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Famous Poets

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1989 Kamanda Ndama popularity 0/10  Kamanda Ndama quotes1830 Emily Dickinson popularity 10/10  Emily Dickinson quotes
1987 Helen Araromi popularity 0/10  Helen Araromi quotes1830 Christina G. Rossetti popularity 0/10  Christina G. Rossetti quotes
1985 Alysia Waters popularity 0/10  Alysia Waters quotes1828 George Meredith popularity 5/10  George Meredith quotes
1980 Sarah Pezdek-Smith popularity 0/10  Sarah Pezdek-Smith quotes1826 Dinah Maria Mulock Craik popularity 0/10  Dinah Maria Mulock Craik quotes
1978 Félix Perron popularity 0/10  Félix Perron quotes1825 Adelaide Anne Procter popularity 0/10  Adelaide Anne Procter quotes
1977 Kanye West popularity 10/10  Kanye West quotes1825 Frances Watkins Harper popularity 5/10  Frances Watkins Harper quotes
1974 Anthony Beal popularity 0/10  Anthony Beal quotes1824 William Allingham popularity 5/10  William Allingham quotes
1970 Brian Kessler popularity 0/10  Brian Kessler quotes1823 William Johnson Cory popularity 0/10  William Johnson Cory quotes
1969 Elliott Smith popularity 0/10  Elliott Smith quotes1822 Matthew Arnold popularity 7/10  Matthew Arnold quotes
1968 Don Williams, Jr. popularity 0/10  Don Williams, Jr. quotes1821 Charles Baudelaire popularity 7/10  Charles Baudelaire quotes
1964 Maynard James Keenan popularity 0/10  Maynard James Keenan quotes1820 Anne Bronte popularity 6/10  Anne Bronte quotes
1963 Rozz Williams popularity 0/10  Rozz Williams quotes1819 Arthur Hugh Clough popularity 3/10  Arthur Hugh Clough quotes
1962 Mark Haddon popularity 7/10  Mark Haddon quotes1819 Herman Melville popularity 8/10  Herman Melville quotes
1961 Henry Rollins popularity 9/10  Henry Rollins quotes1819 James Russell Lowell popularity 7/10  James Russell Lowell quotes
1958 David Harkins popularity 0/10  David Harkins quotes1819 William Wetmore Story popularity 3/10  William Wetmore Story quotes
1954 Louise Erdrich popularity 7/10  Louise Erdrich quotes1819 Walt Whitman popularity 9/10  Walt Whitman quotes
1952 Naomi Shihab Nye popularity 0/10  Naomi Shihab Nye quotes1818 Emily Bronte popularity 8/10  Emily Bronte quotes
1952 Rita Dove popularity 8/10  Rita Dove quotes1817 Janos Arany popularity 0/10  Janos Arany quotes
1950 David Severy popularity 0/10  David Severy quotes1817 Henry David Thoreau popularity 0/10  Henry David Thoreau quotes
1950 Dana Gioia popularity 3/10  Dana Gioia quotes1816 John Godfrey Saxe popularity 0/10  John Godfrey Saxe quotes
1947 Jane Kenyon popularity 0/10  Jane Kenyon quotes1816 Philip James Bailey popularity 3/10  Philip James Bailey quotes
1946 Patti Smith popularity 8/10  Patti Smith quotes1814 Gertudis Gomez de Avellaneda popularity 0/10  Gertudis Gomez de Avellaneda quotes
1944 Eavan Boland popularity 0/10  Eavan Boland quotes1813 Hebbel popularity 0/10  Hebbel quotes
1944 Carol Lynn Pearson popularity 0/10  Carol Lynn Pearson quotes1812 Robert Browning popularity 8/10  Robert Browning quotes
1943 Jim Morrison popularity 10/10  Jim Morrison quotes1811 Theophile Gautier popularity 5/10  Theophile Gautier quotes
1943 Nikki Giovanni popularity 9/10  Nikki Giovanni quotes1810 Alfred De Musset popularity 5/10  Alfred De Musset quotes
1940 Joseph Brodsky popularity 5/10  Joseph Brodsky quotes1809 Alfred, Lord Tennyson popularity 0/10  Alfred, Lord Tennyson quotes
1940 David McFadden popularity 5/10  David McFadden quotes1809 Edgar Allan Poe popularity 10/10  Edgar Allan Poe quotes
1938 Charles Simic popularity 5/10  Charles Simic quotes1809 Giusti popularity 5/10  Giusti quotes
