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Famous Singers

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 Alan Saporta popularity 3/10  Alan Saporta quotes1947 Minnie Riperton popularity 8/10  Minnie Riperton quotes
 Amel Larrieux popularity 8/10  Amel Larrieux quotes1948 Olivia Newton-John popularity 8/10  Olivia Newton-John quotes
 Amy Grant popularity 9/10  Amy Grant quotes1948 Ozzy Osbourne popularity 10/10  Ozzy Osbourne quotes
 Anna Nalick popularity 0/10  Anna Nalick quotes1948 James Taylor popularity 9/10  James Taylor quotes
 Ben Harper popularity 0/10  Ben Harper quotes1949 Bruce Springsteen popularity 10/10  Bruce Springsteen quotes
 Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey popularity 0/10  Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey quotes1949 Bonnie Raitt popularity 9/10  Bonnie Raitt quotes
 Betty Carter popularity 7/10  Betty Carter quotes1949 Billy Joel popularity 10/10  Billy Joel quotes
 Bob Schneider popularity 8/10  Bob Schneider quotes1949 Maurice Gibb popularity 7/10  Maurice Gibb quotes
 Christine Anderson popularity 6/10  Christine Anderson quotes1949 Wendy O. Williams popularity 0/10  Wendy O. Williams quotes
 Cheryl Wheeler popularity 0/10  Cheryl Wheeler quotes1949 Tom Waits popularity 9/10  Tom Waits quotes
 Conor Oberst popularity 9/10  Conor Oberst quotes1949 Richard Thompson popularity 8/10  Richard Thompson quotes
 Dashboard Confessional popularity 0/10  Dashboard Confessional quotes1950 Peter Gabriel popularity 9/10  Peter Gabriel quotes
 Dale Evans Rogers popularity 0/10  Dale Evans Rogers quotes1950 Tom Petty popularity 10/10  Tom Petty quotes
 George Michael popularity 10/10  George Michael quotes1950 Stevie Wonder popularity 10/10  Stevie Wonder quotes
 India Arie popularity 0/10  India Arie quotes1950 Joan Armatrading popularity 8/10  Joan Armatrading quotes
 Indigo Girls popularity 9/10  Indigo Girls quotes1950 Karen Carpenter popularity 9/10  Karen Carpenter quotes
 James Maynard Keenan popularity 0/10  James Maynard Keenan quotes1950 Agnetha Faltskog popularity 8/10  Agnetha Faltskog quotes
 Jann Arden popularity 0/10  Jann Arden quotes1950 David Johansen popularity 7/10  David Johansen quotes
 Jem popularity 0/10  Jem quotes1951 John (Cougar) Mellencamp popularity 0/10  John (Cougar) Mellencamp quotes
 John Rzeznik popularity 0/10  John Rzeznik quotes1951 Sting popularity 10/10  Sting quotes
 Marie Lloyd popularity 5/10  Marie Lloyd quotes1951 Stephen Bishop popularity 7/10  Stephen Bishop quotes
 Matt Nathanson popularity 0/10  Matt Nathanson quotes1952 David Byrne popularity 8/10  David Byrne quotes
 Roxy Epoxy popularity 0/10  Roxy Epoxy quotes1953 Bonnie Tyler popularity 0/10  Bonnie Tyler quotes
 Shoshana Bean popularity 0/10  Shoshana Bean quotes1953 Alexander O'Neal popularity 0/10  Alexander O'Neal quotes
 Steve Fromholz popularity 0/10  Steve Fromholz quotes1953 Andy Partridge popularity 6/10  Andy Partridge quotes
1870 Sir Harry Lauder popularity 5/10  Sir Harry Lauder quotes1953 Robyn Hitchcock popularity 8/10  Robyn Hitchcock quotes
1878 George M. Cohan popularity 7/10  George M. Cohan quotes1953 Pat Benatar popularity 9/10  Pat Benatar quotes
