter popularity 9/10  Karen Carpenter quotes Fran Lebowitz popularity 5/10  Fran Lebowitz quotes
 Karen Horney popularity 8/10  Karen Horney quotes Flip Wilson popularity 8/10  Flip Wilson quotes
 Karla Mclaren popularity 5/10  Karla Mclaren quotes Frank Rizzo popularity 7/10  Frank Rizzo quotes
 Kate Bosworth popularity 10/10  Kate Bosworth quotes Frank Sinatra popularity 10/10  Frank Sinatra quotes
 Kate Capshaw popularity 9/10  Kate Capshaw quotes Frank Zappa popularity 10/10  Frank Zappa quotes
 Kate Douglas Wiggin popularity 6/10  Kate Douglas Wiggin quotes Franklin D. Roosevelt popularity 9/10  Franklin D. Roosevelt quotes
 Kate Hudson popularity 10/10  Kate Hudson quotes Franklin Pierce popularity 8/10  Franklin Pierce quotes
 Kate Millett popularity 5/10  Kate Millett quotes Franklin Pierce Adams popularity 3/10  Franklin Pierce Adams quotes
 Kim Basinger popularity 10/10  Kim Basinger quotes Fred Allen popularity 7/10  Fred Allen quotes
 Kim Hunter popularity 7/10  Kim Hunter quotes Fred Astaire popularity 8/10  Fred Astaire quotes
 Kim Reeves popularity 0/10  Kim Reeves quotes Fred Friendly popularity 5/10  Fred Friendly quotes
 Kirsten Dunst popularity 10/10  Kirsten Dunst quotes Fred Rogers popularity 8/10  Fred Rogers quotes
 Kirstie Alley popularity 9/10  Kirstie Alley quotes Fred Waring popularity 7/10  Fred Waring quotes
 Kirsty Gallacher popularity 9/10  Kirsty Gallacher quotes Francis John McConnell popularity 0/10  Francis John McConnell quotes
 Kristin Davis popularity 9/10  Kristin Davis quotes Frank Capra popularity 7/10  Frank Capra quotes
 Lacey Chabert popularity 10/10  Lacey Chabert quotes Frank Hague popularity 5/10  Frank Hague quotes
 Lana Turner popularity 8/10  Lana Turner quotes Frank Herbert popularity 7/10  Frank Herbert quotes
 Lara Flynn Boyle popularity 9/10  Lara Flynn Boyle quotes Frank Iero popularity 0/10  Frank Iero quotes
 Larina Kase popularity 0/10  Larina Kase quotes Frank L. Stanton popularity 0/10  Frank L. Stanton quotes
 Laura Baugh popularity 0/10  Laura Baugh quotes Frank Leahy popularity 5/10  Frank Leahy quotes
 Laura Bush popularity 8/10  Laura Bush quotes Frank Lloyd Wright popularity 9/10  Frank Lloyd Wright quotes
 Laura Dern popularity 8/10  Laura Dern quotes Fiorello La Guardia popularity 6/10  Fiorello La Guardia quotes
 Laura Ingalls Wilder popularity 9/10  Laura Ingalls Wilder quotes Felix Frankfurter popularity 6/10  Felix Frankfurter quotes
 Laurell K Hamilton popularity 0/10  Laurell K Hamilton quotes Finley Peter Dunne popularity 5/10  Finley Peter Dunne quotes
 Lauren Bacall popularity 0/10  Lauren Bacall quotes Fats Waller popularity 8/10  Fats Waller quotes
 Lauren Hutton popularity 8/10  Lauren Hutton quotes Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas popularity 9/10  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas quotes
 Leighann Lord popularity 0/10  Leighann Lord quotes Fannie Lou Hamer popularity 8/10  Fannie Lou Hamer quotes
 Lena Horne popularity 9/10  Lena Horne quotes Eugene J. McCarthy popularity 0/10  Eugene J. McCarthy quotes
 Leonor Kretzer Sullivan popularity 0/10  Leonor Kretzer Sullivan quotes Eugene Wigner popularity 2/10  Eugene Wigner quotes
 Leslie Ludy popularity 0/10  Leslie Ludy quotes Everett Dirksen popularity 5/10  Everett Dirksen quotes
 Leslie Unger popularity 5/10  Leslie Unger quotes Ezra Pound popularity 8/10  Ezra Pound quotes
 Linda Chandler popularity 5/10  Linda Chandler quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald popularity 0/10  F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes
 Linda Eastman Mccartney popularity 0/10  Linda Eastman Mccartney quotes Eugene Debs popularity 8/10  Eugene Debs quotes
 Linda Ronstadt popularity 9/10  Linda Ronstadt quotes Eubie Blake popularity 7/10  Eubie Blake quotes
 Lindsay Kennedy popularity 5/10  Lindsay Kennedy quotes Erich Fromm popularity 7/10  Erich Fromm quotes
 Lindsay Lohan popularity 5/10  Lindsay Lohan quotes Erich Segal popularity 6/10  Erich Segal quotes
 Lillian Gish popularity 8/10  Lillian Gish quotes Ernie Kovacs popularity 7/10  Ernie Kovacs quotes
 Lillian Hellman popularity 7/10  Lillian Hellman quotes Erle Stanley Gardner popularity 6/10  Erle Stanley Gardner quotes
 Lillian Smith popularity 6/10  Lillian Smith quotes Ernest F. Hollings popularity 0/10  Ernest F. Hollings quotes
 Lily Tomlin popularity 8/10  Lily Tomlin quotes Emmet Fox popularity 7/10  Emmet Fox quotes
 Lisa Kirk popularity 6/10  Lisa Kirk quotes Enrico Fermi popularity 8/10  Enrico Fermi quotes
 Lisa Kudrow popularity 0/10  Lisa Kudrow quotes Eric Pio popularity 0/10  Eric Pio quotes
 Lisa Marie Presley popularity 0/10  Lisa Marie Presley quotes Eric Sevareid popularity 5/10  Eric Sevareid quotes
 Lisa Shue popularity 0/10  Lisa Shue quotes Eric Temple Bell popularity 5/10  Eric Temple Bell quotes
 Leah Garchik popularity 0/10  Leah Garchik quotes Eminem popularity 10/10  Eminem quotes
 Liv Tyler popularity 6/10  Liv Tyler quotes Emlyn Williams popularity 5/10  Emlyn Williams quotes
 Loretta Swit popularity 8/10  Loretta Swit quotes Elmore Leonard popularity 7/10  Elmore Leonard quotes
 Loretta Young popularity 8/10  Loretta Young quotes Elvis Presley popularity 10/10  Elvis Presley quotes
 Lori Gordon popularity 1/10  Lori Gordon quotes Elliott Smith popularity 0/10  Elliott Smith quotes
 Lorraine Hansberry popularity 8/10  Lorraine Hansberry quotes Ellis Hadlock popularity 0/10  Ellis Hadlock quotes
 Louisa May Alcott popularity 8/10  Louisa May Alcott quotes Edwin Schlossberg popularity 0/10  Edwin Schlossberg quotes
 Louise Bogan popularity 5/10  Louise Bogan quotes Eileen collins popularity 7/10  Eileen collins quotes
 Louise Brown popularity 7/10  Louise Brown quotes Elayne Boosler popularity 6/10  Elayne Boosler quotes
 Louise Erdrich popularity 7/10  Louise Erdrich quotes Elizabeth Janeway popularity 5/10  Elizabeth Janeway quotes
 Lucy Liu popularity 10/10  Lucy Liu quotes Eli Wallach popularity 7/10  Eli Wallach quotes
 Louise Nevelson popularity 8/10  Louise Nevelson quotes Elias Root Beadle popularity 0/10  Elias Root Beadle quotes
 Lydia Maria Francis Child popularity 0/10  Lydia Maria Francis Child quotes Elie Wiesel popularity 9/10  Elie Wiesel quotes
 Lynda Barry popularity 6/10  Lynda Barry quotes Elihu Root popularity 5/10  Elihu Root quotes
 Lynn Fontanne popularity 3/10  Lynn Fontanne quotes Edward Abbey popularity 7/10  Edward Abbey quotes
 Ma Rainey popularity 8/10  Ma Rainey quotes Edward Hopper popularity 8/10  Edward Hopper quotes
 Madalyn Murray O'Hair popularity 6/10  Madalyn Murray O'Hair quotes Edward Keating popularity 0/10  Edward Keating quotes
 Madonna popularity 10/10  Madonna quotes Edmund Emil Kemper III popularity 0/10  Edmund Emil Kemper III quotes
 Mae West popularity 9/10  Mae West quotes Edward Koch popularity 5/10  Edward Koch quotes
 Maggie Kuhn popularity 5/10  Maggie Kuhn quotes Edward Payson Roe popularity 0/10  Edward Payson Roe quotes
 Mahalia Jackson popularity 9/10  Mahalia Jackson quotes Edward R. Murrow popularity 7/10  Edward R. Murrow quotes
 Marcia Wieder popularity 1/10  Marcia Wieder quotes Edward Tenner popularity 0/10  Edward Tenner quotes
 Margaret Cho popularity 8/10  Margaret Cho quotes Edward Vernon Rickenbacker popularity 6/10  Edward Vernon Rickenbacker quotes
 Margaret Culkin Banning popularity 0/10  Margaret Culkin Banning quotes Edwin A. Robinson popularity 3/10  Edwin A. Robinson quotes
 Margaret Mead popularity 8/10  Margaret Mead quotes Edwin Hubbel Chapin popularity 0/10  Edwin Hubbel Chapin quotes
 Margaret Sanger popularity 8/10  Margaret Sanger quotes Edwin Markham popularity 6/10  Edwin Markham quotes
 Margaret Young popularity 5/10  Margaret Young quotes Edgar A. Guest popularity 5/10  Edgar A. Guest quotes
 Margery Williams popularity 0/10  Margery Williams quotes Edgar Allan Poe popularity 10/10  Edgar Allan Poe quotes
 Marguerite Yourcenar popularity 6/10  Marguerite Yourcenar quotes Earl Scruggs popularity 8/10  Earl Scruggs quotes
 Maria Bello popularity 9/10  Maria Bello quotes Earl Warren popularity 7/10  Earl Warren quotes
 Maria Callas popularity 8/10  Maria Callas quotes Edgar Watson Howe popularity 0/10  Edgar Watson Howe quotes
 Maria Mitchell popularity 8/10  Maria Mitchell quotes Edgard Varese popularity 5/10  Edgard Varese quotes
 Maria Shriver popularity 8/10  Maria Shriver quotes Edward Dahlberg popularity 0/10  Edward Dahlberg quotes
 Mariah Carey popularity 10/10  Mariah Carey quotes Edward Everett popularity 3/10  Edward Everett quotes
 Marian Anderson popularity 9/10  Marian Anderson quotes Edward Everett Hale popularity 6/10  Edward Everett Hale quotes
 Marianne Moore popularity 7/10  Marianne Moore quotes Edward Everett Horton popularity 6/10  Edward Everett Horton quotes
 Marianne Williamson popularity 8/10  Marianne Williamson quotes Edward G. Robinson popularity 7/10  Edward G. Robinson quotes
 Marie Bonner-Sokol popularity 0/10  Marie Bonner-Sokol quotes Edward Gorey popularity 8/10  Edward Gorey quotes
 Marie Dressler popularity 6/10  Marie Dressler quotes Dwight David Eisenhower popularity 8/10  Dwight David Eisenhower quotes
 Marie Osmond popularity 8/10  Marie Osmond quotes Dwight L. Moody popularity 6/10  Dwight L. Moody quotes
 Marilyn French popularity 6/10  Marilyn French quotes Dwight Morrow popularity 0/10  Dwight Morrow quotes
 Marion Davies popularity 7/10  Marion Davies quotes E. L. Doctorow popularity 6/10  E. L. Doctorow quotes
 Marissa Mayer popularity 0/10  Marissa Mayer quotes E. Merrill Root popularity 0/10  E. Merrill Root quotes
 Marjory Stoneman Douglas popularity 0/10  Marjory Stoneman Douglas quotes E. Y. Harburg popularity 1/10  E. Y. Harburg quotes
 Marilyn vos Savant popularity 7/10  Marilyn vos Savant quotes Ed Bernard popularity 0/10  Ed Bernard quotes
 Marla Maples popularity 8/10  Marla Maples quotes Ed O'Neill popularity 0/10  Ed O'Neill quotes
 Marlene Dietrich popularity 9/10  Marlene Dietrich quotes Ed Paschke popularity 6/10  Ed Paschke quotes
 Marlo Thomas popularity 8/10  Marlo Thomas quotes Ed Sabol popularity 0/10  Ed Sabol quotes
 Marilyn Monroe popularity 10/10  Marilyn Monroe quotes Ed Wynn popularity 6/10  Ed Wynn quotes
 Marsha Norman popularity 6/10  Marsha Norman quotes Eddie Arcaro popularity 6/10  Eddie Arcaro quotes
 Martha Carey Thomas popularity 0/10  Martha Carey Thomas quotes Eddie Condon popularity 6/10  Eddie Condon quotes
 Martha Graham popularity 8/10  Martha Graham quotes Eddie Murphy popularity 9/10  Eddie Murphy quotes
 Martha Stewart popularity 10/10  Martha Stewart quotes Eddie Vedder popularity 9/10  Eddie Vedder quotes
 Martha Washington popularity 9/10  Martha Washington quotes Dr. Laurence J. Peter popularity 3/10  Dr. Laurence J. Peter quotes
 Martina Navratilova popularity 8/10  Martina Navratilova quotes Doug Ferrari popularity 0/10  Doug Ferrari quotes
 Marva Collins popularity 8/10  Marva Collins quotes Douglas Engelbart popularity 7/10  Douglas Engelbart quotes
 Mary Ashton Livermore popularity 0/10  Mary Ashton Livermore quotes Douglas MacArthur popularity 8/10  Douglas MacArthur quotes
 Mary Baker Eddy popularity 7/10  Mary Baker Eddy quotes Dr. Carl Sagan popularity 0/10  Dr. Carl Sagan quotes
 Mary Decker Slaney popularity 1/10  Mary Decker Slaney quotes Dr. Charles H. Mayo MD popularity 0/10  Dr. Charles H. Mayo MD quotes
 Mary McLeod Bethune popularity 9/10  Mary McLeod Bethune quotes Dr. Gregory House popularity 5/10  Dr. Gregory House quotes
 Mary Pickford popularity 8/10  Mary Pickford quotes Dr. Harrison H. Schmidt popularity 0/10  Dr. Harrison H. Schmidt quotes
 Mary Todd Lincoln popularity 9/10  Mary Todd Lincoln quotes Dr. Howard Tullman popularity 0/10  Dr. Howard Tullman quotes
 Mary Tyler Moore popularity 9/10  Mary Tyler Moore quotes Dr. James Anderson popularity 0/10  Dr. James Anderson quotes
 Mary-Louise Parker popularity 0/10  Mary-Louise Parker quotes Dr. Seuss popularity 9/10  Dr. Seuss quotes
 Marya Mannes popularity 3/10  Marya Mannes quotes Dr. Theodore Schick popularity 0/10  Dr. Theodore Schick quotes
 Mary Frances Berry popularity 6/10  Mary Frances Berry quotes Dr. Phil popularity 0/10  Dr. Phil quotes
 Mary Hayes popularity 0/10  Mary Hayes quotes Drew Lewis popularity 5/10  Drew Lewis quotes
 Mary Kay Ash popularity 8/10  Mary Kay Ash quotes Duke Ellington popularity 10/10  Duke Ellington quotes
 Maureen Dowd popularity 8/10  Maureen Dowd quotes Donny Osmond popularity 8/10  Donny Osmond quotes
 Maxine Hong Kingston popularity 7/10  Maxine Hong Kingston quotes Dizzy Gillespie popularity 9/10  Dizzy Gillespie quotes
 May Swenson popularity 0/10  May Swenson quotes Donald Trump popularity 10/10  Donald Trump quotes