1938 Raymond Carver popularity 7/10  Raymond Carver quotes1809 Oliver Wendell Holmes popularity 8/10  Oliver Wendell Holmes quotes
1937 Roger McGough popularity 7/10  Roger McGough quotes1807 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow popularity 8/10  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quotes
1936 Ronald Duncan popularity 6/10  Ronald Duncan quotes1806 E F J Von Munch-Bellinghausen popularity 0/10  E F J Von Munch-Bellinghausen quotes
1936 Nancy Willard popularity 5/10  Nancy Willard quotes1806 Elizabeth Barrett Browning popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Barrett Browning quotes
1936 Marge Piercy popularity 7/10  Marge Piercy quotes1803 Edgar Quinet popularity 0/10  Edgar Quinet quotes
1936 Wolf Biermann popularity 0/10  Wolf Biermann quotes1803 Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton popularity 0/10  Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quotes
1936 June Jordan popularity 5/10  June Jordan quotes1803 Ralph Waldo Emerson popularity 9/10  Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes
1934 Leonard Cohen popularity 0/10  Leonard Cohen quotes1803 Thomas Lovell Beddoes popularity 0/10  Thomas Lovell Beddoes quotes
1934 Audre Lorde popularity 7/10  Audre Lorde quotes1802 Victor Hugo popularity 8/10  Victor Hugo quotes
1934 Wole Soyinka popularity 7/10  Wole Soyinka quotes1799 Thomas Hood popularity 6/10  Thomas Hood quotes
1933 Yevgeny Yevtushenko popularity 5/10  Yevgeny Yevtushenko quotes1798 Giacomo Leopardi popularity 5/10  Giacomo Leopardi quotes
1933 David Storey popularity 6/10  David Storey quotes1797 Ghalib popularity 6/10  Ghalib quotes
1932 Sylvia Plath popularity 9/10  Sylvia Plath quotes1797 Heinrich Heine popularity 7/10  Heinrich Heine quotes
1930 Shel Silverstein popularity 10/10  Shel Silverstein quotes1797 Alfred Victor Vigny popularity 0/10  Alfred Victor Vigny quotes
1929 Milan Kundera popularity 6/10  Milan Kundera quotes1795 John Keats popularity 8/10  John Keats quotes
1928 Maya Angelou popularity 10/10  Maya Angelou quotes1793 John Clare popularity 6/10  John Clare quotes
1927 Gunter Grass popularity 7/10  Gunter Grass quotes1792 John Keble popularity 5/10  John Keble quotes
1926 Allen Ginsberg popularity 8/10  Allen Ginsberg quotes1792 Percy Bysshe Shelley popularity 8/10  Percy Bysshe Shelley quotes
1926 William DeWitt Snodgrass popularity 0/10  William DeWitt Snodgrass quotes1791 Franz Grillparzer popularity 0/10  Franz Grillparzer quotes
1925 Carolyn Kizer popularity 6/10  Carolyn Kizer quotes1790 Alphonse de Lamartine popularity 5/10  Alphonse de Lamartine quotes
1924 Gloria Vanderbilt popularity 8/10  Gloria Vanderbilt quotes1788 Friedrich Rückert popularity 0/10  Friedrich Rückert quotes
1923 Denise Levertov popularity 7/10  Denise Levertov quotes1788 Lord Byron popularity 8/10  Lord Byron quotes
1922 Jack Kerouac popularity 9/10  Jack Kerouac quotes1788 Rev. R. H. Barham popularity 0/10  Rev. R. H. Barham quotes
1922 Kingsley Amis popularity 6/10  Kingsley Amis quotes1784 Allan Cunningham popularity 5/10  Allan Cunningham quotes
1922 John Gillespie Magee popularity 6/10  John Gillespie Magee quotes1779 Thomas Moore popularity 8/10  Thomas Moore quotes
1922 Philip Larkin popularity 7/10  Philip Larkin quotes1775 Charles Lamb popularity 7/10  Charles Lamb quotes
1920 Paul Celan popularity 6/10  Paul Celan quotes1774 Robert Southey popularity 5/10  Robert Southey quotes
1920 Charles Bukowski popularity 8/10  Charles Bukowski quotes1772 Samuel Taylor Coleridge popularity 8/10  Samuel Taylor Coleridge quotes
1919 Giuseppe Ghiaroni popularity 0/10  Giuseppe Ghiaroni quotes1772 Novalis popularity 7/10  Novalis quotes