1884 Sophie Tucker popularity 7/10  Sophie Tucker quotes1954 Rickie Lee Jones popularity 8/10  Rickie Lee Jones quotes
1886 Ma Rainey popularity 8/10  Ma Rainey quotes1954 Berton Averre popularity 0/10  Berton Averre quotes
1888 Maurice Chevalier popularity 7/10  Maurice Chevalier quotes1954 Annie Lennox popularity 9/10  Annie Lennox quotes
1890 Groucho Marx popularity 8/10  Groucho Marx quotes1954 Elvis Costello popularity 9/10  Elvis Costello quotes
1891 Fanny Brice popularity 8/10  Fanny Brice quotes1954 J. Frederick Millea popularity 0/10  J. Frederick Millea quotes
1892 Eddy Cantor popularity 2/10  Eddy Cantor quotes1955 Billy Idol popularity 10/10  Billy Idol quotes
1893 Jimmy Durante popularity 8/10  Jimmy Durante quotes1955 Reba McEntire popularity 9/10  Reba McEntire quotes
1895 Alberta Hunter popularity 6/10  Alberta Hunter quotes1955 Whoopi Goldberg popularity 10/10  Whoopi Goldberg quotes
1896 Ethel Waters popularity 8/10  Ethel Waters quotes1956 Shawn Colvin popularity 8/10  Shawn Colvin quotes
1898 Paul Robeson popularity 8/10  Paul Robeson quotes1957 Michael W. Smith popularity 9/10  Michael W. Smith quotes
1900 Margaret Young popularity 5/10  Margaret Young quotes1957 Gloria Estefan popularity 9/10  Gloria Estefan quotes
1900 Helen Gahagan Douglas popularity 0/10  Helen Gahagan Douglas quotes1957 Donny Osmond popularity 8/10  Donny Osmond quotes
1902 Marian Anderson popularity 9/10  Marian Anderson quotes1958 Jane Wiedlin popularity 8/10  Jane Wiedlin quotes
1902 Joe E. Lewis popularity 0/10  Joe E. Lewis quotes1958 Chuck Wagner popularity 6/10  Chuck Wagner quotes
1904 Fats Waller popularity 8/10  Fats Waller quotes1958 Andy Gibb popularity 8/10  Andy Gibb quotes
1907 Cab Calloway popularity 8/10  Cab Calloway quotes1958 Anita Baker popularity 8/10  Anita Baker quotes
1908 Ethel Merman popularity 8/10  Ethel Merman quotes1958 Michael Jackson popularity 10/10  Michael Jackson quotes
1911 Mahalia Jackson popularity 9/10  Mahalia Jackson quotes1958 Madonna popularity 10/10  Madonna quotes
1911 Roy Rogers popularity 8/10  Roy Rogers quotes1958 Simon LeBon popularity 7/10  Simon LeBon quotes
1912 Woody Guthrie popularity 8/10  Woody Guthrie quotes1959 Tracey Ullman popularity 8/10  Tracey Ullman quotes
1914 Lee Hays popularity 5/10  Lee Hays quotes1959 Marie Osmond popularity 8/10  Marie Osmond quotes
1915 Frank Sinatra popularity 10/10  Frank Sinatra quotes1959 Paul Westerberg popularity 8/10  Paul Westerberg quotes
1915 Billie Holiday popularity 9/10  Billie Holiday quotes1960 Michael Stipe popularity 7/10  Michael Stipe quotes
1916 Dinah Shore popularity 8/10  Dinah Shore quotes1960 Bono popularity 0/10  Bono quotes
1917 Ella Fitzgerald popularity 9/10  Ella Fitzgerald quotes1961 Boy George popularity 9/10  Boy George quotes
1917 Dean Martin popularity 10/10  Dean Martin quotes1961 Henry Rollins popularity 9/10  Henry Rollins quotes
1917 Howard Keel popularity 7/10  Howard Keel quotes1961 Melissa Etheridge popularity 10/10  Melissa Etheridge quotes
1917 Lena Horne popularity 9/10  Lena Horne quotes1961 K. D. Lang popularity 6/10  K. D. Lang quotes
1919 Nat King Cole popularity 10/10  Nat King Cole quotes1962 Kelli Jae Baeli popularity 0/10  Kelli Jae Baeli quotes