 Maya Angelou popularity 10/10  Maya Angelou quotes Don Carpenter popularity 0/10  Don Carpenter quotes
 Meg Ryan popularity 10/10  Meg Ryan quotes Don Delillo popularity 6/10  Don Delillo quotes
 Melanie Griffith popularity 9/10  Melanie Griffith quotes Don Drysdale popularity 6/10  Don Drysdale quotes
 Melissa Etheridge popularity 10/10  Melissa Etheridge quotes Don Henley popularity 9/10  Don Henley quotes
 Mena Suvari popularity 9/10  Mena Suvari quotes Don Johnson popularity 8/10  Don Johnson quotes
 Meredith Grey popularity 0/10  Meredith Grey quotes Don Kardong popularity 0/10  Don Kardong quotes
 Mia Hamm popularity 10/10  Mia Hamm quotes Don Marquis popularity 6/10  Don Marquis quotes
 Michelle L. Buckley popularity 0/10  Michelle L. Buckley quotes Don Shula popularity 7/10  Don Shula quotes
 Michelle Shocked popularity 8/10  Michelle Shocked quotes Don Williams, Jr popularity 0/10  Don Williams, Jr quotes
 Midge Decter popularity 0/10  Midge Decter quotes Don Williams, Jr. popularity 0/10  Don Williams, Jr. quotes
 Minnie Pearl popularity 7/10  Minnie Pearl quotes Dick Cavett popularity 0/10  Dick Cavett quotes
 Minnie Riperton popularity 8/10  Minnie Riperton quotes Dick Cheney popularity 0/10  Dick Cheney quotes
 Mira Sorvino popularity 9/10  Mira Sorvino quotes Dick Clark popularity 0/10  Dick Clark quotes
 Miranda Lambert popularity 0/10  Miranda Lambert quotes Dick Powell popularity 0/10  Dick Powell quotes
 Miriam Hopkins popularity 6/10  Miriam Hopkins quotes Dick Van Dyke popularity 0/10  Dick Van Dyke quotes
 Monica Silber popularity 0/10  Monica Silber quotes Dierks Bentley popularity 0/10  Dierks Bentley quotes
 Mother Jones popularity 8/10  Mother Jones quotes Denis Leary popularity 9/10  Denis Leary quotes
 Muriel Rukeyser popularity 6/10  Muriel Rukeyser quotes Denis Waitley popularity 6/10  Denis Waitley quotes
 Natalie Babbitt popularity 0/10  Natalie Babbitt quotes Denny Crum popularity 0/10  Denny Crum quotes
 Natalie Clifford Barney popularity 3/10  Natalie Clifford Barney quotes Denzel Washington popularity 9/10  Denzel Washington quotes
 Natalie Portman popularity 10/10  Natalie Portman quotes Derek Bok popularity 5/10  Derek Bok quotes
 Natalie Wood popularity 9/10  Natalie Wood quotes Derek Damon popularity 0/10  Derek Damon quotes
 Nancy Cartwright popularity 7/10  Nancy Cartwright quotes Derek Shepherd popularity 0/10  Derek Shepherd quotes
 Nancy Reagan popularity 0/10  Nancy Reagan quotes Dennis Miller popularity 8/10  Dennis Miller quotes
 Nancy Willard popularity 5/10  Nancy Willard quotes Dennis Prager popularity 8/10  Dennis Prager quotes
 Naomi Campbell popularity 0/10  Naomi Campbell quotes Dennis Quaid popularity 8/10  Dennis Quaid quotes
 Naomi Judd popularity 8/10  Naomi Judd quotes Delmore Schwartz popularity 6/10  Delmore Schwartz quotes
 Naomi Shihab Nye popularity 0/10  Naomi Shihab Nye quotes Delta Burke popularity 8/10  Delta Burke quotes
 Myrna Loy popularity 8/10  Myrna Loy quotes Demetri Martin popularity 0/10  Demetri Martin quotes
 Nicole Appleton popularity 8/10  Nicole Appleton quotes Dean Acheson popularity 6/10  Dean Acheson quotes
 Nicole Kidman popularity 10/10  Nicole Kidman quotes Dean Martin popularity 10/10  Dean Martin quotes
 Niki Taylor popularity 8/10  Niki Taylor quotes Dean Rusk popularity 6/10  Dean Rusk quotes
 Nikki Giovanni popularity 9/10  Nikki Giovanni quotes Danny Kaye popularity 8/10  Danny Kaye quotes
 Norma Shearer popularity 7/10  Norma Shearer quotes Danny Paradise popularity 0/10  Danny Paradise quotes
 Neve Campbell popularity 10/10  Neve Campbell quotes Danny Thomas popularity 7/10  Danny Thomas quotes
 Oprah Winfrey popularity 10/10  Oprah Winfrey quotes Daryl F. Zanuck popularity 0/10  Daryl F. Zanuck quotes
 Pam Morrison popularity 0/10  Pam Morrison quotes David Alfred Thomas Rhondda popularity 0/10  David Alfred Thomas Rhondda quotes
 Pamela Hansford Johnson popularity 0/10  Pamela Hansford Johnson quotes Dashboard Confessional popularity 0/10  Dashboard Confessional quotes
 Pamela Warrick popularity 0/10  Pamela Warrick quotes Dashiell Hammett popularity 6/10  Dashiell Hammett quotes
 Paris Hilton popularity 10/10  Paris Hilton quotes Dave Barry popularity 8/10  Dave Barry quotes
 Pat Benatar popularity 9/10  Pat Benatar quotes Dave Brubeck popularity 8/10  Dave Brubeck quotes
 Pat Nixon popularity 6/10  Pat Nixon quotes Dave Chappelle popularity 10/10  Dave Chappelle quotes
 Patricia Arquette popularity 9/10  Patricia Arquette quotes Dave Gardner popularity 6/10  Dave Gardner quotes
 Patricia McCormick popularity 0/10  Patricia McCormick quotes Dave Van Ronk popularity 7/10  Dave Van Ronk quotes
 Patsy Kelly popularity 5/10  Patsy Kelly quotes David Brooks popularity 6/10  David Brooks quotes
 Patti Smith popularity 8/10  Patti Smith quotes David Byrne popularity 8/10  David Byrne quotes
 Paula Gunn Allen popularity 5/10  Paula Gunn Allen quotes David Brinkley popularity 7/10  David Brinkley quotes
 Paula Poundstone popularity 7/10  Paula Poundstone quotes David Copperfield popularity 8/10  David Copperfield quotes
 Pauline Frederick popularity 0/10  Pauline Frederick quotes David Duchovny popularity 9/10  David Duchovny quotes
 Pauline Kael popularity 7/10  Pauline Kael quotes David Duke popularity 8/10  David Duke quotes
 Peggy Upchurch popularity 0/10  Peggy Upchurch quotes David Gates popularity 8/10  David Gates quotes
 Peace Pilgrim popularity 6/10  Peace Pilgrim quotes David Gottesman popularity 5/10  David Gottesman quotes
 Pearl Bailey popularity 8/10  Pearl Bailey quotes DAVID GRAYSON popularity 5/10  DAVID GRAYSON quotes
 Peggy Guggenheim popularity 6/10  Peggy Guggenheim quotes David F. Houston popularity 0/10  David F. Houston quotes
 Rachael Leigh popularity 6/10  Rachael Leigh quotes David J. Bosch popularity 0/10  David J. Bosch quotes
 Rachael Leigh Cook popularity 8/10  Rachael Leigh Cook quotes David Letterman popularity 9/10  David Letterman quotes
 Rachel Donelson Jackson popularity 5/10  Rachel Donelson Jackson quotes David Mamet popularity 7/10  David Mamet quotes
 Rachel Field popularity 7/10  Rachel Field quotes David McCord popularity 5/10  David McCord quotes
 Rachel Joy Scott popularity 0/10  Rachel Joy Scott quotes David Johansen popularity 7/10  David Johansen quotes
 Rachel Naomi Remen popularity 3/10  Rachel Naomi Remen quotes David Kenyon Webster popularity 0/10  David Kenyon Webster quotes
 Rae Dawn Chong popularity 8/10  Rae Dawn Chong quotes David N. Dinkins popularity 5/10  David N. Dinkins quotes
 Pink popularity 10/10  Pink quotes David Porter popularity 0/10  David Porter quotes
 Piper Perabo popularity 9/10  Piper Perabo quotes David Porter (US Navy) popularity 0/10  David Porter (US Navy) quotes
 Poison Ivy Rorschach popularity 3/10  Poison Ivy Rorschach quotes David Quammen popularity 0/10  David Quammen quotes
 Reba McEntire popularity 9/10  Reba McEntire quotes David Rudolf popularity 0/10  David Rudolf quotes
 Rebecca Gayheart popularity 0/10  Rebecca Gayheart quotes David Sarnoff popularity 7/10  David Sarnoff quotes
 Reese Witherspoon popularity 10/10  Reese Witherspoon quotes David Selznick popularity 0/10  David Selznick quotes
 Renee Ashley popularity 0/10  Renee Ashley quotes David Shenk popularity 0/10  David Shenk quotes
 Renee Zellweger popularity 10/10  Renee Zellweger quotes David Steinberg popularity 6/10  David Steinberg quotes
 Rita Hayworth popularity 9/10  Rita Hayworth quotes David Weinbaum popularity 0/10  David Weinbaum quotes
 Rita Mae Brown popularity 8/10  Rita Mae Brown quotes Davy Crockett popularity 9/10  Davy Crockett quotes
 Rita Rudner popularity 7/10  Rita Rudner quotes Danny DeVito popularity 8/10  Danny DeVito quotes
 Robin Tyler popularity 0/10  Robin Tyler quotes Dale Carnegie popularity 9/10  Dale Carnegie quotes
 Roseanne popularity 8/10  Roseanne quotes Dale Earnhardt popularity 10/10  Dale Earnhardt quotes
 Roseanne Barr popularity 8/10  Roseanne Barr quotes Daniel Nemec popularity 0/10  Daniel Nemec quotes
 Rona Barrett popularity 6/10  Rona Barrett quotes Daniel P. Moynihan popularity 0/10  Daniel P. Moynihan quotes
 Ruth Boorstin popularity 0/10  Ruth Boorstin quotes Daniel Quinn popularity 0/10  Daniel Quinn quotes
 Ruth Draper popularity 0/10  Ruth Draper quotes Daniel Stern popularity 6/10  Daniel Stern quotes
 Ruth Gordon popularity 7/10  Ruth Gordon quotes Daniel T. Gilbert popularity 0/10  Daniel T. Gilbert quotes
 Ruth Hubbard popularity 0/10  Ruth Hubbard quotes Daniel Vosovic popularity 0/10  Daniel Vosovic quotes
 Rosa Parks popularity 10/10  Rosa Parks quotes Daniel Webster popularity 8/10  Daniel Webster quotes
 Rosabeth Moss Kanter popularity 5/10  Rosabeth Moss Kanter quotes Daniel Baldwin popularity 8/10  Daniel Baldwin quotes
 Rose Elizabeth Bird popularity 5/10  Rose Elizabeth Bird quotes Daniel Boone popularity 9/10  Daniel Boone quotes
 Rickie Lee Jones popularity 8/10  Rickie Lee Jones quotes Dan Fouts popularity 7/10  Dan Fouts quotes
 Sally Field popularity 9/10  Sally Field quotes Dan Quayle popularity 7/10  Dan Quayle quotes
 Samantha Jones popularity 0/10  Samantha Jones quotes Dan Rather popularity 9/10  Dan Rather quotes
 Sandra Bartky popularity 0/10  Sandra Bartky quotes Dana Gioia popularity 3/10  Dana Gioia quotes
 Sandra Bullock popularity 10/10  Sandra Bullock quotes Dalton Trumbo popularity 7/10  Dalton Trumbo quotes
 Sandra Dodd popularity 0/10  Sandra Dodd quotes Damian Moss popularity 0/10  Damian Moss quotes
 Sarah Dessen popularity 0/10  Sarah Dessen quotes Damon Runyon popularity 6/10  Damon Runyon quotes
 Sarah J. Hale popularity 0/10  Sarah J. Hale quotes Dan Brown popularity 9/10  Dan Brown quotes
 Sarah Jessica Parker popularity 10/10  Sarah Jessica Parker quotes Dan Castellaneta popularity 7/10  Dan Castellaneta quotes
 Sarah Michelle Gellar popularity 10/10  Sarah Michelle Gellar quotes Clark Gable popularity 8/10  Clark Gable quotes
 Sarah Moore Grimke popularity 6/10  Sarah Moore Grimke quotes D. B. Sweeney popularity 5/10  D. B. Sweeney quotes
 Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn popularity 0/10  Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn quotes Craig A. McCraw popularity 0/10  Craig A. McCraw quotes
 Sarah Pezdek-Smith popularity 0/10  Sarah Pezdek-Smith quotes Curtis Mayfield popularity 8/10  Curtis Mayfield quotes
 Sasha Azevedo popularity 6/10  Sasha Azevedo quotes Cordell Hull popularity 6/10  Cordell Hull quotes
 Scarlett Johansson popularity 10/10  Scarlett Johansson quotes Countee Cullen popularity 8/10  Countee Cullen quotes
 Scarlett O'Hara popularity 0/10  Scarlett O'Hara quotes Conor Oberst popularity 9/10  Conor Oberst quotes
 Serena Williams popularity 10/10  Serena Williams quotes Conrad Hilton popularity 7/10  Conrad Hilton quotes
 Shana Alexander popularity 8/10  Shana Alexander quotes Colonel Gerald Wellman popularity 0/10  Colonel Gerald Wellman quotes
 Shannon Elizabeth popularity 10/10  Shannon Elizabeth quotes Colonel Harlan Sanders popularity 5/10  Colonel Harlan Sanders quotes
 Shannon Miller popularity 8/10  Shannon Miller quotes Colonel Potter popularity 0/10  Colonel Potter quotes
 Sharon Stone popularity 10/10  Sharon Stone quotes Conan O'Brien popularity 0/10  Conan O'Brien quotes
 Sheila Escovedo popularity 6/10  Sheila Escovedo quotes Cole Hauser popularity 8/10  Cole Hauser quotes
 Sherry Stringfield popularity 8/10  Sherry Stringfield quotes Cole Porter popularity 9/10  Cole Porter quotes
 Sheryl Crow popularity 10/10  Sheryl Crow quotes Cliff Burton popularity 0/10  Cliff Burton quotes
 Shirley Chisholm popularity 8/10  Shirley Chisholm quotes Clifford Geertz popularity 0/10  Clifford Geertz quotes
 Shelley Long popularity 8/10  Shelley Long quotes Clifford Truesdell popularity 0/10  Clifford Truesdell quotes
 Shirley Knight popularity 5/10  Shirley Knight quotes Clifton Fadiman popularity 1/10  Clifton Fadiman quotes
 Shoshana Bean popularity 0/10  Shoshana Bean quotes Clint Eastwood popularity 10/10  Clint Eastwood quotes
 Sojourner Truth popularity 10/10  Sojourner Truth quotes Clint Walker popularity 8/10  Clint Walker quotes
 Sophie Tucker popularity 7/10  Sophie Tucker quotes Clay Aiken popularity 10/10  Clay Aiken quotes
 Stefanie Powers popularity 8/10  Stefanie Powers quotes Clayton Moore popularity 7/10  Clayton Moore quotes
 Signourney Weaver popularity 0/10  Signourney Weaver quotes Clarence B. Kelland popularity 0/10  Clarence B. Kelland quotes
 Sue Grafton popularity 8/10  Sue Grafton quotes Clarence Brown popularity 0/10  Clarence Brown quotes
 Susan Faludi popularity 6/10  Susan Faludi quotes Chuck Noll popularity 6/10  Chuck Noll quotes