1916 Hans Kasper popularity 0/10  Hans Kasper quotes1771 Sir Walter Scott popularity 8/10  Sir Walter Scott quotes
1914 John Berryman popularity 7/10  John Berryman quotes1771 James Montgomery popularity 0/10  James Montgomery quotes
1914 Dylan Thomas popularity 8/10  Dylan Thomas quotes1770 William Wordsworth popularity 8/10  William Wordsworth quotes
1914 Octavio Paz popularity 8/10  Octavio Paz quotes1766 Robert Bloomfield popularity 5/10  Robert Bloomfield quotes
1914 Randall Jarrell popularity 7/10  Randall Jarrell quotes1763 Samuel Rogers popularity 0/10  Samuel Rogers quotes
1913 Delmore Schwartz popularity 6/10  Delmore Schwartz quotes1759 Robert Burns popularity 8/10  Robert Burns quotes
1913 James Broughton popularity 0/10  James Broughton quotes1759 Friedrich von Schiller popularity 3/10  Friedrich von Schiller quotes
1911 Elizabeth Bishop popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Bishop quotes1757 William Blake popularity 9/10  William Blake quotes
1911 Charles Churchill popularity 0/10  Charles Churchill quotes1752 Thomas Chatterton popularity 5/10  Thomas Chatterton quotes
1911 Paul Goodman popularity 6/10  Paul Goodman quotes1749 Vittorio Alfieri popularity 0/10  Vittorio Alfieri quotes
1911 Mervyn Peake popularity 5/10  Mervyn Peake quotes1749 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe popularity 7/10  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotes
1911 William G. Golding popularity 0/10  William G. Golding quotes1744 Johann Gottfried Von Herder popularity 0/10  Johann Gottfried Von Herder quotes
1910 Miguel Hernández popularity 5/10  Miguel Hernández quotes1738 Jacques Delille popularity 0/10  Jacques Delille quotes
1910 Ai Qing popularity 3/10  Ai Qing quotes1731 William Cowper popularity 6/10  William Cowper quotes
1908 Cesare Pavese popularity 6/10  Cesare Pavese quotes1730 Oliver Goldsmith popularity 6/10  Oliver Goldsmith quotes
1908 Paul Engle popularity 2/10  Paul Engle quotes1722 Christopher Smart popularity 5/10  Christopher Smart quotes
1908 Theodore Roethke popularity 7/10  Theodore Roethke quotes1716 Thomas Gray popularity 7/10  Thomas Gray quotes
1907 W. H. Auden popularity 7/10  W. H. Auden quotes1715 Gellert popularity 6/10  Gellert quotes
1907 W.H. Auden popularity 0/10  W.H. Auden quotes1709 Samuel Johnson popularity 8/10  Samuel Johnson quotes
1907 Louis MacNeice popularity 6/10  Louis MacNeice quotes1700 James Thomson popularity 5/10  James Thomson quotes
1906 Mario Quintana popularity 0/10  Mario Quintana quotes1699 John Dyer popularity 6/10  John Dyer quotes
1906 Richard Armour popularity 6/10  Richard Armour quotes1699 Robert Blair popularity 5/10  Robert Blair quotes
1906 Stanislaw Jerzy Lec popularity 1/10  Stanislaw Jerzy Lec quotes1698 Pietro Metastasio popularity 5/10  Pietro Metastasio quotes
1906 William Empson popularity 5/10  William Empson quotes1692 John Byrom popularity 0/10  John Byrom quotes
1904 Richard Eberhart popularity 6/10  Richard Eberhart quotes1688 Alexander Pope popularity 8/10  Alexander Pope quotes
1904 Pablo Neruda popularity 9/10  Pablo Neruda quotes1685 John Gay popularity 6/10  John Gay quotes
1904 Patrick Kavanagh popularity 1/10  Patrick Kavanagh quotes1683 Edward Young popularity 5/10  Edward Young quotes
1904 C. Day Lewis popularity 5/10  C. Day Lewis quotes1679 Abel Evans popularity 0/10  Abel Evans quotes
1904 Edith Lovejoy Pierce popularity 0/10  Edith Lovejoy Pierce quotes1677 George Farquhar popularity 5/10  George Farquhar quotes
1903 Countee Cullen popularity 8/10  Countee Cullen quotes1672 Joseph Addison popularity 7/10  Joseph Addison quotes