1920 Hazel Scott popularity 6/10  Hazel Scott quotes1962 Michelle Shocked popularity 8/10  Michelle Shocked quotes
1921 Monty Hall popularity 6/10  Monty Hall quotes1962 Sheryl Crow popularity 10/10  Sheryl Crow quotes
1921 Tom Manders popularity 0/10  Tom Manders quotes1963 Rozz Williams popularity 0/10  Rozz Williams quotes
1923 Hank Williams popularity 9/10  Hank Williams quotes1963 Whitney Houston popularity 10/10  Whitney Houston quotes
1924 Doris Day popularity 9/10  Doris Day quotes1963 Tori Amos popularity 10/10  Tori Amos quotes
1925 Hildegard Knef popularity 5/10  Hildegard Knef quotes1964 Tracy Chapman popularity 9/10  Tracy Chapman quotes
1926 Chuck Berry popularity 9/10  Chuck Berry quotes1964 Trey Anastasio popularity 8/10  Trey Anastasio quotes
1927 Barbara Cook popularity 6/10  Barbara Cook quotes1964 Courtney Love popularity 10/10  Courtney Love quotes
1927 Harry Belafonte popularity 8/10  Harry Belafonte quotes1965 Bjork popularity 10/10  Bjork quotes
1927 Hank Ballard popularity 6/10  Hank Ballard quotes1965 Eddie Vedder popularity 9/10  Eddie Vedder quotes
1927 Johnnie Ray popularity 7/10  Johnnie Ray quotes1965 Shania Twain popularity 10/10  Shania Twain quotes
1928 Tom Lehrer popularity 8/10  Tom Lehrer quotes1966 Sinead O'Connor popularity 0/10  Sinead O'Connor quotes
1928 Serge Gainsbourg popularity 8/10  Serge Gainsbourg quotes1966 Rob Zombie popularity 0/10  Rob Zombie quotes
1928 James Brown popularity 10/10  James Brown quotes1966 Janet Jackson popularity 10/10  Janet Jackson quotes
1928 Bo Diddley popularity 8/10  Bo Diddley quotes1966 Jeff Buckley popularity 10/10  Jeff Buckley quotes
1930 Ray Charles popularity 10/10  Ray Charles quotes1967 Harry Connick, Jr. popularity 0/10  Harry Connick, Jr. quotes
1931 Rita Moreno popularity 8/10  Rita Moreno quotes1967 Faith Hill popularity 10/10  Faith Hill quotes
1932 Petula Clark popularity 0/10  Petula Clark quotes1967 Kurt Cobain popularity 10/10  Kurt Cobain quotes
1932 Johnny Cash popularity 10/10  Johnny Cash quotes1968 Kylie Minogue popularity 10/10  Kylie Minogue quotes
1932 Little Richard Penniman popularity 0/10  Little Richard Penniman quotes1968 Ken Stringfellow popularity 5/10  Ken Stringfellow quotes
1932 Miriam Makeba popularity 7/10  Miriam Makeba quotes1968 Sarah McLachlan popularity 10/10  Sarah McLachlan quotes
1933 Willie Nelson popularity 10/10  Willie Nelson quotes1968 Shaggy popularity 0/10  Shaggy quotes
1933 Carol Burnett popularity 8/10  Carol Burnett quotes1968 Toni Braxton popularity 10/10  Toni Braxton quotes
1934 Leonard Cohen popularity 0/10  Leonard Cohen quotes1968 Will Smith popularity 10/10  Will Smith quotes
1935 Julie Andrews popularity 9/10  Julie Andrews quotes1968 Des'ree popularity 0/10  Des'ree quotes
1935 Ronnie Hawkins popularity 7/10  Ronnie Hawkins quotes1968 Celine Dion popularity 10/10  Celine Dion quotes
1935 Sonny Bono popularity 7/10  Sonny Bono quotes1969 Elliott Smith popularity 0/10  Elliott Smith quotes
1935 Elvis Presley popularity 10/10  Elvis Presley quotes1969 Gwen Stefani popularity 10/10  Gwen Stefani quotes
1936 Dave Van Ronk popularity 7/10  Dave Van Ronk quotes1969 Marilyn Manson popularity 10/10  Marilyn Manson quotes