 Susan Sarandon popularity 9/10  Susan Sarandon quotes Chuck Palahniuk popularity 8/10  Chuck Palahniuk quotes
 Svetlana Alliluyeva popularity 6/10  Svetlana Alliluyeva quotes Chuck Tanner popularity 5/10  Chuck Tanner quotes
 Sydney Biddle Barrows popularity 2/10  Sydney Biddle Barrows quotes Chuck Wagner popularity 6/10  Chuck Wagner quotes
 Sylvia Plath popularity 9/10  Sylvia Plath quotes Chuck Woolery popularity 7/10  Chuck Woolery quotes
 Tallulah Bankhead popularity 7/10  Tallulah Bankhead quotes Christopher Reeve popularity 8/10  Christopher Reeve quotes
 Tammy Lynn Micheals popularity 0/10  Tammy Lynn Micheals quotes Christopher Titus popularity 8/10  Christopher Titus quotes
 Tammy Townsend popularity 6/10  Tammy Townsend quotes Christy Mathewson popularity 6/10  Christy Mathewson quotes
 Tara Reid popularity 10/10  Tara Reid quotes Christopher Isherwood popularity 6/10  Christopher Isherwood quotes
 Tea Leoni popularity 9/10  Tea Leoni quotes Chris Raab popularity 0/10  Chris Raab quotes
 Teri Garr popularity 8/10  Teri Garr quotes Chris Thile popularity 0/10  Chris Thile quotes
 Teri Hatcher popularity 10/10  Teri Hatcher quotes Chris Vallery popularity 0/10  Chris Vallery quotes
 Teresa A. Miller popularity 0/10  Teresa A. Miller quotes Christian Nestell Bovee popularity 0/10  Christian Nestell Bovee quotes
 Tessie Naranjo popularity 0/10  Tessie Naranjo quotes Chauncey Depew popularity 0/10  Chauncey Depew quotes
 Thelma Ritter popularity 6/10  Thelma Ritter quotes Charlie Parker popularity 8/10  Charlie Parker quotes
 Thora Birch popularity 10/10  Thora Birch quotes Chris Doelle popularity 0/10  Chris Doelle quotes
 Tiana Tozer popularity 0/10  Tiana Tozer quotes Chester A. Arthur popularity 7/10  Chester A. Arthur quotes
 Tiffani Amber Thiessen popularity 9/10  Tiffani Amber Thiessen quotes Chester Gould popularity 6/10  Chester Gould quotes
 Tillie Olsen popularity 7/10  Tillie Olsen quotes Chesty Puller popularity 8/10  Chesty Puller quotes
 Tina Turner popularity 10/10  Tina Turner quotes Chet Atkins popularity 8/10  Chet Atkins quotes
 Tina Weymouth popularity 6/10  Tina Weymouth quotes Chet Huntley popularity 5/10  Chet Huntley quotes
 Toni Braxton popularity 10/10  Toni Braxton quotes Chic Hecht popularity 0/10  Chic Hecht quotes
 Toni Morrison popularity 8/10  Toni Morrison quotes Chico Marx popularity 7/10  Chico Marx quotes
 Totie Fields popularity 6/10  Totie Fields quotes Chief Edward F. Croker popularity 0/10  Chief Edward F. Croker quotes
 Traci Lords popularity 10/10  Traci Lords quotes Chiswell Langhorne popularity 0/10  Chiswell Langhorne quotes
 Tracy Chapman popularity 9/10  Tracy Chapman quotes Charlton Heston popularity 8/10  Charlton Heston quotes
 Tyra Banks popularity 10/10  Tyra Banks quotes Charley Jones popularity 5/10  Charley Jones quotes
 Uma Thurman popularity 10/10  Uma Thurman quotes Cedric Maxwell popularity 0/10  Cedric Maxwell quotes
 Unitha L. Muhammad popularity 0/10  Unitha L. Muhammad quotes Cesar Chavez popularity 9/10  Cesar Chavez quotes
 Ursula K. LeGuin popularity 5/10  Ursula K. LeGuin quotes Chad Michael Murray popularity 10/10  Chad Michael Murray quotes
 Valerie Solanas popularity 6/10  Valerie Solanas quotes Charles R. Swindoll popularity 5/10  Charles R. Swindoll quotes
 Vanessa Marcil popularity 10/10  Vanessa Marcil quotes Charles Sanders Peirce popularity 5/10  Charles Sanders Peirce quotes
 Vanna Bonta popularity 6/10  Vanna Bonta quotes Charles Sawyer popularity 0/10  Charles Sawyer quotes
 Venus Williams popularity 9/10  Venus Williams quotes Charles Sumner popularity 8/10  Charles Sumner quotes
 Veronica Lake popularity 8/10  Veronica Lake quotes Charles W. Eliot popularity 5/10  Charles W. Eliot quotes
 Veronica Webb popularity 7/10  Veronica Webb quotes Carter G. Woodson popularity 8/10  Carter G. Woodson quotes
 Vicki Baum popularity 1/10  Vicki Baum quotes Carter Glass popularity 5/10  Carter Glass quotes
 Virginia Satir popularity 6/10  Virginia Satir quotes Cary Grant popularity 8/10  Cary Grant quotes
 Wanda Jackson popularity 8/10  Wanda Jackson quotes Casey Stengel popularity 7/10  Casey Stengel quotes
 Waylon Jennings popularity 9/10  Waylon Jennings quotes Charles A. Dana popularity 0/10  Charles A. Dana quotes
 Willa Ford popularity 9/10  Willa Ford quotes Charles Austin Beard popularity 0/10  Charles Austin Beard quotes
 Willa Sibert Cather popularity 0/10  Willa Sibert Cather quotes Charles Barkley popularity 8/10  Charles Barkley quotes
 Whoopi Goldberg popularity 10/10  Whoopi Goldberg quotes Charles Bronson popularity 8/10  Charles Bronson quotes
 Wilma Rudolph popularity 9/10  Wilma Rudolph quotes Charles Bukowski popularity 8/10  Charles Bukowski quotes
 Winona Ryder popularity 9/10  Winona Ryder quotes Charles Dudley Warner popularity 5/10  Charles Dudley Warner quotes
 Yasmine Bleeth popularity 10/10  Yasmine Bleeth quotes Charles Evans Hughes popularity 6/10  Charles Evans Hughes quotes
 Wendy O. Williams popularity 0/10  Wendy O. Williams quotes Charles F. Kettering popularity 5/10  Charles F. Kettering quotes
 Wendy Wasserstein popularity 6/10  Wendy Wasserstein quotes Charles Feidelson Jr. popularity 0/10  Charles Feidelson Jr. quotes
 Whitney Houston popularity 10/10  Whitney Houston quotes Charles Hodge popularity 5/10  Charles Hodge quotes
 Zoe Trope popularity 6/10  Zoe Trope quotes Charles J. Givens popularity 3/10  Charles J. Givens quotes
 Zora Neale Hurston popularity 9/10  Zora Neale Hurston quotes Charles Kuralt popularity 6/10  Charles Kuralt quotes
 Zsa Zsa Gabor popularity 8/10  Zsa Zsa Gabor quotes Charles Lindbergh popularity 9/10  Charles Lindbergh quotes
 Zoot Sims popularity 6/10  Zoot Sims quotes Charles Luckman popularity 3/10  Charles Luckman quotes
 Whitney M. Young, Jr. popularity 0/10  Whitney M. Young, Jr. quotes Charles Lynch popularity 0/10  Charles Lynch quotes
 Weezer popularity 0/10  Weezer quotes Charles M. Schulz popularity 6/10  Charles M. Schulz quotes
 Wendell L. Willkie popularity 3/10  Wendell L. Willkie quotes Charles M. Schwab popularity 0/10  Charles M. Schwab quotes
 Wendell Phillips popularity 6/10  Wendell Phillips quotes Charles Manson popularity 10/10  Charles Manson quotes
 Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen popularity 0/10  Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen quotes Charles Mingus popularity 8/10  Charles Mingus quotes
 Zig Ziglar popularity 8/10  Zig Ziglar quotes Carl N. Degler popularity 0/10  Carl N. Degler quotes
 Yogi Berra popularity 8/10  Yogi Berra quotes Carl Sandburg popularity 8/10  Carl Sandburg quotes
 Yul Brynner popularity 8/10  Yul Brynner quotes Carl Stoddard popularity 0/10  Carl Stoddard quotes
 Yvon Chouinard popularity 0/10  Yvon Chouinard quotes Burt Lancaster popularity 8/10  Burt Lancaster quotes
 Zachary Taylor popularity 8/10  Zachary Taylor quotes Buster Keaton popularity 8/10  Buster Keaton quotes
 Zack de la Rocha popularity 8/10  Zack de la Rocha quotes Carlos Castaneda popularity 8/10  Carlos Castaneda quotes
 Zane Grey popularity 8/10  Zane Grey quotes Carlos Casteneda popularity 7/10  Carlos Casteneda quotes
 Winston Bennett popularity 0/10  Winston Bennett quotes Carl Bernstein popularity 7/10  Carl Bernstein quotes
 Winston Groom popularity 6/10  Winston Groom quotes Calvin Coolidge popularity 9/10  Calvin Coolidge quotes
 Wolcott Gibbs popularity 0/10  Wolcott Gibbs quotes Calvin Klein popularity 9/10  Calvin Klein quotes
 Woodrow T. Wilson popularity 0/10  Woodrow T. Wilson quotes Calvin Trillin popularity 6/10  Calvin Trillin quotes
 Woody Allen popularity 8/10  Woody Allen quotes Byron Janis popularity 0/10  Byron Janis quotes
 Woody Guthrie popularity 8/10  Woody Guthrie quotes Byron Nelson popularity 6/10  Byron Nelson quotes
 Woody Harrelson popularity 8/10  Woody Harrelson quotes C. C. DeVille popularity 0/10  C. C. DeVille quotes
 Woody Hayes popularity 7/10  Woody Hayes quotes Cab Calloway popularity 8/10  Cab Calloway quotes
 Yakov Smirnoff popularity 6/10  Yakov Smirnoff quotes Bruce Aidells popularity 3/10  Bruce Aidells quotes
 Wilbur Wright popularity 8/10  Wilbur Wright quotes Bruce Barton popularity 5/10  Bruce Barton quotes
 Wilferd A. Peterson popularity 0/10  Wilferd A. Peterson quotes Bruce Jenner popularity 7/10  Bruce Jenner quotes
 Wilfred Sheed popularity 0/10  Wilfred Sheed quotes Bruce Lansky popularity 8/10  Bruce Lansky quotes
 Will Durant popularity 6/10  Will Durant quotes Bruce Lee popularity 10/10  Bruce Lee quotes
 Will Rogers popularity 8/10  Will Rogers quotes Bruce Pearl popularity 6/10  Bruce Pearl quotes
 Will Schultz popularity 0/10  Will Schultz quotes Brooks Atkinson popularity 5/10  Brooks Atkinson quotes
 Will Shriner popularity 0/10  Will Shriner quotes Brigham Young popularity 8/10  Brigham Young quotes
 Will Smith popularity 10/10  Will Smith quotes Bruce Springsteen popularity 10/10  Bruce Springsteen quotes
 Willem de Kooning popularity 7/10  Willem de Kooning quotes Bruce Willis popularity 9/10  Bruce Willis quotes
 William Adams popularity 6/10  William Adams quotes Bruno Bettelheim popularity 6/10  Bruno Bettelheim quotes
 William Allen White popularity 6/10  William Allen White quotes Buck Buchanan popularity 6/10  Buck Buchanan quotes
 William Arthur Ward popularity 6/10  William Arthur Ward quotes Buck Rodgers popularity 7/10  Buck Rodgers quotes
 William Barrett Travis popularity 0/10  William Barrett Travis quotes Bud Wilkinson popularity 5/10  Bud Wilkinson quotes
 William Bennett popularity 7/10  William Bennett quotes Buddy Baker popularity 0/10  Buddy Baker quotes
 William Bernbach popularity 5/10  William Bernbach quotes Buddy Hackett popularity 7/10  Buddy Hackett quotes
 William C. Doane popularity 0/10  William C. Doane quotes Buddy Holly popularity 10/10  Buddy Holly quotes
 William Carlos Williams popularity 8/10  William Carlos Williams quotes Buffy Sainte-Marie popularity 7/10  Buffy Sainte-Marie quotes
 William Cullen Bryant popularity 7/10  William Cullen Bryant quotes Bret Harte popularity 7/10  Bret Harte quotes
 William Dalton popularity 0/10  William Dalton quotes Brian Kessler popularity 0/10  Brian Kessler quotes
 William DeWitt Snodgrass popularity 0/10  William DeWitt Snodgrass quotes Brian Koslow popularity 0/10  Brian Koslow quotes
 William E Bill Vaughan popularity 0/10  William E Bill Vaughan quotes Brian Tracy popularity 7/10  Brian Tracy quotes
 William E. Vaughan popularity 0/10  William E. Vaughan quotes Brian Williams popularity 7/10  Brian Williams quotes
 William Ellery Channing popularity 6/10  William Ellery Channing quotes Black Elk popularity 7/10  Black Elk quotes
 William F. Buckley, Jr. popularity 0/10  William F. Buckley, Jr. quotes Blair Underwood popularity 7/10  Blair Underwood quotes
 William Faulkner popularity 9/10  William Faulkner quotes Booth Tarkington popularity 6/10  Booth Tarkington quotes
 William Friedkin popularity 5/10  William Friedkin quotes Brad Pitt popularity 10/10  Brad Pitt quotes
 William Gibson popularity 7/10  William Gibson quotes Billie Holiday popularity 9/10  Billie Holiday quotes
 William H. Mauldin popularity 0/10  William H. Mauldin quotes Breakfast at tiffany's popularity 0/10  Breakfast at tiffany's quotes
 William H. Rehnquist popularity 6/10  William H. Rehnquist quotes Bobby Bowden popularity 7/10  Bobby Bowden quotes
 William Henry Harrison popularity 8/10  William Henry Harrison quotes Bobby Darin popularity 9/10  Bobby Darin quotes
 William Howard Taft popularity 8/10  William Howard Taft quotes Bobby Fischer popularity 8/10  Bobby Fischer quotes
 William James popularity 8/10  William James quotes Bobby Jones popularity 8/10  Bobby Jones quotes
 William Jennings Bryan popularity 8/10  William Jennings Bryan quotes Bobby Knight popularity 8/10  Bobby Knight quotes
 William Kennedy popularity 6/10  William Kennedy quotes Bobby Riggs popularity 5/10  Bobby Riggs quotes
 William Lloyd Garrison popularity 8/10  William Lloyd Garrison quotes Bobby Unser popularity 6/10  Bobby Unser quotes
 William Lyon Phelps popularity 2/10  William Lyon Phelps quotes Boies Penrose popularity 0/10  Boies Penrose quotes
 William Manchester popularity 6/10  William Manchester quotes Bo Diddley popularity 8/10  Bo Diddley quotes
 William McKinley popularity 8/10  William McKinley quotes Bob Allisat popularity 0/10  Bob Allisat quotes
 William P. King popularity 0/10  William P. King quotes Bob Beamon popularity 6/10  Bob Beamon quotes
 William Proxmire popularity 0/10  William Proxmire quotes Bob Dole popularity 8/10  Bob Dole quotes
 William R. Alger popularity 0/10  William R. Alger quotes Bob Dylan popularity 10/10  Bob Dylan quotes