1902 Carlos Drummond de Andrade popularity 0/10  Carlos Drummond de Andrade quotes1652 Thomas Otway popularity 0/10  Thomas Otway quotes
1902 Langston Hughes popularity 10/10  Langston Hughes quotes1647 John Wilmot (2nd Earl of Rochester) popularity 0/10  John Wilmot (2nd Earl of Rochester) quotes
1902 Luis Cernuda popularity 5/10  Luis Cernuda quotes1642 Thomas Shadwell popularity 0/10  Thomas Shadwell quotes
1901 Salvatore Quasimodo popularity 0/10  Salvatore Quasimodo quotes1640 Aphra Behn popularity 7/10  Aphra Behn quotes
1900 Jacques Prevert popularity 7/10  Jacques Prevert quotes1639 Jean Baptiste Racine popularity 0/10  Jean Baptiste Racine quotes
1900 Basil Bunting popularity 5/10  Basil Bunting quotes1637 Thomas Traherne popularity 5/10  Thomas Traherne quotes
1899 Jorge Luis Borges popularity 8/10  Jorge Luis Borges quotes1636 Nicholas Boileau popularity 0/10  Nicholas Boileau quotes
1898 Federico Garcia Lorca popularity 8/10  Federico Garcia Lorca quotes1631 John Dryden popularity 7/10  John Dryden quotes
1898 Bertolt Brecht popularity 8/10  Bertolt Brecht quotes1621 Jean de La Fontaine popularity 6/10  Jean de La Fontaine quotes
1898 Stephen Vincent Benet popularity 8/10  Stephen Vincent Benet quotes1621 Andrew Marvell popularity 7/10  Andrew Marvell quotes
1898 Malcolm Cowley popularity 2/10  Malcolm Cowley quotes1618 Abraham Cowley popularity 3/10  Abraham Cowley quotes
1898 Vicente Aleixandre popularity 5/10  Vicente Aleixandre quotes1613 Richard Crashaw popularity 6/10  Richard Crashaw quotes
1897 Louise Bogan popularity 5/10  Louise Bogan quotes1612 Anne Bradstreet popularity 8/10  Anne Bradstreet quotes
1897 Louis Aragon popularity 6/10  Louis Aragon quotes1608 John Milton popularity 8/10  John Milton quotes
1897 David McCord popularity 5/10  David McCord quotes1606 Edmund Waller popularity 5/10  Edmund Waller quotes
1897 Elizabeth Bibesco popularity 0/10  Elizabeth Bibesco quotes1606 Pierre Corneille popularity 7/10  Pierre Corneille quotes
1897 Kenneth Burke popularity 7/10  Kenneth Burke quotes1600 Pedro Calderon de la Barca popularity 5/10  Pedro Calderon de la Barca quotes
1896 Eugenio Montale popularity 5/10  Eugenio Montale quotes1597 Vincent Voiture popularity 0/10  Vincent Voiture quotes
1896 Andre Breton popularity 7/10  Andre Breton quotes1593 George Herbert popularity 7/10  George Herbert quotes
1896 Tristan Tzara popularity 7/10  Tristan Tzara quotes1592 Francis Quarles popularity 0/10  Francis Quarles quotes
1894 Robert Nathan popularity 6/10  Robert Nathan quotes1590 Theophile de Viau popularity 0/10  Theophile de Viau quotes
1894 E. E. Cummings popularity 8/10  E. E. Cummings quotes1585 William Drummond popularity 5/10  William Drummond quotes
1894 Charles Reznikoff popularity 3/10  Charles Reznikoff quotes1580 Quevedo popularity 5/10  Quevedo quotes
1894 Jean Toomer popularity 8/10  Jean Toomer quotes1572 John Donne popularity 8/10  John Donne quotes
1893 Dorothy Parker popularity 8/10  Dorothy Parker quotes1572 Ben Jonson popularity 8/10  Ben Jonson quotes
1893 Elizabeth Coatsworth popularity 7/10  Elizabeth Coatsworth quotes1567 Thomas Campion popularity 5/10  Thomas Campion quotes
1893 Maxwell Bodenheim popularity 0/10  Maxwell Bodenheim quotes1564 William Shakespeare popularity 10/10  William Shakespeare quotes
1893 Wilfred Owen popularity 8/10  Wilfred Owen quotes1564 Christopher Marlowe popularity 8/10  Christopher Marlowe quotes
1892 Ugo Betti popularity 5/10  Ugo Betti quotes1563 Michael Drayton popularity 5/10  Michael Drayton quotes
1892 Vita Sackville-West popularity 3/10  Vita Sackville-West quotes1562 Samuel Daniel popularity 5/10  Samuel Daniel quotes