1936 Bobby Darin popularity 9/10  Bobby Darin quotes1970 Mariah Carey popularity 10/10  Mariah Carey quotes
1936 Buddy Holly popularity 10/10  Buddy Holly quotes1970 Zack de la Rocha popularity 8/10  Zack de la Rocha quotes
1936 Roger Miller popularity 8/10  Roger Miller quotes1970 Raine Maida popularity 0/10  Raine Maida quotes
1936 Wolf Biermann popularity 0/10  Wolf Biermann quotes1970 Jennifer Lopez popularity 10/10  Jennifer Lopez quotes
1937 Wanda Jackson popularity 8/10  Wanda Jackson quotes1970 Ani Difranco popularity 9/10  Ani Difranco quotes
1938 Bill Withers popularity 9/10  Bill Withers quotes1971 Idina Menzel popularity 0/10  Idina Menzel quotes
1938 Adriano Celentano popularity 8/10  Adriano Celentano quotes1971 Dido popularity 10/10  Dido quotes
1938 Gordon Lightfoot popularity 9/10  Gordon Lightfoot quotes1971 Ricky Martin popularity 10/10  Ricky Martin quotes
1939 Grace Slick popularity 8/10  Grace Slick quotes1971 Vikas Khanna popularity 0/10  Vikas Khanna quotes
1939 Tina Turner popularity 10/10  Tina Turner quotes1972 Vanessa Paradis popularity 9/10  Vanessa Paradis quotes
1939 Otis Williams popularity 7/10  Otis Williams quotes1972 Sarah Bettens popularity 0/10  Sarah Bettens quotes
1939 Marvin Gaye popularity 10/10  Marvin Gaye quotes1972 Billie Joe Armstrong popularity 10/10  Billie Joe Armstrong quotes
1940 John Cale popularity 8/10  John Cale quotes1973 Danny Reyntiens popularity 0/10  Danny Reyntiens quotes
1940 John Lennon popularity 10/10  John Lennon quotes1973 Gretchen Wilson popularity 10/10  Gretchen Wilson quotes
1940 Sir Cliff Richard popularity 0/10  Sir Cliff Richard quotes1973 Rufus Wainwright popularity 9/10  Rufus Wainwright quotes
1940 David Gates popularity 8/10  David Gates quotes1974 Robbie Williams popularity 10/10  Robbie Williams quotes
1940 Barry Sadler popularity 7/10  Barry Sadler quotes1974 Victoria Beckham popularity 10/10  Victoria Beckham quotes
1941 Buffy Sainte-Marie popularity 7/10  Buffy Sainte-Marie quotes1974 Nicole Appleton popularity 8/10  Nicole Appleton quotes
1941 David Crosby popularity 8/10  David Crosby quotes1974 Pete Yorn popularity 0/10  Pete Yorn quotes
1941 Joan Baez popularity 9/10  Joan Baez quotes1974 Jewel popularity 0/10  Jewel quotes
1941 Paul Simon popularity 9/10  Paul Simon quotes1974 Andrea Corr popularity 8/10  Andrea Corr quotes
1942 Jimi Hendrix popularity 10/10  Jimi Hendrix quotes1974 Alanis Morisette popularity 8/10  Alanis Morisette quotes
1942 Lou Reed popularity 9/10  Lou Reed quotes1975 Jack Johnson popularity 10/10  Jack Johnson quotes
1942 Paul McCartney popularity 10/10  Paul McCartney quotes1976 Emma Bunton popularity 10/10  Emma Bunton quotes
1942 Daliah Lavi popularity 7/10  Daliah Lavi quotes1976 Ville Valo popularity 0/10  Ville Valo quotes
1942 Harry Chapin popularity 8/10  Harry Chapin quotes1977 Shakira popularity 10/10  Shakira quotes
1942 Barbra Streisand popularity 9/10  Barbra Streisand quotes1977 Ludacris popularity 10/10  Ludacris quotes
1942 Aretha Franklin popularity 9/10  Aretha Franklin quotes1977 Kanye West popularity 10/10  Kanye West quotes
1943 Janis Joplin popularity 10/10  Janis Joplin quotes1977 John Mayer popularity 10/10  John Mayer quotes