 William Randolph Hearst popularity 8/10  William Randolph Hearst quotes Bob Edwards popularity 6/10  Bob Edwards quotes
 William Safire popularity 6/10  William Safire quotes Bob Feller popularity 7/10  Bob Feller quotes
 William Saroyan popularity 6/10  William Saroyan quotes Bob Gibson popularity 7/10  Bob Gibson quotes
 William Shockley popularity 8/10  William Shockley quotes Bob Guccionne popularity 0/10  Bob Guccionne quotes
 William Sloane Coffin, Jr. popularity 0/10  William Sloane Coffin, Jr. quotes Bob Hope popularity 8/10  Bob Hope quotes
 William Styron popularity 6/10  William Styron quotes Bob Lekites popularity 0/10  Bob Lekites quotes
 William Tecumseh Sherman popularity 8/10  William Tecumseh Sherman quotes Bob Wells popularity 3/10  Bob Wells quotes
 William Wetmore Story popularity 3/10  William Wetmore Story quotes Bob Zuppke popularity 0/10  Bob Zuppke quotes
 William Zinsser popularity 6/10  William Zinsser quotes Billie Joe Armstrong popularity 10/10  Billie Joe Armstrong quotes
 Willie Garson popularity 5/10  Willie Garson quotes Billy Crystal popularity 7/10  Billy Crystal quotes
 Willie Nelson popularity 10/10  Willie Nelson quotes Billy Gibbons popularity 7/10  Billy Gibbons quotes
 Willis Reed popularity 6/10  Willis Reed quotes Billy Graham popularity 9/10  Billy Graham quotes
 Willy Wonka popularity 9/10  Willy Wonka quotes Billy Joel popularity 10/10  Billy Joel quotes
 Wayne Dyer popularity 8/10  Wayne Dyer quotes Billy Rose popularity 6/10  Billy Rose quotes
 Warren G. Harding popularity 8/10  Warren G. Harding quotes Billy Sunday popularity 8/10  Billy Sunday quotes
 Washington Irving popularity 8/10  Washington Irving quotes Billy Wilder popularity 6/10  Billy Wilder quotes
 Warren Beatty popularity 8/10  Warren Beatty quotes Bill Nelson popularity 7/10  Bill Nelson quotes
 Walter F. Mondale popularity 3/10  Walter F. Mondale quotes Bill Parcells popularity 6/10  Bill Parcells quotes
 Walter H(ines) Page popularity 0/10  Walter H(ines) Page quotes Bill Rodgers popularity 6/10  Bill Rodgers quotes
 Walter Hagen popularity 7/10  Walter Hagen quotes Bill Vaughn popularity 5/10  Bill Vaughn quotes
 Walter Lippman popularity 6/10  Walter Lippman quotes Bill Veeck popularity 5/10  Bill Veeck quotes
 Walter Payton popularity 8/10  Walter Payton quotes Bill Walton popularity 7/10  Bill Walton quotes
 Walter Rauschenbusch popularity 7/10  Walter Rauschenbusch quotes Bill Watterson popularity 8/10  Bill Watterson quotes
 Walter Reuther popularity 6/10  Walter Reuther quotes Big Boi popularity 8/10  Big Boi quotes
 Walter Smith popularity 6/10  Walter Smith quotes Bil Keane popularity 5/10  Bil Keane quotes
 Walterlee George Gates popularity 0/10  Walterlee George Gates quotes Bill Beattie popularity 5/10  Bill Beattie quotes
 Vladimir Horowitz popularity 6/10  Vladimir Horowitz quotes Bill Bixby popularity 8/10  Bill Bixby quotes
 Vladimir Nabokov popularity 6/10  Vladimir Nabokov quotes Bill Bradley popularity 7/10  Bill Bradley quotes
 W. C. Fields popularity 6/10  W. C. Fields quotes Bill Bryson popularity 7/10  Bill Bryson quotes
 W. Clement Stone popularity 6/10  W. Clement Stone quotes Bill Clinton popularity 10/10  Bill Clinton quotes
 W. E. B. Du Bois popularity 6/10  W. E. B. Du Bois quotes Bill Cosby popularity 9/10  Bill Cosby quotes
 W. Edwards Deming popularity 7/10  W. Edwards Deming quotes Bill Dickey popularity 5/10  Bill Dickey quotes
 W. H. Auden popularity 7/10  W. H. Auden quotes Bill Evans popularity 8/10  Bill Evans quotes
 W. R. Fuchs popularity 0/10  W. R. Fuchs quotes Bill Gates popularity 10/10  Bill Gates quotes
 Walker Evans popularity 8/10  Walker Evans quotes Bill Hicks popularity 8/10  Bill Hicks quotes
 Walker Percy popularity 6/10  Walker Percy quotes Bill Lee popularity 7/10  Bill Lee quotes
 Wallace Henry Thurman popularity 0/10  Wallace Henry Thurman quotes Bill Maher popularity 8/10  Bill Maher quotes
 Wallace Irwin popularity 0/10  Wallace Irwin quotes Bill McCartney popularity 7/10  Bill McCartney quotes
 Wallace Stevens popularity 8/10  Wallace Stevens quotes Allen Iverson popularity 10/10  Allen Iverson quotes
 Walt Disney popularity 10/10  Walt Disney quotes Bethania McKenstry popularity 0/10  Bethania McKenstry quotes
 Walt Kelly popularity 7/10  Walt Kelly quotes Bergen Evans popularity 5/10  Bergen Evans quotes
 Walter Cronkite popularity 8/10  Walter Cronkite quotes Berry Gordy Jr. popularity 6/10  Berry Gordy Jr. quotes
 Victor Borge popularity 7/10  Victor Borge quotes Bert Lahr popularity 6/10  Bert Lahr quotes
 Victor Kiam popularity 6/10  Victor Kiam quotes Bernard Berenson popularity 6/10  Bernard Berenson quotes
 Viggo Mortensen popularity 10/10  Viggo Mortensen quotes Bernard M. Baruch popularity 3/10  Bernard M. Baruch quotes
 Vin Diesel popularity 10/10  Vin Diesel quotes Bernard Malamud popularity 7/10  Bernard Malamud quotes
 Vince Lombardi popularity 8/10  Vince Lombardi quotes Berni Mac popularity 0/10  Berni Mac quotes
 Vincent Canby popularity 0/10  Vincent Canby quotes Barry McGee popularity 0/10  Barry McGee quotes
 Vine Deloria, Jr. popularity 0/10  Vine Deloria, Jr. quotes Barry Sadler popularity 7/10  Barry Sadler quotes
 Virgil Thomson popularity 6/10  Virgil Thomson quotes Barry Sonenfeld popularity 3/10  Barry Sonenfeld quotes
 Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale popularity 0/10  Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale quotes Bayard Rustin popularity 7/10  Bayard Rustin quotes
 Vannevar Bush popularity 7/10  Vannevar Bush quotes Bear Bryant popularity 0/10  Bear Bryant quotes
 Vash Young popularity 0/10  Vash Young quotes Ben Affleck popularity 10/10  Ben Affleck quotes
 Van Wyck Brooks popularity 0/10  Van Wyck Brooks quotes Ben Browder popularity 8/10  Ben Browder quotes
 Vance Havner popularity 6/10  Vance Havner quotes Ben Crenshaw popularity 6/10  Ben Crenshaw quotes
 Vance Packard popularity 5/10  Vance Packard quotes Ben Folds popularity 10/10  Ben Folds quotes
 Usher popularity 10/10  Usher quotes Ben Harper popularity 0/10  Ben Harper quotes
 Val Kilmer popularity 9/10  Val Kilmer quotes Ben Hecht popularity 3/10  Ben Hecht quotes
 Upton Sinclair popularity 8/10  Upton Sinclair quotes Ben Hogan popularity 8/10  Ben Hogan quotes
 Ulysses S. Grant popularity 9/10  Ulysses S. Grant quotes Ben Johnson (attorney) popularity 0/10  Ben Johnson (attorney) quotes
 Tupac Shakur popularity 10/10  Tupac Shakur quotes Ben Johnson (student) popularity 0/10  Ben Johnson (student) quotes
 Tommy Bolt popularity 6/10  Tommy Bolt quotes Ben Manski popularity 0/10  Ben Manski quotes
 Tommy Lasorda popularity 7/10  Tommy Lasorda quotes Ben Stein popularity 8/10  Ben Stein quotes
 Truman Capote popularity 8/10  Truman Capote quotes Ben Stiller popularity 9/10  Ben Stiller quotes
 Tre Cool popularity 9/10  Tre Cool quotes Ben Sweetland popularity 5/10  Ben Sweetland quotes
 Trey Anastasio popularity 8/10  Trey Anastasio quotes Benjamin Cohen popularity 0/10  Benjamin Cohen quotes
 Tom Clancy popularity 8/10  Tom Clancy quotes Benjamin E. Mays popularity 6/10  Benjamin E. Mays quotes
 Tom Cruise popularity 10/10  Tom Cruise quotes Benjamin Franklin popularity 10/10  Benjamin Franklin quotes
 Tom DeLay popularity 9/10  Tom DeLay quotes Benjamin Harrison popularity 8/10  Benjamin Harrison quotes
 Tom Hanks popularity 8/10  Tom Hanks quotes Benjamin Lee Whorf popularity 5/10  Benjamin Lee Whorf quotes
 Tom Lehrer popularity 8/10  Tom Lehrer quotes Benjamin Rush popularity 7/10  Benjamin Rush quotes
 Tom Petty popularity 10/10  Tom Petty quotes Benjamin Spock popularity 6/10  Benjamin Spock quotes
 Tom Robbins popularity 8/10  Tom Robbins quotes Benji Gregory popularity 5/10  Benji Gregory quotes
 Tom Shales popularity 3/10  Tom Shales quotes Bennett Cerf popularity 6/10  Bennett Cerf quotes
 Tom Waits popularity 9/10  Tom Waits quotes Barnaby C. Keeney popularity 0/10  Barnaby C. Keeney quotes
 Tim Allen popularity 9/10  Tim Allen quotes Barrows Dunham popularity 0/10  Barrows Dunham quotes
 Tim Barrett popularity 6/10  Tim Barrett quotes Barry Commoner popularity 6/10  Barry Commoner quotes
 Tim Lahaye popularity 0/10  Tim Lahaye quotes Barry Goldwater popularity 8/10  Barry Goldwater quotes
 Timothy Leary popularity 8/10  Timothy Leary quotes Barry Gray popularity 6/10  Barry Gray quotes
 Tiger Woods popularity 10/10  Tiger Woods quotes Barbara Smith popularity 6/10  Barbara Smith quotes
 Thorstein Veblen popularity 6/10  Thorstein Veblen quotes B. B. King popularity 7/10  B. B. King quotes
 Thurgood Marshall popularity 10/10  Thurgood Marshall quotes B. C. Forbes popularity 0/10  B. C. Forbes quotes
 Thornton T. Munger popularity 0/10  Thornton T. Munger quotes Babe Ruth popularity 10/10  Babe Ruth quotes
 Tad Williams popularity 0/10  Tad Williams quotes Avery Brundage popularity 5/10  Avery Brundage quotes
 The Wizard of Oz popularity 9/10  The Wizard of Oz quotes Avram Noam Chomsky popularity 5/10  Avram Noam Chomsky quotes
 Thomas S. Monson popularity 5/10  Thomas S. Monson quotes Ashton Kutcher popularity 10/10  Ashton Kutcher quotes
 Thomas Sowell popularity 8/10  Thomas Sowell quotes Audre Lorde popularity 7/10  Audre Lorde quotes
 Thomas Steinbeck popularity 0/10  Thomas Steinbeck quotes August Wilson popularity 8/10  August Wilson quotes
 Thomas W. Higginson popularity 0/10  Thomas W. Higginson quotes Augustus Owsley Stanley popularity 0/10  Augustus Owsley Stanley quotes
 Thelonious Monk popularity 8/10  Thelonious Monk quotes Austin Phelps popularity 3/10  Austin Phelps quotes
 Theodor Reik popularity 0/10  Theodor Reik quotes Arnold Palmer popularity 8/10  Arnold Palmer quotes
 Theodore Dreiser popularity 7/10  Theodore Dreiser quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger popularity 10/10  Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes
 Theodore Hesburgh popularity 5/10  Theodore Hesburgh quotes Art Buchwald popularity 6/10  Art Buchwald quotes
 Theodore Isaac Rubin popularity 5/10  Theodore Isaac Rubin quotes Art Carney popularity 7/10  Art Carney quotes
 Theodore Roosevelt popularity 10/10  Theodore Roosevelt quotes Art Hoppe popularity 2/10  Art Hoppe quotes
 Thomas Alva Edison popularity 9/10  Thomas Alva Edison quotes Arleigh Burke popularity 6/10  Arleigh Burke quotes
 Thomas Andrew Bailey popularity 0/10  Thomas Andrew Bailey quotes Arlo Guthrie popularity 8/10  Arlo Guthrie quotes
 Thomas Bailey Aldrich popularity 5/10  Thomas Bailey Aldrich quotes Anita Baker popularity 8/10  Anita Baker quotes
 Thomas Brackett Reed popularity 0/10  Thomas Brackett Reed quotes Artemus Ward (writer) popularity 0/10  Artemus Ward (writer) quotes
 Thomas J. Peters popularity 5/10  Thomas J. Peters quotes Arthur Ashe popularity 9/10  Arthur Ashe quotes
 Thomas J. Watson popularity 5/10  Thomas J. Watson quotes Arthur Brisbane popularity 5/10  Arthur Brisbane quotes
 Thomas Jefferson popularity 10/10  Thomas Jefferson quotes Arthur Fiedler popularity 6/10  Arthur Fiedler quotes
 Thomas Mann (political analyst) popularity 0/10  Thomas Mann (political analyst) quotes Arthur Forman popularity 0/10  Arthur Forman quotes
 Thomas Merton popularity 8/10  Thomas Merton quotes Arthur Miller popularity 9/10  Arthur Miller quotes
 Thomas Morton popularity 5/10  Thomas Morton quotes Arthur Powell Davies popularity 0/10  Arthur Powell Davies quotes
 Thomas Paine popularity 9/10  Thomas Paine quotes Arthur Rubinstein popularity 5/10  Arthur Rubinstein quotes
 Terry Galloway popularity 0/10  Terry Galloway quotes Anna Nicole Smith popularity 10/10  Anna Nicole Smith quotes
 Tecumseh Shawnee Chief popularity 5/10  Tecumseh Shawnee Chief quotes Anthony Beal popularity 0/10  Anthony Beal quotes
 Ted Shawn popularity 7/10  Ted Shawn quotes Anthony J. D'Angelo popularity 0/10  Anthony J. D'Angelo quotes
 Ted Turner popularity 8/10  Ted Turner quotes Anthony J. Principi popularity 5/10  Anthony J. Principi quotes
 Ted Williams popularity 8/10  Ted Williams quotes Anthony Perkins popularity 7/10  Anthony Perkins quotes
 Taylor Hanson popularity 8/10  Taylor Hanson quotes Anthony Rapp popularity 7/10  Anthony Rapp quotes
 Sydney J. Harris popularity 5/10  Sydney J. Harris quotes Anthony Robbins popularity 8/10  Anthony Robbins quotes
 Sylvester Stallone popularity 9/10  Sylvester Stallone quotes Antonin Scalia popularity 7/10  Antonin Scalia quotes
 Snoop Dogg popularity 10/10  Snoop Dogg quotes Archibald MacLeish popularity 6/10  Archibald MacLeish quotes
 Sy Parrish popularity 0/10  Sy Parrish quotes Archie M. Richards, Jr. popularity 0/10  Archie M. Richards, Jr. quotes