1892 Richard Aldington popularity 5/10  Richard Aldington quotes1556 George Peele popularity 5/10  George Peele quotes
1892 Edna St. Vincent Millay popularity 8/10  Edna St. Vincent Millay quotes1536 Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset popularity 0/10  Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset quotes
1892 Archibald MacLeish popularity 6/10  Archibald MacLeish quotes1503 Sir Thomas Wyatt popularity 0/10  Sir Thomas Wyatt quotes
1890 Boris Pasternak popularity 7/10  Boris Pasternak quotes1497 John Heywood popularity 5/10  John Heywood quotes
1890 Claude McKay popularity 8/10  Claude McKay quotes1492 Pietro Aretino popularity 3/10  Pietro Aretino quotes
1890 Kurt Tucholsky popularity 2/10  Kurt Tucholsky quotes1475 Michelangelo popularity 10/10  Michelangelo quotes
1890 Franz Werfel popularity 5/10  Franz Werfel quotes1474 Ariosto popularity 6/10  Ariosto quotes
1889 Gabriela Mistral popularity 8/10  Gabriela Mistral quotes1456 Jacopo Sannazaro popularity 0/10  Jacopo Sannazaro quotes
1889 Jean Cocteau popularity 7/10  Jean Cocteau quotes1343 Geoffrey Chaucer popularity 8/10  Geoffrey Chaucer quotes
1889 Pierre Reverdy popularity 3/10  Pierre Reverdy quotes1340 Eustache Deschamps popularity 0/10  Eustache Deschamps quotes
1888 Paul Eldridge popularity 0/10  Paul Eldridge quotes1325 John Gower popularity 5/10  John Gower quotes
1888 T.S. Eliot popularity 8/10  T.S. Eliot quotes1313 Giovanni Boccaccio popularity 7/10  Giovanni Boccaccio quotes
1888 Alan Seeger popularity 5/10  Alan Seeger quotes1304 Francesco Petrarch popularity 8/10  Francesco Petrarch quotes
1887 Dame Edith Sitwell popularity 5/10  Dame Edith Sitwell quotes1265 Dante Alighieri popularity 8/10  Dante Alighieri quotes
1887 Lajos Kassak popularity 0/10  Lajos Kassak quotes1207 Jalal ad-Din Rumi popularity 0/10  Jalal ad-Din Rumi quotes
1887 John Reed popularity 7/10  John Reed quotes1021 Solomon Ibn Gabirol ben Judah popularity 0/10  Solomon Ibn Gabirol ben Judah quotes
1887 Giovanni Boine popularity 0/10  Giovanni Boine quotes600 Ali ibn Abi Talib popularity 5/10  Ali ibn Abi Talib quotes
1887 Marianne Moore popularity 7/10  Marianne Moore quotes450 Kalidasa popularity 7/10  Kalidasa quotes
1887 Rupert Brooke popularity 7/10  Rupert Brooke quotes310 Ausonius popularity 3/10  Ausonius quotes
1886 Siegfried Sassoon popularity 8/10  Siegfried Sassoon quotes40 Marcus Valerius Martial popularity 0/10  Marcus Valerius Martial quotes
1886 Antonio Porchia popularity 0/10  Antonio Porchia quotes39 Lucan popularity 6/10  Lucan quotes
1885 D.H. Lawrence popularity 8/10  D.H. Lawrence quotes37 Jimmy D. Moore popularity 0/10  Jimmy D. Moore quotes
1885 Elinor Wylie popularity 6/10  Elinor Wylie quotes-43 Ovid popularity 8/10  Ovid quotes
1885 Ezra Pound popularity 8/10  Ezra Pound quotes-55 Propertius popularity 5/10  Propertius quotes
1885 Jules Romains popularity 0/10  Jules Romains quotes-65 Horace popularity 7/10  Horace quotes
1885 Paul Geraldy popularity 5/10  Paul Geraldy quotes-70 Virgil popularity 8/10  Virgil quotes
1884 Georges Duhamel popularity 0/10  Georges Duhamel quotes-84 Catullus popularity 7/10  Catullus quotes
1884 Gaston Bachelard popularity 6/10  Gaston Bachelard quotes-170 Lucius Accius Telephus popularity 0/10  Lucius Accius Telephus quotes
1883 Kahlil Gibran popularity 8/10  Kahlil Gibran quotes-276 Eratosthenes popularity 8/10  Eratosthenes quotes
1883 Alfred Kreymborg popularity 0/10  Alfred Kreymborg quotes-342 Menander of Athens popularity 0/10  Menander of Athens quotes
1883 William Carlos Williams popularity 8/10  William Carlos Williams quotes-490 Empedocles popularity 7/10  Empedocles quotes