1943 Jim Morrison popularity 10/10  Jim Morrison quotes1977 Fiona Apple popularity 10/10  Fiona Apple quotes
1943 John Denver popularity 9/10  John Denver quotes1977 Jason Mraz popularity 10/10  Jason Mraz quotes
1944 John Sebastian popularity 7/10  John Sebastian quotes1977 AJ McLean popularity 0/10  AJ McLean quotes
1944 Kinky Friedman popularity 8/10  Kinky Friedman quotes1978 Ayumi Hamasaki popularity 10/10  Ayumi Hamasaki quotes
1944 Ray Davies popularity 8/10  Ray Davies quotes1978 Clay Aiken popularity 10/10  Clay Aiken quotes
1944 Barry White popularity 10/10  Barry White quotes1978 Jenny Frost popularity 8/10  Jenny Frost quotes
1944 Bobbie Gentry popularity 8/10  Bobbie Gentry quotes1978 Usher popularity 10/10  Usher quotes
1945 Bob Marley popularity 10/10  Bob Marley quotes1979 Sophie Ellis-Bextor popularity 6/10  Sophie Ellis-Bextor quotes
1945 Bette Midler popularity 9/10  Bette Midler quotes1979 Pink popularity 10/10  Pink quotes
1945 Davy Jones popularity 7/10  Davy Jones quotes1979 Jon Peter Lewis popularity 0/10  Jon Peter Lewis quotes
1945 Rod Stewart popularity 10/10  Rod Stewart quotes1979 Jennifer Love Hewitt popularity 10/10  Jennifer Love Hewitt quotes
1945 Stephen Stills popularity 8/10  Stephen Stills quotes1979 Aaliyah popularity 10/10  Aaliyah quotes
1945 Van Morrison popularity 9/10  Van Morrison quotes1980 Christina Aguilera popularity 10/10  Christina Aguilera quotes
1945 Neil Young popularity 10/10  Neil Young quotes1980 Jessica Simpson popularity 10/10  Jessica Simpson quotes
1946 Naomi Judd popularity 8/10  Naomi Judd quotes1981 Jeanette Biedermann popularity 8/10  Jeanette Biedermann quotes
1946 Patti Smith popularity 8/10  Patti Smith quotes1981 Christina Milian popularity 10/10  Christina Milian quotes
1946 Marianne Faithfull popularity 8/10  Marianne Faithfull quotes1981 Britney Spears popularity 10/10  Britney Spears quotes
1946 Liza Minnelli popularity 0/10  Liza Minnelli quotes1981 Alicia Keys popularity 10/10  Alicia Keys quotes
1946 Lux Interior popularity 6/10  Lux Interior quotes1981 Amy Lee popularity 10/10  Amy Lee quotes
1946 Linda Ronstadt popularity 9/10  Linda Ronstadt quotes1981 Beyonce Knowles popularity 10/10  Beyonce Knowles quotes
1946 Jimmy Buffett popularity 9/10  Jimmy Buffett quotes1981 Willa Ford popularity 9/10  Willa Ford quotes
1946 Dolly Parton popularity 10/10  Dolly Parton quotes1982 Kelly Clarkson popularity 10/10  Kelly Clarkson quotes
1946 Freddie Mercury popularity 9/10  Freddie Mercury quotes1983 Taylor Hanson popularity 8/10  Taylor Hanson quotes
1946 Al Green popularity 9/10  Al Green quotes1983 Cheryl Tweedy popularity 9/10  Cheryl Tweedy quotes
1946 Cher popularity 10/10  Cher quotes1983 Holly Valance popularity 10/10  Holly Valance quotes
1947 David Bowie popularity 10/10  David Bowie quotes1984 Ashlee Simpson popularity 10/10  Ashlee Simpson quotes
1947 Burton Cummings popularity 8/10  Burton Cummings quotes1984 Avril Lavigne popularity 10/10  Avril Lavigne quotes
1947 Elton John popularity 10/10  Elton John quotes1987 Aaron Carter popularity 10/10  Aaron Carter quotes
1947 Don Henley popularity 9/10  Don Henley quotes 
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