 Sugar Ray Leonard popularity 8/10  Sugar Ray Leonard quotes Andre Agassi popularity 8/10  Andre Agassi quotes
 Sugar Ray Robinson popularity 8/10  Sugar Ray Robinson quotes An Wang popularity 6/10  An Wang quotes
 Steve Fromholz popularity 0/10  Steve Fromholz quotes Andrew Carnegie popularity 9/10  Andrew Carnegie quotes
 Steve Jobs popularity 9/10  Steve Jobs quotes Andrew Cohen popularity 6/10  Andrew Cohen quotes
 Steve Allen popularity 7/10  Steve Allen quotes Andrew Jackson popularity 9/10  Andrew Jackson quotes
 Steve Buscemi popularity 8/10  Steve Buscemi quotes Andrew Johnson popularity 8/10  Andrew Johnson quotes
 Stephen Bishop popularity 7/10  Stephen Bishop quotes Andy Rooney popularity 8/10  Andy Rooney quotes
 Stephen Crane popularity 8/10  Stephen Crane quotes Andy Warhol popularity 10/10  Andy Warhol quotes
 Stephen Decatur popularity 6/10  Stephen Decatur quotes Allan Khnanisho popularity 0/10  Allan Khnanisho quotes
 Stephen King popularity 10/10  Stephen King quotes Amos Bronson Alcott popularity 6/10  Amos Bronson Alcott quotes
 Stephen Nachmanovitch popularity 2/10  Stephen Nachmanovitch quotes Amos Tversky popularity 0/10  Amos Tversky quotes
 Stephen Stills popularity 8/10  Stephen Stills quotes Ambrose Bierce popularity 8/10  Ambrose Bierce quotes
 Stephen Vincent Benet popularity 8/10  Stephen Vincent Benet quotes Alvin Toffler popularity 7/10  Alvin Toffler quotes
 Steve Mcqueen popularity 8/10  Steve Mcqueen quotes AJ McLean popularity 0/10  AJ McLean quotes
 Steve Roland Prefontaine popularity 0/10  Steve Roland Prefontaine quotes Alfred A. Montapert popularity 0/10  Alfred A. Montapert quotes
 Steve Wozniak popularity 8/10  Steve Wozniak quotes Alfred C. Kinsey popularity 6/10  Alfred C. Kinsey quotes
 Steven Deitz popularity 0/10  Steven Deitz quotes Alfred E. Smith popularity 6/10  Alfred E. Smith quotes
 Steven Saylor popularity 0/10  Steven Saylor quotes Alfred Eisenstaedt popularity 7/10  Alfred Eisenstaedt quotes
 Steven Seagal popularity 8/10  Steven Seagal quotes Alfred Korzybski popularity 5/10  Alfred Korzybski quotes
 Steven Soderbergh popularity 5/10  Steven Soderbergh quotes Alfred Sheinwold popularity 0/10  Alfred Sheinwold quotes
 Steven Spielberg popularity 8/10  Steven Spielberg quotes Alfred Whitney Griswold popularity 0/10  Alfred Whitney Griswold quotes
 Steven Wright popularity 8/10  Steven Wright quotes Alger Hiss popularity 8/10  Alger Hiss quotes
 Stevie Wonder popularity 10/10  Stevie Wonder quotes Algernon D. Black popularity 0/10  Algernon D. Black quotes
 Spalding Gray popularity 7/10  Spalding Gray quotes Alex Haley popularity 9/10  Alex Haley quotes
 Spencer W. Kimball popularity 0/10  Spencer W. Kimball quotes Alexander Calder popularity 8/10  Alexander Calder quotes
 Spike Lee popularity 8/10  Spike Lee quotes Alexander Graham Bell popularity 10/10  Alexander Graham Bell quotes
 Spiro Agnew popularity 8/10  Spiro Agnew quotes Alexander Haig popularity 6/10  Alexander Haig quotes
 Spiro T. Agnew popularity 5/10  Spiro T. Agnew quotes Alexander Hamilton popularity 9/10  Alexander Hamilton quotes
 Stan Rice popularity 0/10  Stan Rice quotes Alexander Jablokov popularity 0/10  Alexander Jablokov quotes
 Stanley Kauffmann popularity 0/10  Stanley Kauffmann quotes Alexander O'Neal popularity 0/10  Alexander O'Neal quotes
 Stanley Kubrick popularity 8/10  Stanley Kubrick quotes Alexander Wiley popularity 0/10  Alexander Wiley quotes
 Solomon Schechter popularity 3/10  Solomon Schechter quotes Adam Osborne popularity 6/10  Adam Osborne quotes
 Sonny Bono popularity 7/10  Sonny Bono quotes Adam Sandler popularity 10/10  Adam Sandler quotes
 Sonny Liston popularity 8/10  Sonny Liston quotes Abe Lemons popularity 5/10  Abe Lemons quotes
 Simon Newcomb popularity 3/10  Simon Newcomb quotes Alberto Salazar popularity 7/10  Alberto Salazar quotes
 Simon Wolf popularity 7/10  Simon Wolf quotes Aldo Leopold popularity 8/10  Aldo Leopold quotes
 Sinclair Lewis popularity 8/10  Sinclair Lewis quotes Alec Baldwin popularity 8/10  Alec Baldwin quotes
 Sir Charles Lyell popularity 6/10  Sir Charles Lyell quotes Aleksander Hemon popularity 0/10  Aleksander Hemon quotes
 Sir John Templeton popularity 6/10  Sir John Templeton quotes Adlai E. Stevenson popularity 6/10  Adlai E. Stevenson quotes
 Sleepless in Seattle popularity 8/10  Sleepless in Seattle quotes Admiral David G. Farragut popularity 0/10  Admiral David G. Farragut quotes
 Sidney A. Friedman popularity 0/10  Sidney A. Friedman quotes Admiral Ernest J. King popularity 0/10  Admiral Ernest J. King quotes
 Sidney Poitier popularity 8/10  Sidney Poitier quotes Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher popularity 0/10  Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher quotes
 Sam Walton popularity 8/10  Sam Walton quotes Admiral William Frederick Halsey Jr. (Bull) popularity 0/10  Admiral William Frederick Halsey Jr. (Bull) quotes
 Sholem Asch popularity 0/10  Sholem Asch quotes Adolph S. Ochs popularity 3/10  Adolph S. Ochs quotes
 Shirley Jackson popularity 8/10  Shirley Jackson quotes Aesop Rock popularity 0/10  Aesop Rock quotes
 Sheldon Glueck popularity 0/10  Sheldon Glueck quotes Abraham Joshua Heschel popularity 0/10  Abraham Joshua Heschel quotes
 Shaun Cassidy popularity 8/10  Shaun Cassidy quotes Abraham Lincoln popularity 10/10  Abraham Lincoln quotes
 Shawn Colvin popularity 8/10  Shawn Colvin quotes Abraham Maslow popularity 8/10  Abraham Maslow quotes
 Shawn Nelson popularity 0/10  Shawn Nelson quotes 50 Cent popularity 0/10  50 Cent quotes
 Shaquille O'Neal popularity 0/10  Shaquille O'Neal quotes A. A. Hodge popularity 0/10  A. A. Hodge quotes
 Seth Eisenberg popularity 0/10  Seth Eisenberg quotes A. B. Guthrie, Jr. popularity 0/10  A. B. Guthrie, Jr. quotes
 Sean Astin popularity 8/10  Sean Astin quotes A. J. Liebling popularity 0/10  A. J. Liebling quotes
 Sean Reichle popularity 0/10  Sean Reichle quotes A.A. Attanasio popularity 0/10  A.A. Attanasio quotes
 Senator John Kerry popularity 7/10  Senator John Kerry quotes Aaliyah popularity 10/10  Aaliyah quotes
 Scott Adams popularity 6/10  Scott Adams quotes Aaron Burr popularity 8/10  Aaron Burr quotes
 Scott McClellan popularity 6/10  Scott McClellan quotes Aaron Carter popularity 10/10  Aaron Carter quotes
 Scott Nearing popularity 6/10  Scott Nearing quotes Aaron Copland popularity 8/10  Aaron Copland quotes
 Saul Bellow popularity 7/10  Saul Bellow quotes Aaron McKinney popularity 0/10  Aaron McKinney quotes
 Saul Steinberg popularity 6/10  Saul Steinberg quotes Aaron Sorkin popularity 6/10  Aaron Sorkin quotes
 Sammy Cahn popularity 5/10  Sammy Cahn quotes Abbie Hoffman popularity 8/10  Abbie Hoffman quotes
 Sammy Davis, Jr. popularity 0/10  Sammy Davis, Jr. quotes Abbott Lawrence Lowell popularity 0/10  Abbott Lawrence Lowell quotes
 Samuel Adams popularity 9/10  Samuel Adams quotes Al Capone popularity 10/10  Al Capone quotes
 Samuel Eliot Morison popularity 5/10  Samuel Eliot Morison quotes Al Capp popularity 6/10  Al Capp quotes
 Samuel Goldwyn popularity 6/10  Samuel Goldwyn quotes Al Franken popularity 8/10  Al Franken quotes
 Samuel Gompers popularity 8/10  Samuel Gompers quotes Al Gore popularity 8/10  Al Gore quotes
 Samuel Jackson popularity 8/10  Samuel Jackson quotes Al Green popularity 9/10  Al Green quotes
 Samuel Osgood popularity 5/10  Samuel Osgood quotes Al Rogers popularity 0/10  Al Rogers quotes
 Samuel P. Huntington popularity 0/10  Samuel P. Huntington quotes Al Sharpton popularity 8/10  Al Sharpton quotes
 Sam Ervin popularity 5/10  Sam Ervin quotes Alamgir Hashmi popularity 0/10  Alamgir Hashmi quotes
 Sam Houston popularity 9/10  Sam Houston quotes Alan Alda popularity 8/10  Alan Alda quotes
 Sam Levenson popularity 5/10  Sam Levenson quotes Alan Chadwick popularity 6/10  Alan Chadwick quotes
 Sam Peckinpah popularity 6/10  Sam Peckinpah quotes Alan Dean Foster popularity 6/10  Alan Dean Foster quotes
 Sam Rayburn popularity 7/10  Sam Rayburn quotes Alan Jay Lerner popularity 6/10  Alan Jay Lerner quotes
 Sam Snead popularity 6/10  Sam Snead quotes Alan Kay popularity 6/10  Alan Kay quotes
 Ricky Martin popularity 10/10  Ricky Martin quotes Alan King popularity 6/10  Alan King quotes
 Ring Lardner popularity 6/10  Ring Lardner quotes Alan Kulwicki popularity 0/10  Alan Kulwicki quotes
 Pierre S. DuPont IV popularity 0/10  Pierre S. DuPont IV quotes Alan Page popularity 6/10  Alan Page quotes
 Sal Mineo popularity 8/10  Sal Mineo quotes Alan Saporta popularity 3/10  Alan Saporta quotes
 Rutherford B. Hayes popularity 8/10  Rutherford B. Hayes quotes Alan Watts popularity 8/10  Alan Watts quotes
 Ryan O'neal popularity 0/10  Ryan O'neal quotes Alben William Barkley popularity 5/10  Alben William Barkley quotes
 Ryan Reynolds popularity 10/10  Ryan Reynolds quotes Albert Einstein popularity 10/10  Albert Einstein quotes
 Ronald Graham popularity 0/10  Ronald Graham quotes Albert Ellis popularity 8/10  Albert Ellis quotes
 Ronald Reagan popularity 10/10  Ronald Reagan quotesAlbert Pike popularity 8/10  Albert Pike quotes
 Ronald Rood popularity 0/10  Ronald Rood quotesAlberta Hunter popularity 6/10  Alberta Hunter quotes
 Ronnie Hawkins popularity 7/10  Ronnie Hawkins quotesA. Lou Vickery popularity 0/10  A. Lou Vickery quotes
 Ronnie VanZant popularity 0/10  Ronnie VanZant quotesA. S. W. Rosenbach popularity 0/10  A. S. W. Rosenbach quotes
 Robert Dato popularity 0/10  Robert Dato quotesAl Bernstein popularity 5/10  Al Bernstein quotes
 Robert de Niro popularity 8/10  Robert de Niro quotesAlice May Brock popularity 0/10  Alice May Brock quotes
 Robert Duncan popularity 7/10  Robert Duncan quotesAlistair Cooke popularity 6/10  Alistair Cooke quotes
 Robert Duvall popularity 8/10  Robert Duvall quotesAlyce P. Cornyn-Selby popularity 0/10  Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby quotes
 Ross MacDonald popularity 6/10  Ross MacDonald quotesAllen Ginsberg popularity 8/10  Allen Ginsberg quotes
 Roy Blount, Jr. popularity 0/10  Roy Blount, Jr. quotesAmy Tan popularity 8/10  Amy Tan quotes
 Roy Disney popularity 7/10  Roy Disney quotesAndrea Gonzalo popularity 0/10  Andrea Gonzalo quotes
 Roy Lichtenstein popularity 9/10  Roy Lichtenstein quotesAnnie Dillard popularity 8/10  Annie Dillard quotes
 Roy Rogers popularity 8/10  Roy Rogers quotesArnold Lobel popularity 0/10  Arnold Lobel quotes
 Roy Rogers (slide guitarist) popularity 0/10  Roy Rogers (slide guitarist) quotesArt Linkletter popularity 8/10  Art Linkletter quotes
 Roy Wilkins popularity 7/10  Roy Wilkins quotesArt Spander popularity 0/10  Art Spander quotes
 Rozz Williams popularity 0/10  Rozz Williams quotesAnsel Adams popularity 9/10  Ansel Adams quotes
 Rufus Wainwright popularity 9/10  Rufus Wainwright quotesBarry Lopez popularity 6/10  Barry Lopez quotes
 Rush Limbaugh popularity 10/10  Rush Limbaugh quotesBernice Johnson Reagon popularity 3/10  Bernice Johnson Reagon quotes
 Russ Feingold popularity 6/10  Russ Feingold quotesBern Williams popularity 2/10  Bern Williams quotes
 Russ Mason popularity 0/10  Russ Mason quotesBessie Stanley popularity 0/10  Bessie Stanley quotes
 Russel H. Conwell popularity 0/10  Russel H. Conwell quotesBill Meyer popularity 3/10  Bill Meyer quotes
 Russell Baker popularity 7/10  Russell Baker quotesBillie Burke popularity 7/10  Billie Burke quotes
 Robin Williams popularity 9/10  Robin Williams quotesBishop Creighton popularity 0/10  Bishop Creighton quotes
 Robinson Jeffers popularity 6/10  Robinson Jeffers quotesBishop John Shelby Spong popularity 6/10  Bishop John Shelby Spong quotes
 Rock Hudson popularity 8/10  Rock Hudson quotesBranch Rickey popularity 7/10  Branch Rickey quotes
 Rod Sterling popularity 6/10  Rod Sterling quotesBooker T. Washington popularity 9/10  Booker T. Washington quotes
 Rodney Dangerfield popularity 8/10  Rodney Dangerfield quotesBrian Regan popularity 9/10  Brian Regan quotes
 Roger Babson popularity 3/10  Roger Babson quotesBrian Kest popularity 0/10  Brian Kest quotes
 Roger Baldwin popularity 6/10  Roger Baldwin quotesBrendan Gill popularity 0/10  Brendan Gill quotes
 Roger Ebert popularity 9/10  Roger Ebert quotesBurt Bacharach popularity 8/10  Burt Bacharach quotes
 Roger Maris popularity 8/10  Roger Maris quotesBrooks Robinson popularity 7/10  Brooks Robinson quotes
 Roger Miller popularity 8/10  Roger Miller quotesBruce R. McConkie popularity 0/10  Bruce R. McConkie quotes
 Roger Miller (Salomon Brothers Inc) popularity 0/10  Roger Miller (Salomon Brothers Inc) quotesCarl Hiaasen popularity 8/10  Carl Hiaasen quotes
 Roger Williams popularity 8/10  Roger Williams quotesCarl T. Rowan popularity 6/10  Carl T. Rowan quotes