1882 Subrahmanya C. Bharati popularity 0/10  Subrahmanya C. Bharati quotes-518 Pindar popularity 7/10  Pindar quotes
1882 James Oppenheim popularity 0/10  James Oppenheim quotes-530 Epicharmus popularity 0/10  Epicharmus quotes
1882 James Stephens popularity 6/10  James Stephens quotes-560 Xenophanes popularity 6/10  Xenophanes quotes
1882 John Drinkwater popularity 5/10  John Drinkwater quotes-570 Theognis popularity 0/10  Theognis quotes
1881 Juan Ramon Jimenez popularity 7/10  Juan Ramon Jimenez quotes-615 Sappho popularity 8/10  Sappho quotes
1881 Giovanni Papini popularity 5/10  Giovanni Papini quotes-630 Solon popularity 8/10  Solon quotes
1881 Edgar A. Guest popularity 5/10  Edgar A. Guest quotes-680 Archilochus popularity 6/10  Archilochus quotes
1881 Rose Macaulay popularity 5/10  Rose Macaulay quotes-705 Hesiod popularity 7/10  Hesiod quotes
1880 Alfred Noyes popularity 7/10  Alfred Noyes quotes Homer popularity 10/10  Homer quotes
1880 Guillaume Apollinaire popularity 6/10  Guillaume Apollinaire quotes Ibycus popularity 3/10  Ibycus quotes
1879 Patrick Henry Pearse popularity 5/10  Patrick Henry Pearse quotes Henry Austin Dobson popularity 3/10  Henry Austin Dobson quotes
1879 Wallace Stevens popularity 8/10  Wallace Stevens quotes Henry Vandyke popularity 0/10  Henry Vandyke quotes
1879 Vachel Lindsay popularity 7/10  Vachel Lindsay quotes Henry MacKenzie popularity 0/10  Henry MacKenzie quotes
1878 John Masefield popularity 6/10  John Masefield quotes Francis Ponge popularity 3/10  Francis Ponge quotes
1878 C.F. Ramuz popularity 0/10  C.F. Ramuz quotes Francois Villon popularity 6/10  Francois Villon quotes
1878 Carl Sandburg popularity 8/10  Carl Sandburg quotes George Oppen popularity 3/10  George Oppen quotes
1878 Don Marquis popularity 6/10  Don Marquis quotes George William Russell popularity 3/10  George William Russell quotes
1877 Hermann Hesse popularity 7/10  Hermann Hesse quotes Gerard de Nerval popularity 5/10  Gerard de Nerval quotes
1877 Muhammad Iqbal popularity 3/10  Muhammad Iqbal quotes Lucretius popularity 7/10  Lucretius quotes
1876 Max Jacob popularity 5/10  Max Jacob quotes Letitia Landon popularity 0/10  Letitia Landon quotes
1875 Rainer Maria Rilke popularity 7/10  Rainer Maria Rilke quotes Karl von Knebel popularity 0/10  Karl von Knebel quotes
1875 Antonio Machado popularity 8/10  Antonio Machado quotes Juana Ines de la Cruz popularity 6/10  Juana Ines de la Cruz quotes
1875 Aleister Crowley popularity 9/10  Aleister Crowley quotes Judith Viorst popularity 8/10  Judith Viorst quotes
1874 Amy Lowell popularity 7/10  Amy Lowell quotes Joachim Du Bellay popularity 6/10  Joachim Du Bellay quotes
1874 Hugo von Hofmannsthal popularity 5/10  Hugo von Hofmannsthal quotes Joanna Baillie popularity 5/10  Joanna Baillie quotes
1874 G. K. Chesterton popularity 6/10  G. K. Chesterton quotes John Ashbery popularity 6/10  John Ashbery quotes
1874 Karl Kraus popularity 1/10  Karl Kraus quotes August Wilhelm von Schlegel popularity 0/10  August Wilhelm von Schlegel quotes
1874 Robert Service popularity 8/10  Robert Service quotes Charles Follen Adams popularity 0/10  Charles Follen Adams quotes
1874 Robert Frost popularity 10/10  Robert Frost quotes Bessie Stanley popularity 0/10  Bessie Stanley quotes
1873 Charles Peguy popularity 0/10  Charles Peguy quotes Anna de Noailles popularity 0/10  Anna de Noailles quotes
1872 Paul Laurence Dunbar popularity 8/10  Paul Laurence Dunbar quotes Anna Letitia Barbauld popularity 6/10  Anna Letitia Barbauld quotes
1871 Paul Valery popularity 6/10  Paul Valery quotes Anacreon popularity 6/10  Anacreon quotes