 Roger Wright popularity 5/10  Roger Wright quotesCarolyn Wells popularity 5/10  Carolyn Wells quotes
 Rogers Hornsby popularity 6/10  Rogers Hornsby quotesCaroline Myss popularity 8/10  Caroline Myss quotes
 Ron Blomberg popularity 5/10  Ron Blomberg quotesCarol Lynn Pearson popularity 0/10  Carol Lynn Pearson quotes
 Ron Luce popularity 0/10  Ron Luce quotesCharles Pierce popularity 6/10  Charles Pierce quotes
 Ron Perlman popularity 8/10  Ron Perlman quotesCaskie Stinnett popularity 0/10  Caskie Stinnett quotes
 Rob Bourdon popularity 0/10  Rob Bourdon quotesCathy Lee Crosby popularity 8/10  Cathy Lee Crosby quotes
 Rob McBride popularity 0/10  Rob McBride quotesCharlie Brown popularity 9/10  Charlie Brown quotes
 Richard C. Cabot popularity 0/10  Richard C. Cabot quotesChris Codiroli popularity 0/10  Chris Codiroli quotes
 Richard Dreyfuss popularity 7/10  Richard Dreyfuss quotesChristian Slater popularity 8/10  Christian Slater quotes
 Richard J. Daley popularity 5/10  Richard J. Daley quotesChristopher Lasch popularity 5/10  Christopher Lasch quotes
 Robby Ginepri popularity 6/10  Robby Ginepri quotesChristopher Morley popularity 6/10  Christopher Morley quotes
 Robert A. Heinlein popularity 6/10  Robert A. Heinlein quotesChristina Applegate popularity 10/10  Christina Applegate quotes
 Robert Altman popularity 6/10  Robert Altman quotesClaire Danes popularity 9/10  Claire Danes quotes
 Robert Anton Wilson popularity 7/10  Robert Anton Wilson quotesChuck Berry popularity 9/10  Chuck Berry quotes
 Robert Bloch popularity 5/10  Robert Bloch quotesClarence Darrow popularity 8/10  Clarence Darrow quotes
 Robert Frost popularity 10/10  Robert Frost quotesClarence Day popularity 5/10  Clarence Day quotes
 Robert Green Ingersoll popularity 3/10  Robert Green Ingersoll quotesClementine Paddleford popularity 0/10  Clementine Paddleford quotes
 Robert H. Schuller popularity 5/10  Robert H. Schuller quotesColeman Hawkings popularity 0/10  Coleman Hawkings quotes
 Robert Heinlein popularity 7/10  Robert Heinlein quotesColeman Young popularity 6/10  Coleman Young quotes
 Robert Henri popularity 6/10  Robert Henri quotesColin Powell popularity 8/10  Colin Powell quotes
 Robert Inchausti popularity 0/10  Robert Inchausti quotesClare Boothe Luce popularity 6/10  Clare Boothe Luce quotes
 Robert Kennedy, Jr. popularity 0/10  Robert Kennedy, Jr. quotesCounting Crows popularity 0/10  Counting Crows quotes
 Robert Kiyosaki popularity 8/10  Robert Kiyosaki quotesCoolio popularity 0/10  Coolio quotes
 Robert Koehler popularity 0/10  Robert Koehler quotesCyrus Curtis popularity 5/10  Cyrus Curtis quotes
 Robert M. Hutchins popularity 3/10  Robert M. Hutchins quotesDan Dierdorf popularity 5/10  Dan Dierdorf quotes
 Robert Mapplethorpe popularity 8/10  Robert Mapplethorpe quotesDaniel H. Burnham popularity 3/10  Daniel H. Burnham quotes
 Robert Merrill popularity 6/10  Robert Merrill quotesDaniel J. Boorstin popularity 5/10  Daniel J. Boorstin quotes
 Robert Millikan popularity 7/10  Robert Millikan quotesDawson's Creek popularity 0/10  Dawson's Creek quotes
 Robert Nathan popularity 6/10  Robert Nathan quotesDavid Thornburg popularity 0/10  David Thornburg quotes
 Robert Orben popularity 5/10  Robert Orben quotesDavid Smith popularity 8/10  David Smith quotes
 Robert Redford popularity 8/10  Robert Redford quotesDavid Spade popularity 8/10  David Spade quotes
 Robert S. Mendelsohn popularity 0/10  Robert S. Mendelsohn quotesDavid Starr Jordan popularity 3/10  David Starr Jordan quotes
 Robert Stack popularity 6/10  Robert Stack quotesDavid Schwimmer popularity 8/10  David Schwimmer quotes
 Robert Urich popularity 8/10  Robert Urich quotesDavid Seamands popularity 5/10  David Seamands quotes
 Robert Wilson popularity 7/10  Robert Wilson quotesDavid R. Gergen popularity 0/10  David R. Gergen quotes
 Robin Schone popularity 6/10  Robin Schone quotesDavid R. Nelson popularity 0/10  David R. Nelson quotes
 Richard Bach popularity 8/10  Richard Bach quotesDavid Rockefeller popularity 6/10  David Rockefeller quotes
 Richard Gephardt popularity 5/10  Richard Gephardt quotesDavid Nasaw popularity 0/10  David Nasaw quotes
 Richard Gere popularity 9/10  Richard Gere quotesDavid Owens popularity 6/10  David Owens quotes
 Richard Harding Davis popularity 3/10  Richard Harding Davis quotesDavid Lee Roth popularity 9/10  David Lee Roth quotes
 Richard Kuehn popularity 0/10  Richard Kuehn quotesDavid Merrick popularity 3/10  David Merrick quotes
 Richard Lederer popularity 0/10  Richard Lederer quotesDavid Murray popularity 6/10  David Murray quotes
 Richard Lewis popularity 7/10  Richard Lewis quotesDavid Jaye popularity 3/10  David Jaye quotes
 Richard M. DeVos popularity 0/10  Richard M. DeVos quotesDavid Jeremiah popularity 8/10  David Jeremiah quotes
 Richard M. Nixon popularity 8/10  Richard M. Nixon quotesDavid Friedman popularity 6/10  David Friedman quotes
 Richard Marcinko popularity 7/10  Richard Marcinko quotesDavid Greising popularity 0/10  David Greising quotes
 Richard Petty popularity 8/10  Richard Petty quotesDavid Grimes popularity 5/10  David Grimes quotes
 Richard Pryor popularity 9/10  Richard Pryor quotesDavid Harold Fink popularity 0/10  David Harold Fink quotes
 Richard Rodgers popularity 7/10  Richard Rodgers quotesDavid Herbert Donald popularity 0/10  David Herbert Donald quotes
 Richard Rorty popularity 7/10  Richard Rorty quotesDavid Gayson popularity 0/10  David Gayson quotes
 Richard Tucker popularity 6/10  Richard Tucker quotesDavid Gerrold popularity 6/10  David Gerrold quotes
 Ray Charles popularity 10/10  Ray Charles quotesDavid Glickman popularity 2/10  David Glickman quotes
 Ray Kroc popularity 8/10  Ray Kroc quotesDavid E. Bresler popularity 0/10  David E. Bresler quotes
 Red Skelton popularity 8/10  Red Skelton quotesDavid Eddings popularity 8/10  David Eddings quotes
 Red Smith popularity 5/10  Red Smith quotesDavid Davis popularity 6/10  David Davis quotes
 Redd Foxx popularity 8/10  Redd Foxx quotesDavid Diaz popularity 6/10  David Diaz quotes
 Philip K. Dick popularity 0/10  Philip K. Dick quotesDavid Broder popularity 6/10  David Broder quotes
 Philip Kaufman popularity 5/10  Philip Kaufman quotesDavid C. McCullough popularity 0/10  David C. McCullough quotes
 Randall Terry popularity 6/10  Randall Terry quotesDavid Carradine popularity 7/10  David Carradine quotes
 Ray Toro popularity 0/10  Ray Toro quotesDave Winer popularity 2/10  Dave Winer quotes
 Ray Walston popularity 6/10  Ray Walston quotesDavid Bohm popularity 6/10  David Bohm quotes
 Raymond Carver popularity 7/10  Raymond Carver quotesDavid Brenner popularity 7/10  David Brenner quotes
 Raymond Chandler popularity 8/10  Raymond Chandler quotesDavid Brin popularity 6/10  David Brin quotes
 Potter Stewart popularity 5/10  Potter Stewart quotesDean Koontz popularity 8/10  Dean Koontz quotes
 Preston Bradley popularity 3/10  Preston Bradley quotesDemi Moore popularity 10/10  Demi Moore quotes
 Quentin Reynolds popularity 0/10  Quentin Reynolds quotesDennis Ritchie popularity 6/10  Dennis Ritchie quotes
 Quentin Tarantino popularity 8/10  Quentin Tarantino quotesDennis Rodman popularity 8/10  Dennis Rodman quotes
 Ralph Nader popularity 8/10  Ralph Nader quotesDenise Caruso popularity 0/10  Denise Caruso quotes
 Ralph Waldo Emerson popularity 9/10  Ralph Waldo Emerson quotesDiane Ravitch popularity 6/10  Diane Ravitch quotes
 Ralph Wanger popularity 0/10  Ralph Wanger quotesDiane Arbus popularity 8/10  Diane Arbus quotes
 Ralph Fiennes popularity 8/10  Ralph Fiennes quotesDinah Shore popularity 8/10  Dinah Shore quotes
 Philip Streifer popularity 0/10  Philip Streifer quotesDonald Rumsfeld popularity 8/10  Donald Rumsfeld quotes
 Phillips Brooks popularity 6/10  Phillips Brooks quotesDon Herold popularity 0/10  Don Herold quotes
 Phyllis Batelle popularity 0/10  Phyllis Batelle quotesDonna A. Favors popularity 0/10  Donna A. Favors quotes
 Peter S. Beagle popularity 5/10  Peter S. Beagle quotesDorothea Lange popularity 8/10  Dorothea Lange quotes
 Peter Ueberroth popularity 6/10  Peter Ueberroth quotesDorothy Thompson popularity 5/10  Dorothy Thompson quotes
 Peter Wallsten popularity 0/10  Peter Wallsten quotesDorthea Brande popularity 0/10  Dorthea Brande quotes
 Peter Wentz popularity 0/10  Peter Wentz quotesDorothy Lamour popularity 8/10  Dorothy Lamour quotes
 Phil Hartman popularity 8/10  Phil Hartman quotesDustin Hoffman popularity 8/10  Dustin Hoffman quotes
 Phil Jackson popularity 8/10  Phil Jackson quotesDr. Robert H. Goddard popularity 5/10  Dr. Robert H. Goddard quotes
 Phil Mickelson popularity 8/10  Phil Mickelson quotesDrew Barrymore popularity 10/10  Drew Barrymore quotes
 Phil Simms popularity 6/10  Phil Simms quotesDrew Carey popularity 8/10  Drew Carey quotes
 Phil Spector popularity 8/10  Phil Spector quotesDouglas H. Everett popularity 0/10  Douglas H. Everett quotes
 Percy Ross popularity 5/10  Percy Ross quotesDr. Linus Pauling popularity 5/10  Dr. Linus Pauling quotes
 Pete Incaviglia popularity 5/10  Pete Incaviglia quotesEddy Cantor popularity 2/10  Eddy Cantor quotes
 Pete Rose popularity 8/10  Pete Rose quotesEd Wood popularity 8/10  Ed Wood quotes
 Pete Wentz popularity 8/10  Pete Wentz quotesEarl Nightingale popularity 7/10  Earl Nightingale quotes
 Peter Arno popularity 5/10  Peter Arno quotesE. B. White popularity 6/10  E. B. White quotes
 Peter De Vries popularity 5/10  Peter De Vries quotesE. E. Cummings popularity 8/10  E. E. Cummings quotes
 Peter F. Drucker popularity 6/10  Peter F. Drucker quotesEdward H. Harriman popularity 5/10  Edward H. Harriman quotes
 Peter Fonda popularity 8/10  Peter Fonda quotesEdward Hodnett popularity 0/10  Edward Hodnett quotes
 Peter Lorre popularity 7/10  Peter Lorre quotesEarl Weaver popularity 7/10  Earl Weaver quotes
 Pavement popularity 8/10  Pavement quotesEdgar Cayce popularity 8/10  Edgar Cayce quotes
 Omar Bradley popularity 0/10  Omar Bradley quotesEdgar Guest popularity 7/10  Edgar Guest quotes
 Patrick Stewart popularity 8/10  Patrick Stewart quotesEdwin P. Whipple popularity 0/10  Edwin P. Whipple quotes
 Paul Fix popularity 5/10  Paul Fix quotesEdward Teller popularity 8/10  Edward Teller quotes
 Paul Bowles popularity 6/10  Paul Bowles quotesEdna Ferber popularity 7/10  Edna Ferber quotes
 Paul Bryant popularity 6/10  Paul Bryant quotesEdward Kennedy popularity 6/10  Edward Kennedy quotes
 Paul Danos popularity 0/10  Paul Danos quotesEdward Albee popularity 7/10  Edward Albee quotes
 Pat Paulsen popularity 5/10  Pat Paulsen quotesElinor Smith popularity 0/10  Elinor Smith quotes
 Paul Laurence Dunbar popularity 8/10  Paul Laurence Dunbar quotesElisabeth Kubler-Ross popularity 7/10  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross quotes
 Paul Lynde popularity 7/10  Paul Lynde quotesElbert Hubbard popularity 6/10  Elbert Hubbard quotes
 Paul Newman popularity 8/10  Paul Newman quotesEleanor Robson Belmont popularity 0/10  Eleanor Robson Belmont quotes
 Paul Robeson popularity 8/10  Paul Robeson quotesElla Wheeler Wilcox popularity 7/10  Ella Wheeler Wilcox quotes
 Paul Simon popularity 9/10  Paul Simon quotesElmer Davis popularity 5/10  Elmer Davis quotes
 Paul Strand popularity 8/10  Paul Strand quotesElsa Maxwell popularity 5/10  Elsa Maxwell quotes
 Paul Theroux popularity 6/10  Paul Theroux quotesElton Trueblood popularity 5/10  Elton Trueblood quotes
 Paul Tillich popularity 7/10  Paul Tillich quotesErica Jong popularity 7/10  Erica Jong quotes
 Paul Tsongas popularity 5/10  Paul Tsongas quotesEric Hoffer popularity 7/10  Eric Hoffer quotes
 Paul Venghaus popularity 0/10  Paul Venghaus quotesErnest Hemingway popularity 9/10  Ernest Hemingway quotes
 Paul Westerberg popularity 8/10  Paul Westerberg quotesErnest Holmes popularity 7/10  Ernest Holmes quotes
 Paul Whiteman popularity 7/10  Paul Whiteman quotesErnestine Ulmer popularity 0/10  Ernestine Ulmer quotes
 Pat Buchanan popularity 8/10  Pat Buchanan quotesErma Bombeck popularity 8/10  Erma Bombeck quotes
 Pat Conroy popularity 7/10  Pat Conroy quotesEstee Lauder popularity 9/10  Estee Lauder quotes
 Orson Scott Card popularity 8/10  Orson Scott Card quotesEugene F. Ware popularity 0/10  Eugene F. Ware quotes
 Orville Wright popularity 8/10  Orville Wright quotesEugene Field popularity 7/10  Eugene Field quotes
 Oscar Hammerstein II popularity 6/10  Oscar Hammerstein II quotesEvelyn Cunningham popularity 0/10  Evelyn Cunningham quotes
 Oscar Levant popularity 7/10  Oscar Levant quotesFairfax Cone popularity 0/10  Fairfax Cone quotes
 Ossie Davis popularity 7/10  Ossie Davis quotesFaith Baldwin popularity 5/10  Faith Baldwin quotes
 Otis Williams popularity 7/10  Otis Williams quotesFelix Adler popularity 5/10  Felix Adler quotes
 Owen D. Young popularity 3/10  Owen D. Young quotesFather James Keller popularity 0/10  Father James Keller quotes
 P. Diddy, Puff Daddy popularity 0/10  P. Diddy, Puff Daddy quotesFlannery O'Connor popularity 0/10  Flannery O'Connor quotes
 P. J. O'Rourke popularity 0/10  P. J. O'Rourke quotesFrank Moore Colby popularity 0/10  Frank Moore Colby quotes
 Orlando McGuire popularity 0/10  Orlando McGuire quotesFreda Adler popularity 5/10  Freda Adler quotes
 Og Mandino popularity 7/10  Og Mandino quotesFranklin P. Jones popularity 6/10  Franklin P. Jones quotes
 Ogden Nash popularity 8/10  Ogden Nash quotesFlorence Scovel Shinn popularity 6/10  Florence Scovel Shinn quotes
 Oliver Herford popularity 5/10  Oliver Herford quotesFrederick W. Taylor popularity 6/10  Frederick W. Taylor quotes
 Oliver Stone popularity 8/10  Oliver Stone quotesFrederick Henry Hedge popularity 0/10  Frederick Henry Hedge quotes
 Oliver Wendell Holmes popularity 8/10  Oliver Wendell Holmes quotesFrederick Buechner popularity 7/10  Frederick Buechner quotes
 Norman Cousins popularity 6/10  Norman Cousins quotesFrances Watkins Harper popularity 5/10  Frances Watkins Harper quotes
 Norman Lear popularity 6/10  Norman Lear quotesGarrison Keillor popularity 8/10  Garrison Keillor quotes
 Norman Thomas popularity 6/10  Norman Thomas quotesGail Godwin popularity 5/10  Gail Godwin quotes
 Norman Vincent Peale popularity 8/10  Norman Vincent Peale quotesGeorge Gobel popularity 6/10  George Gobel quotes
 Notting Hill popularity 8/10  Notting Hill quotesGeneral George Catlett Marshall popularity 0/10  General George Catlett Marshall quotes
 O. Henry popularity 8/10  O. Henry quotesGeorge B. Leonard popularity 0/10  George B. Leonard quotes
 Noah Webster popularity 8/10  Noah Webster quotesGeorge Deukmejian popularity 5/10  George Deukmejian quotes
 Nicholas Sparks popularity 8/10  Nicholas Sparks quotesGeorge E. Woodberry popularity 3/10  George E. Woodberry quotes
 Nick LaPorta popularity 0/10  Nick LaPorta quotesGeorge F. Burns popularity 0/10  George F. Burns quotes
 Nick Price popularity 6/10  Nick Price quotesGeorge F. Will popularity 6/10  George F. Will quotes
 Nicolas Cage popularity 8/10  Nicolas Cage quotesGary Sinise popularity 8/10  Gary Sinise quotes
 Nam June Paik popularity 7/10  Nam June Paik quotesGary Zukav popularity 7/10  Gary Zukav quotes
 Nasir Jones  Nasir Jones "Nas" quotesGene Oliver popularity 3/10  Gene Oliver quotes
 Nat King Cole popularity 10/10  Nat King Cole quotesGene Fowler popularity 3/10  Gene Fowler quotes
 Nate Washington popularity 0/10  Nate Washington quotesGeorge William Curtis popularity 3/10  George William Curtis quotes
 Nathan Hale popularity 9/10  Nathan Hale quotesGeorgia Douglas Johnson popularity 6/10  Georgia Douglas Johnson quotes
 Nathan Leopold popularity 5/10  Nathan Leopold quotesGeorge Reeves popularity 8/10  George Reeves quotes
 Nathaniel Bronner Jr. popularity 0/10  Nathaniel Bronner Jr. quotesGeorge Lorimer popularity 0/10  George Lorimer quotes
 Nathaniel Hawthorne popularity 9/10  Nathaniel Hawthorne quotesGeorge Jean Nathan popularity 3/10  George Jean Nathan quotes
 Ned Rorem popularity 6/10  Ned Rorem quotesGeorge Sheehan popularity 6/10  George Sheehan quotes
 Neil Armstrong popularity 10/10  Neil Armstrong quotesGeorge Shinn popularity 3/10  George Shinn quotes
 Neil Gaiman popularity 8/10  Neil Gaiman quotesGeorge Steiner popularity 6/10  George Steiner quotes
 Neil Holloway popularity 0/10  Neil Holloway quotesGerald Jampolsky popularity 3/10  Gerald Jampolsky quotes
 Neil Simon popularity 8/10  Neil Simon quotesGilbert Highet popularity 0/10  Gilbert Highet quotes
 Nelson Algren popularity 6/10  Nelson Algren quotesGloria Naylor popularity 6/10  Gloria Naylor quotes
 Nelson Rockefeller popularity 7/10  Nelson Rockefeller quotesGore Vidal popularity 8/10  Gore Vidal quotes
 Murray Lincoln popularity 0/10  Murray Lincoln quotesGrenville Kleiser popularity 5/10  Grenville Kleiser quotes
 Musiq Soulchild popularity 0/10  Musiq Soulchild quotesGwen Randall-Young popularity 0/10  Gwen Randall-Young quotes
 My Best Friend's Wedding popularity 0/10  My Best Friend's Wedding quotesH. Jackson Brown, Jr. popularity 0/10  H. Jackson Brown, Jr. quotes
 Mykelti Williamson popularity 6/10  Mykelti Williamson quotesHarper Lee popularity 9/10  Harper Lee quotes
 Myriam Miedzian popularity 0/10  Myriam Miedzian quotesHarold Ross popularity 3/10  Harold Ross quotes
 Muhammad Ali popularity 10/10  Muhammad Ali quotesHamilton Wright Mabie popularity 6/10  Hamilton Wright Mabie quotes
 Moshe Waldoks popularity 0/10  Moshe Waldoks quotesHank Aaron popularity 9/10  Hank Aaron quotes
 Moss Hart popularity 6/10  Moss Hart quotesHarold J. Duarte-Bernhardt popularity 0/10  Harold J. Duarte-Bernhardt quotes
 Morey Amsterdam popularity 6/10  Morey Amsterdam quotesHarry Emerson Fosdick popularity 5/10  Harry Emerson Fosdick quotes
 Morgan Freeman popularity 8/10  Morgan Freeman quotesHarrison Ford popularity 9/10  Harrison Ford quotes
 Morley Safer popularity 6/10  Morley Safer quotesHarvey Fierstein popularity 7/10  Harvey Fierstein quotes
 Morris K. Udall popularity 0/10  Morris K. Udall quotesHarvey S. Firestone popularity 0/10  Harvey S. Firestone quotes
 Mortimer Adler popularity 6/10  Mortimer Adler quotesHelen Gahagan Douglas popularity 0/10  Helen Gahagan Douglas quotes
 Mitch Hedberg popularity 9/10  Mitch Hedberg quotesHerman Wouk popularity 6/10  Herman Wouk quotes
 Mignon McLaughlin popularity 5/10  Mignon McLaughlin quotesHenry James popularity 8/10  Henry James quotes
 Mike Ditka popularity 8/10  Mike Ditka quotesHerbert Simon popularity 6/10  Herbert Simon quotes
 Millard Fillmore popularity 8/10  Millard Fillmore quotesHerman Cain popularity 6/10  Herman Cain quotes
 Milton Friedman popularity 8/10  Milton Friedman quotesHerbert A. Otto popularity 0/10  Herbert A. Otto quotes
 Milton H. Erickson popularity 0/10  Milton H. Erickson quotesHenry Ward Beecher popularity 6/10  Henry Ward Beecher quotes
 Mike Melvill popularity 0/10  Mike Melvill quotesHenry M. Jackson popularity 0/10  Henry M. Jackson quotes
 Mike Melville popularity 0/10  Mike Melville quotesHenry Ford popularity 10/10  Henry Ford quotes
 Mike Royko popularity 6/10  Mike Royko quotesHenry Beard popularity 0/10  Henry Beard quotes
 Mike Schmidt popularity 7/10  Mike Schmidt quotesHenry Brooks Adams popularity 3/10  Henry Brooks Adams quotes
 Mike Smith popularity 7/10  Mike Smith quotesHelen Rowland popularity 5/10  Helen Rowland quotes
 Mike Tyson popularity 10/10  Mike Tyson quotesHiram Johnson popularity 6/10  Hiram Johnson quotes
 Mickey Mantle popularity 9/10  Mickey Mantle quotesHilary Swank popularity 10/10  Hilary Swank quotes
 Mickey Rivers popularity 6/10  Mickey Rivers quotesHorace Mann popularity 8/10  Horace Mann quotes
 Lars Ulrich popularity 8/10  Lars Ulrich quotesHorace Smith popularity 0/10  Horace Smith quotes
 Marvin Minsky popularity 6/10  Marvin Minsky quotesHoward Aiken popularity 7/10  Howard Aiken quotes
 Michael Landon popularity 8/10  Michael Landon quotesJackie Gleason popularity 8/10  Jackie Gleason quotes
 Michael McDonald popularity 0/10  Michael McDonald quotesJack Handey popularity 7/10  Jack Handey quotes
 Michael Moore popularity 9/10  Michael Moore quotesIsaac Bashevis Singer popularity 6/10  Isaac Bashevis Singer quotes
 Michael Nolan popularity 5/10  Michael Nolan quotesIvy Baker Priest popularity 5/10  Ivy Baker Priest quotes
 Michael O'Donoghue popularity 0/10  Michael O'Donoghue quotesJames R. Hoffa (Jimmy) popularity 0/10  James R. Hoffa (Jimmy) quotes
 Michael Patrick King popularity 0/10  Michael Patrick King quotesJames Broughton popularity 0/10  James Broughton quotes
 Michael Phelps popularity 9/10  Michael Phelps quotesJacqueline Kennedy Onassis popularity 8/10  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis quotes
 Michael Silverblatt popularity 0/10  Michael Silverblatt quotesJames B. Conant popularity 5/10  James B. Conant quotes
 Michael Stipe popularity 7/10  Michael Stipe quotesJacob Braude popularity 0/10  Jacob Braude quotes
 Michael W. Smith popularity 9/10  Michael W. Smith quotesJackie Moore popularity 8/10  Jackie Moore quotes
 Micah Stupka popularity 0/10  Micah Stupka quotesJames A. Michener popularity 5/10  James A. Michener quotes
 Michael Crichton popularity 8/10  Michael Crichton quotesJames Dean popularity 9/10  James Dean quotes
 Michael Douglas popularity 8/10  Michael Douglas quotesJames Feibleman popularity 0/10  James Feibleman quotes
 Michael Dukakis popularity 6/10  Michael Dukakis quotesJames Harvey Robinson popularity 2/10  James Harvey Robinson quotes
 Michael Eric Dyson popularity 0/10  Michael Eric Dyson quotesJamie Paolinetti popularity 0/10  Jamie Paolinetti quotes
 Michael J. Fox popularity 8/10  Michael J. Fox quotesJeff Foxworthy popularity 10/10  Jeff Foxworthy quotes
 Michael Jackson popularity 10/10  Michael Jackson quotesJef I. Richards popularity 0/10  Jef I. Richards quotes
 Michael Johnson popularity 8/10  Michael Johnson quotesJennie Jerome Churchill popularity 0/10  Jennie Jerome Churchill quotes
 Michael Jordan popularity 10/10  Michael Jordan quotesJim Murray popularity 5/10  Jim Murray quotes
 Mel Brooks popularity 9/10  Mel Brooks quotesJimmy DeMaret popularity 5/10  Jimmy DeMaret quotes
 Mel Gibson popularity 10/10  Mel Gibson quotesJimmy Durante popularity 8/10  Jimmy Durante quotes
 Mel Lazarus popularity 5/10  Mel Lazarus quotesJimmy Breslin popularity 6/10  Jimmy Breslin quotes
 Maynard James Keenan popularity 0/10  Maynard James Keenan quotesJoan Rivers popularity 8/10  Joan Rivers quotes
 Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby popularity 0/10  Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby quotesJohn Clarke popularity 7/10  John Clarke quotes
 Maxine Kumin popularity 6/10  Maxine Kumin quotesJohn Capozzi popularity 0/10  John Capozzi quotes
 Maxwell Anderson popularity 3/10  Maxwell Anderson quotesJohn Cage popularity 8/10  John Cage quotes
 Maxwell L. Anderson popularity 0/10  Maxwell L. Anderson quotesJoe E. Lewis popularity 0/10  Joe E. Lewis quotes
 Maureen Reagan popularity 6/10  Maureen Reagan quotesJoaquin Miller popularity 5/10  Joaquin Miller quotes
 Max Eastman popularity 0/10  Max Eastman quotesJohn Archibald Wheeler popularity 0/10  John Archibald Wheeler quotes
 Max Lerner popularity 5/10  Max Lerner quotesJohn Ashcroft popularity 7/10  John Ashcroft quotes
 Max Wright popularity 6/10  Max Wright quotesJon Carroll popularity 0/10  Jon Carroll quotes
 Mason Cooley popularity 5/10  Mason Cooley quotesJohn Updike popularity 8/10  John Updike quotes
 Matt Benson popularity 0/10  Matt Benson quotesJohn Godfrey Saxe popularity 0/10  John Godfrey Saxe quotes
 Matt Dillon popularity 8/10  Matt Dillon quotesJohn Marshall (football coach) popularity 0/10  John Marshall (football coach) quotes
 Matt Groening popularity 8/10  Matt Groening quotesJohn Travolta popularity 9/10  John Travolta quotes
 Matt Lauer popularity 9/10  Matt Lauer quotesJohn Irving popularity 8/10  John Irving quotes
 Matt LeBlanc popularity 8/10  Matt LeBlanc quotesJohn F. Kennedy popularity 0/10  John F. Kennedy quotes
 Matt Nathanson popularity 0/10  Matt Nathanson quotesJonathan Edwards popularity 8/10  Jonathan Edwards quotes
 Matthew McConaughey popularity 9/10  Matthew McConaughey quotesJonathan Gilbert popularity 0/10  Jonathan Gilbert quotes
 Marvin Davis popularity 5/10  Marvin Davis quotesJohn W. Gardner popularity 6/10  John W. Gardner quotes
 Martin Gardner popularity 6/10  Martin Gardner quotesJoseph A. Schumpeter popularity 0/10  Joseph A. Schumpeter quotes
 Martin Luther King, Jr. popularity 0/10  Martin Luther King, Jr. quotesK. D. Lang popularity 6/10  K. D. Lang quotes
 Martin Mull popularity 7/10  Martin Mull quotesKansas popularity 0/10  Kansas quotes
 Martin Scorsese popularity 9/10  Martin Scorsese quotesKenneth Starr popularity 6/10  Kenneth Starr quotes
 Martin Van Buren popularity 8/10  Martin Van Buren quotesKevin Costner popularity 8/10  Kevin Costner quotes
 Marshall Field popularity 8/10  Marshall Field quotesKatharine Hepburn popularity 8/10  Katharine Hepburn quotes
 Marlon Brando popularity 8/10  Marlon Brando quotesKarl Malden popularity 7/10  Karl Malden quotes
 Mario Andretti popularity 7/10  Mario Andretti quotesKarl Menninger, Dr. popularity 0/10  Karl Menninger, Dr. quotes
 Mario Batali popularity 7/10  Mario Batali quotesKirk Douglas popularity 8/10  Kirk Douglas quotes
 Mario Cantone popularity 7/10  Mario Cantone quotesKurt Vonnegut, Jr. popularity 0/10  Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. quotes