1871 Stephen Crane popularity 8/10  Stephen Crane quotes Adam Lindsay Gordon popularity 3/10  Adam Lindsay Gordon quotes
1871 James Weldon Johnson popularity 8/10  James Weldon Johnson quotes Adrienne Rich popularity 8/10  Adrienne Rich quotes
1870 Hilaire Belloc popularity 6/10  Hilaire Belloc quotes Al Mutannabbi popularity 0/10  Al Mutannabbi quotes
1870 Amadeo Nervo popularity 0/10  Amadeo Nervo quotes Alcaeus popularity 5/10  Alcaeus quotes
1869 Edwin A. Robinson popularity 3/10  Edwin A. Robinson quotes Alexander Wilson popularity 5/10  Alexander Wilson quotes
1867 Henry Lawson popularity 8/10  Henry Lawson quotes Eric Pio popularity 0/10  Eric Pio quotes
1865 William Butler Yeats popularity 8/10  William Butler Yeats quotes Ezequiel D'Leon Masis popularity 0/10  Ezequiel D'Leon Masis quotes
1865 Rudyard Kipling popularity 9/10  Rudyard Kipling quotes Edmund Clarence Stedman popularity 0/10  Edmund Clarence Stedman quotes
1864 Henri de Régnier popularity 0/10  Henri de Régnier quotes Edward Yashinsky popularity 0/10  Edward Yashinsky quotes
1863 George Santayana popularity 7/10  George Santayana quotes Eliza Cook popularity 5/10  Eliza Cook quotes
1863 Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch popularity 0/10  Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch quotes Dante Gabriel Rossetti popularity 7/10  Dante Gabriel Rossetti quotes
1863 Richard Dehmel popularity 0/10  Richard Dehmel quotes Dame Mary Gilmore popularity 5/10  Dame Mary Gilmore quotes
1862 Maurice Maeterlinck popularity 3/10  Maurice Maeterlinck quotes Claudia Ghandi popularity 0/10  Claudia Ghandi quotes
1862 Edgar Guest popularity 7/10  Edgar Guest quotes Clement Marot popularity 0/10  Clement Marot quotes
1861 Rabindranath Tagore popularity 7/10  Rabindranath Tagore quotes Clarissa Pinkola Estes popularity 6/10  Clarissa Pinkola Estes quotes
1860 Harriet Monroe popularity 0/10  Harriet Monroe quotes Christine de Pisan popularity 7/10  Christine de Pisan quotes
1859 Francis Thompson popularity 6/10  Francis Thompson quotes Charles Wolfe popularity 5/10  Charles Wolfe quotes
1859 Knut Hamsun popularity 6/10  Knut Hamsun quotes Christian Furchtegott Gellert popularity 0/10  Christian Furchtegott Gellert quotes
1859 A. E. Housman popularity 6/10  A. E. Housman quotes E. Merrill Root popularity 0/10  E. Merrill Root quotes
1859 Peter Altenberg popularity 0/10  Peter Altenberg quotes Sri Aurobindo popularity 6/10  Sri Aurobindo quotes
1858 Maltbie D. Babcock popularity 0/10  Maltbie D. Babcock quotes St. John of the Cross popularity 7/10  St. John of the Cross quotes
1858 Remy de Gourmont popularity 0/10  Remy de Gourmont quotes Stan Rice popularity 0/10  Stan Rice quotes
1858 Rosa Mayreder popularity 0/10  Rosa Mayreder quotes Sylvia Ashton-Warner popularity 5/10  Sylvia Ashton-Warner quotes
1858 William Watson popularity 6/10  William Watson quotes Sir Herbert Read popularity 0/10  Sir Herbert Read quotes
1855 William Sharp popularity 5/10  William Sharp quotes Silius Italicus popularity 0/10  Silius Italicus quotes
1855 Fiona Macleod popularity 5/10  Fiona Macleod quotes Sidney Keyes popularity 5/10  Sidney Keyes quotes
1854 Arthur Rimbaud popularity 7/10  Arthur Rimbaud quotes Scott Alexander popularity 6/10  Scott Alexander quotes
1854 Oscar Wilde popularity 8/10  Oscar Wilde quotes Sandra Sturtz Hauss popularity 0/10  Sandra Sturtz Hauss quotes
1852 Edwin Markham popularity 6/10  Edwin Markham quotes Rosemonde Gerard popularity 0/10  Rosemonde Gerard quotes
1852 Francis William Bourdillon popularity 5/10  Francis William Bourdillon quotes Ruth Boorstin popularity 0/10  Ruth Boorstin quotes
1852 Henry Van Dyke popularity 7/10  Henry Van Dyke quotes Sam Walter Foss popularity 5/10  Sam Walter Foss quotes
1851 Henry Drummond popularity 6/10  Henry Drummond quotes Ralph Hodgson popularity 5/10  Ralph Hodgson quotes
1851 Kate Chopin popularity 9/10  Kate Chopin quotes Rebecca Wee popularity 0/10  Rebecca Wee quotes
1850 Eugene Field popularity 7/10  Eugene Field quotes Rene Char popularity 5/10  Rene Char quotes
1850 Ella Wheeler Wilcox popularity 7/10  Ella Wheeler Wilcox quotes Renee Ashley popularity 0/10  Renee Ashley quotes
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson popularity 8/10  Robert Louis Stevenson quotes Renee Duvall popularity 0/10  Renee Duvall quotes
1849 Emma Lazarus popularity 7/10  Emma Lazarus quotes Richard Hovey popularity 2/10  Richard Hovey quotes
1849 Edmund Gosse popularity 5/10  Edmund Gosse quotes Richard Lovelace popularity 7/10  Richard Lovelace quotes
1849 Jean Richepin popularity 0/10  Jean Richepin quotes Robert Tristram Coffin popularity 0/10  Robert Tristram Coffin quotes
1847 Alice Meynell popularity 2/10  Alice Meynell quotes Quintus Ennius popularity 0/10  Quintus Ennius quotes
1846 Edmondo De Amicis popularity 0/10  Edmondo De Amicis quotes Pierre-Jean de Beranger popularity 0/10  Pierre-Jean de Beranger quotes
1844 John Boyle O'Reilly popularity 6/10  John Boyle O'Reilly quotes Olympia Morata popularity 0/10  Olympia Morata quotes
1844 Gerard Manley Hopkins popularity 7/10  Gerard Manley Hopkins quotes Omar Khayyam popularity 8/10  Omar Khayyam quotes
1844 Robert Bridges popularity 5/10  Robert Bridges quotes Odysseus Elytis popularity 5/10  Odysseus Elytis quotes
1844 Paul Verlaine popularity 6/10  Paul Verlaine quotes Mikhail Lomonosov popularity 5/10  Mikhail Lomonosov quotes
1842 Sidney Lanier popularity 7/10  Sidney Lanier quotes Nicholas Breton popularity 0/10  Nicholas Breton quotes
1842 Stephane Mallarme popularity 5/10  Stephane Mallarme quotes Noah benShea popularity 0/10  Noah benShea quotes
1841 Joaquin Miller popularity 5/10  Joaquin Miller quotes Noela Evans popularity 0/10  Noela Evans quotes
1841 Edward Hodnett popularity 0/10  Edward Hodnett quotes Nathaniel Parker Willis popularity 2/10  Nathaniel Parker Willis quotes
1841 Eugene F. Ware popularity 0/10  Eugene F. Ware quotes Marie de France popularity 7/10  Marie de France quotes
1840 Austin Dobson popularity 0/10  Austin Dobson quotes Mary Frye popularity 5/10  Mary Frye quotes
1840 Thomas Hardy popularity 8/10  Thomas Hardy quotes Maryanne Williamson popularity 0/10  Maryanne Williamson quotes
1837 Algernon Charles Swinburne popularity 6/10  Algernon Charles Swinburne quotes Vanna Bonta popularity 6/10  Vanna Bonta quotes
1836 Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer popularity 0/10  Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer quotes Veronica A. Shoffstall popularity 0/10  Veronica A. Shoffstall quotes
1836 Thomas Bailey Aldrich popularity 5/10  Thomas Bailey Aldrich quotes Titus Lucretius Carus popularity 0/10  Titus Lucretius Carus quotes
1834 William Morris popularity 8/10  William Morris quotes Zach Toelke popularity 0/10  Zach Toelke quotes
1832 Wilhelm Busch popularity 5/10  Wilhelm Busch quotes William Ernest Henley popularity 6/10  William Ernest Henley quotes
1831 Owen Meredith popularity 3/10  Owen Meredith quotes William Rose Benet popularity 5/10  William Rose Benet quotes
1831 C. S. Calverley popularity 0/10  C. S. Calverley quotes William Bliss Carman popularity 0/10  William Bliss Carman quotes
1830 Alexander Smith popularity 6/10  Alexander Smith quotes 
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