 Mark Twain popularity 10/10  Mark Twain quotesLama Anagarika Govinda popularity 0/10  Lama Anagarika Govinda quotes
 Mark van Doren popularity 6/10  Mark van Doren quotesLangston Hughes popularity 10/10  Langston Hughes quotes
 Mark White popularity 6/10  Mark White quotesLarry L. King popularity 0/10  Larry L. King quotes
 Mark Woods popularity 0/10  Mark Woods quotesLarry Page popularity 0/10  Larry Page quotes
 Mark Clifton popularity 0/10  Mark Clifton quotesLeeann Tweeden popularity 10/10  Leeann Tweeden quotes
 Mark Hamill popularity 8/10  Mark Hamill quotesLeo F. Buscaglia popularity 5/10  Leo F. Buscaglia quotes
 Mark Helprin popularity 6/10  Mark Helprin quotesLoren Eiseley popularity 6/10  Loren Eiseley quotes
 Mark McGwire popularity 8/10  Mark McGwire quotesLee Grant popularity 7/10  Lee Grant quotes
 Mark Russell popularity 6/10  Mark Russell quotesLiza Minnelli popularity 0/10  Liza Minnelli quotes
 Marilyn Manson popularity 10/10  Marilyn Manson quotesLL Cool J popularity 0/10  LL Cool J quotes
 Margaret Chase Smith popularity 7/10  Margaret Chase Smith quotesLouis Kronenberger popularity 0/10  Louis Kronenberger quotes
 Malcolm Cowley popularity 2/10  Malcolm Cowley quotesLouis L'Amour popularity 0/10  Louis L'Amour quotes
 Malcolm X popularity 9/10  Malcolm X quotesLucille Ball popularity 10/10  Lucille Ball quotes
 Maltbie D. Babcock popularity 0/10  Maltbie D. Babcock quotesLucretia Mott popularity 8/10  Lucretia Mott quotes
 Maltbie Davenport Babcock popularity 0/10  Maltbie Davenport Babcock quotesM.K. Asante, Jr. popularity 0/10  M.K. Asante, Jr. quotes
 Man Ray popularity 8/10  Man Ray quotesMaharaji popularity 0/10  Maharaji quotes
 Maggie Gyllenhaal popularity 9/10  Maggie Gyllenhaal quotesMargo Jefferson popularity 5/10  Margo Jefferson quotes
 Mabel Normand popularity 6/10  Mabel Normand quotesMarge Piercy popularity 7/10  Marge Piercy quotes
 Macaulay Culkin popularity 8/10  Macaulay Culkin quotesMargaret Mitchell popularity 7/10  Margaret Mitchell quotes
 MacGyver popularity 9/10  MacGyver quotesMark Spitz popularity 8/10  Mark Spitz quotes
 Mack Sennett popularity 5/10  Mack Sennett quotesMarilyn Pittman popularity 0/10  Marilyn Pittman quotes
 M. Scott Peck popularity 6/10  M. Scott Peck quotesMarvin Gaye popularity 10/10  Marvin Gaye quotes
 Lyndon B. Johnson popularity 8/10  Lyndon B. Johnson quotesMary Ellen Chase popularity 3/10  Mary Ellen Chase quotes
 Lyle Alzado popularity 8/10  Lyle Alzado quotesMary Lou Cook popularity 0/10  Mary Lou Cook quotes
 Ludacris popularity 10/10  Ludacris quotesMary McCarthy popularity 6/10  Mary McCarthy quotes
 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe popularity 7/10  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe quotesMaxwell Maltz popularity 6/10  Maxwell Maltz quotes
 Lux Interior popularity 6/10  Lux Interior quotesMeryl Streep popularity 8/10  Meryl Streep quotes
 Louise L. Hay popularity 6/10  Louise L. Hay quotesMichael Josephson popularity 0/10  Michael Josephson quotes
 Louise Brooks popularity 8/10  Louise Brooks quotesMichael Harrington popularity 7/10  Michael Harrington quotes
 Lou Brock popularity 6/10  Lou Brock quotesMichelle Pfeiffer popularity 9/10  Michelle Pfeiffer quotes
 Lou Holtz popularity 7/10  Lou Holtz quotesMick Jagger popularity 9/10  Mick Jagger quotes
 Louis Agassiz popularity 6/10  Louis Agassiz quotesMikey Way popularity 0/10  Mikey Way quotes
 Louis Armstrong popularity 10/10  Louis Armstrong quotesMiles Davis popularity 9/10  Miles Davis quotes
 Louis Binstock popularity 0/10  Louis Binstock quotesMinnie Driver popularity 9/10  Minnie Driver quotes
 Louis D. Brandeis popularity 5/10  Louis D. Brandeis quotesMike Lalonde popularity 0/10  Mike Lalonde quotes
 Lee De Forest popularity 7/10  Lee De Forest quotesMoses Malone popularity 7/10  Moses Malone quotes
 Lloyd Alexander popularity 7/10  Lloyd Alexander quotesNapoleon Hill popularity 8/10  Napoleon Hill quotes
 Lloyd Banks popularity 0/10  Lloyd Banks quotesOC popularity 9/10  OC quotes
 Logan Pearsall Smith popularity 3/10  Logan Pearsall Smith quotesNorman Schwarzkopf popularity 6/10  Norman Schwarzkopf quotes
 Little Richard Penniman popularity 0/10  Little Richard Penniman quotesOliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. popularity 0/10  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. quotes
 Limp Bizkit popularity 0/10  Limp Bizkit quotesOrrin Hatch popularity 6/10  Orrin Hatch quotes
 Lincoln Kirstein popularity 3/10  Lincoln Kirstein quotesNewt Gingrich popularity 8/10  Newt Gingrich quotes
 Linkin' Park popularity 0/10  Linkin' Park quotesP.T. Barnum popularity 8/10  P.T. Barnum quotes
 Lionel Barrymore popularity 6/10  Lionel Barrymore quotesOrson Welles popularity 8/10  Orson Welles quotes
 Lionel Trilling popularity 5/10  Lionel Trilling quotesPastor Mark Correll popularity 0/10  Pastor Mark Correll quotes
 Lester Bangs popularity 6/10  Lester Bangs quotesPatrick Henry popularity 9/10  Patrick Henry quotes
 Lethal Weapon popularity 8/10  Lethal Weapon quotesPaul Ehrlich popularity 7/10  Paul Ehrlich quotes
 Lew Wallace popularity 6/10  Lew Wallace quotesPaul Goodman popularity 6/10  Paul Goodman quotes
 Lewis B. Hershey popularity 0/10  Lewis B. Hershey quotesPaul Harvey popularity 9/10  Paul Harvey quotes
 Lewis Grizzard popularity 7/10  Lewis Grizzard quotesPeter Marshall popularity 7/10  Peter Marshall quotes
 Lewis Mumford popularity 6/10  Lewis Mumford quotesPhilip Barry popularity 5/10  Philip Barry quotes
 Lewis Thomas popularity 6/10  Lewis Thomas quotesPhyllis Diller popularity 8/10  Phyllis Diller quotes
 Liev Schreiber popularity 0/10  Liev Schreiber quotesPeggy Noonan popularity 8/10  Peggy Noonan quotes
 Leopold Stokowski popularity 5/10  Leopold Stokowski quotesPearl S. Buck popularity 8/10  Pearl S. Buck quotes
 Les Brown popularity 8/10  Les Brown quotesRalph Lauren popularity 9/10  Ralph Lauren quotes
 Les Brown (musician) popularity 0/10  Les Brown (musician) quotesRandall Jarrell popularity 7/10  Randall Jarrell quotes
 Les Claypool popularity 0/10  Les Claypool quotesRaquel Welch popularity 10/10  Raquel Welch quotes
 Leo Rosten popularity 5/10  Leo Rosten quotesRay Bradbury popularity 9/10  Ray Bradbury quotes
 Leo Szilard popularity 6/10  Leo Szilard quotesPhilip Slater popularity 0/10  Philip Slater quotes
 Leon Spinks popularity 7/10  Leon Spinks quotesReed Markham, PhD popularity 0/10  Reed Markham, PhD quotes
 Leonard Bernstein popularity 8/10  Leonard Bernstein quotesRay Romano popularity 8/10  Ray Romano quotes
 Leonard Warren popularity 5/10  Leonard Warren quotesReggie Jackson popularity 8/10  Reggie Jackson quotes
 Leonardo DiCaprio popularity 0/10  Leonardo DiCaprio quotesReinhold Niebuhr popularity 7/10  Reinhold Niebuhr quotes
 Lenny Bruce popularity 5/10  Lenny Bruce quotesRichard Hugo popularity 2/10  Richard Hugo quotes
 Leo Burnett popularity 7/10  Leo Burnett quotesRichard Buckminster Fuller popularity 6/10  Richard Buckminster Fuller quotes
 Leo Durocher popularity 6/10  Leo Durocher quotesRobert Maynard Hutchins popularity 5/10  Robert Maynard Hutchins quotes
 Lee Hays popularity 5/10  Lee Hays quotesRobert Byrne popularity 5/10  Robert Byrne quotes
 Lee Marvin popularity 8/10  Lee Marvin quotesRobert Collier popularity 6/10  Robert Collier quotes
 Lee Trevino popularity 7/10  Lee Trevino quotesRobert Anderson popularity 7/10  Robert Anderson quotes
 Lee Van Cleef popularity 8/10  Lee Van Cleef quotesRichard Jeni popularity 8/10  Richard Jeni quotes
 Lawrence Clark Powell popularity 5/10  Lawrence Clark Powell quotesRichard Feynman popularity 8/10  Richard Feynman quotes
 Lawrence Summers popularity 0/10  Lawrence Summers quotesRob Zombie popularity 0/10  Rob Zombie quotes
 Lawrence Welk popularity 8/10  Lawrence Welk quotesRuth Benedict popularity 7/10  Ruth Benedict quotes
 Larken Rose popularity 6/10  Larken Rose quotesRobert Francis Kennedy popularity 5/10  Robert Francis Kennedy quotes
 Larry Bird popularity 0/10  Larry Bird quotesS.N. Behrman popularity 0/10  S.N. Behrman quotes
 Larry Christenson popularity 0/10  Larry Christenson quotesRose F. Kennedy popularity 0/10  Rose F. Kennedy quotes
 Larry Elder popularity 8/10  Larry Elder quotesSam Walter Foss popularity 5/10  Sam Walter Foss quotes
 Larry Flynt popularity 8/10  Larry Flynt quotesSam Keen popularity 6/10  Sam Keen quotes
 Larry Gelbart popularity 0/10  Larry Gelbart quotesScott Reed popularity 5/10  Scott Reed quotes
 Larry Holmes popularity 6/10  Larry Holmes quotesSex and the City popularity 10/10  Sex and the City quotes
 Larry Kersten popularity 0/10  Larry Kersten quotesSheldon Kopp popularity 6/10  Sheldon Kopp quotes
 Lance Armstrong popularity 6/10  Lance Armstrong quotesShel Silverstein popularity 10/10  Shel Silverstein quotes
 Lance Morrow popularity 0/10  Lance Morrow quotesShirley MacLaine popularity 8/10  Shirley MacLaine quotes
 LaDainian Tomlinson popularity 8/10  LaDainian Tomlinson quotesShere Hite popularity 5/10  Shere Hite quotes
 Karl Rove popularity 9/10  Karl Rove quotesSmashmouth popularity 0/10  Smashmouth quotes
 L. Ron Hubbard popularity 7/10  L. Ron Hubbard quotesStephen Wright popularity 7/10  Stephen Wright quotes
 Kurt Angle popularity 9/10  Kurt Angle quotesSteve Cash popularity 0/10  Steve Cash quotes
 Kurt Cobain popularity 10/10  Kurt Cobain quotesSimon Cameron popularity 5/10  Simon Cameron quotes
 Klete Keller popularity 5/10  Klete Keller quotesSteve Martin popularity 8/10  Steve Martin quotes
 Kin Hubbard popularity 5/10  Kin Hubbard quotesSy Miller and Jill Jackson popularity 0/10  Sy Miller and Jill Jackson quotes
 Kinky Friedman popularity 8/10  Kinky Friedman quotesSusan Sontag popularity 7/10  Susan Sontag quotes
 Kanye West popularity 10/10  Kanye West quotesSusanna Kaysen popularity 0/10  Susanna Kaysen quotes
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar popularity 7/10  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar quotesT.S. Eliot popularity 8/10  T.S. Eliot quotes
 Kevin Hammons popularity 0/10  Kevin Hammons quotesTennessee Williams popularity 8/10  Tennessee Williams quotes
 Kevin Kline popularity 8/10  Kevin Kline quotesTerry McMillan popularity 7/10  Terry McMillan quotes
 Kid Rock popularity 10/10  Kid Rock quotesThomas R. Marshall popularity 0/10  Thomas R. Marshall quotes
 Kenny G popularity 9/10  Kenny G quotesTheodore Roethke popularity 7/10  Theodore Roethke quotes
 Kent Brockman popularity 0/10  Kent Brockman quotesThe Fray popularity 0/10  The Fray quotes
 Kent Keith popularity 0/10  Kent Keith quotesThe Wedding Date popularity 0/10  The Wedding Date quotes
 Kent Nerburn popularity 5/10  Kent Nerburn quotesTeresa Stover popularity 0/10  Teresa Stover quotes
 Kenyon Cox popularity 5/10  Kenyon Cox quotesThomas Wolfe popularity 8/10  Thomas Wolfe quotes
 Kermit The Frog popularity 9/10  Kermit The Frog quotesThornton Wilder popularity 8/10  Thornton Wilder quotes
 Kevin Bacon popularity 9/10  Kevin Bacon quotesTom Watson popularity 6/10  Tom Watson quotes
 Ken Kesey popularity 8/10  Ken Kesey quotesTom Wilson popularity 7/10  Tom Wilson quotes
 Ken MacLeod popularity 5/10  Ken MacLeod quotesTom Hopkins popularity 7/10  Tom Hopkins quotes
 Ken Olson popularity 2/10  Ken Olson quotesTriumph The Insult Dog popularity 8/10  Triumph The Insult Dog quotes
 Ken S. Keyes jr. popularity 0/10  Ken S. Keyes jr. quotesTony Campolo popularity 8/10  Tony Campolo quotes
 Ken Stringfellow popularity 5/10  Ken Stringfellow quotesTony Randall popularity 9/10  Tony Randall quotes
 Ken Venturi popularity 6/10  Ken Venturi quotesTryon Edwards popularity 5/10  Tryon Edwards quotes
 Kenneth L. Pike popularity 0/10  Kenneth L. Pike quotesTyne Daly popularity 8/10  Tyne Daly quotes
 Isaac Mayer Wise popularity 0/10  Isaac Mayer Wise quotesWalter Elliot popularity 0/10  Walter Elliot quotes
 Kahlil Gibran popularity 8/10  Kahlil Gibran quotesWalter Lippmann popularity 0/10  Walter Lippmann quotes
 June Jordan popularity 5/10  June Jordan quotesWarren E. Burger popularity 5/10  Warren E. Burger quotes
 Justin Sane popularity 0/10  Justin Sane quotesVivien Leigh popularity 8/10  Vivien Leigh quotes
 Julian Bond popularity 7/10  Julian Bond quotesWayne Hale popularity 0/10  Wayne Hale quotes
 Julian Casablancas popularity 0/10  Julian Casablancas quotesWIlliam Jenkins Worth popularity 0/10  WIlliam Jenkins Worth quotes
 Joyce Kilmer popularity 7/10  Joyce Kilmer quotesZelda Fitzgerald popularity 7/10  Zelda Fitzgerald quotes
 Joss Whedon popularity 8/10  Joss Whedon quotes 
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