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Famous Politicians

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Albert Gore popularity 6/10  Albert Gore quotes Pablo Neruda popularity 9/10  Pablo Neruda quotes
Augustine Birrell popularity 5/10  Augustine Birrell quotes Pat Paulsen popularity 5/10  Pat Paulsen quotes
Anwar el-Sadat popularity 6/10  Anwar el-Sadat quotes Pele popularity 6/10  Pele quotes
Ariel Sharon popularity 8/10  Ariel Sharon quotes Pericles popularity 8/10  Pericles quotes
Baron Henry Peter Brougham popularity 0/10  Baron Henry Peter Brougham quotes Pierre S. DuPont IV popularity 0/10  Pierre S. DuPont IV quotes
Butros Butros-Ghali popularity 0/10  Butros Butros-Ghali quotes Pierre-Joseph Proudhon popularity 5/10  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon quotes
Coleman Young popularity 6/10  Coleman Young quotes Richard Brinsley Sheridan popularity 5/10  Richard Brinsley Sheridan quotes
Errico Malatesta popularity 0/10  Errico Malatesta quotes Richard Gephardt popularity 5/10  Richard Gephardt quotes
Ferdinand E. Marcos popularity 3/10  Ferdinand E. Marcos quotes John Lubbock popularity 0/10  John Lubbock quotes
Fisher Ames popularity 6/10  Fisher Ames quotes John McCain popularity 8/10  John McCain quotes
Francois Duvalier popularity 6/10  Francois Duvalier quotes John Selden popularity 5/10  John Selden quotes
G. Wilhelm Leibniz popularity 0/10  G. Wilhelm Leibniz quotes John Taylor popularity 8/10  John Taylor quotes
Geraldine A. Ferraro popularity 0/10  Geraldine A. Ferraro quotes John Wilkes popularity 6/10  John Wilkes quotes
Gerry Adams popularity 6/10  Gerry Adams quotes Jose Antonio Viera Gallo popularity 0/10  Jose Antonio Viera Gallo quotes
Gifford Pinchot popularity 7/10  Gifford Pinchot quotes Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero popularity 6/10  Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero quotes
Hans Frank popularity 6/10  Hans Frank quotes Jose Maria Aznar popularity 6/10  Jose Maria Aznar quotes
Helen Araromi popularity 0/10  Helen Araromi quotes Joseph Chamberlain popularity 6/10  Joseph Chamberlain quotes
Helen Gahagan Douglas popularity 0/10  Helen Gahagan Douglas quotes Joseph Marie de Maistre popularity 0/10  Joseph Marie de Maistre quotes
Henri Gregoire popularity 0/10  Henri Gregoire quotes Joseph Paul Goebbels popularity 5/10  Joseph Paul Goebbels quotes
Herbert Henry Lehman popularity 0/10  Herbert Henry Lehman quotes John Hancock popularity 9/10  John Hancock quotes
Hermann Muller popularity 5/10  Hermann Muller quotes Jean-Robert Lafortune popularity 0/10  Jean-Robert Lafortune quotes
Jack Kemp popularity 6/10  Jack Kemp quotes James Goldsmith popularity 0/10  James Goldsmith quotes
James A. Farley popularity 0/10  James A. Farley quotes James Bryce popularity 0/10  James Bryce quotes
James F. Bymes popularity 0/10  James F. Bymes quotes Bill Nelson popularity 7/10  Bill Nelson quotes
James F. Byrnes popularity 0/10  James F. Byrnes quotes H. R. Haldeman popularity 0/10  H. R. Haldeman quotes
Jean Claude Duvalier popularity 5/10  Jean Claude Duvalier quotes Hinky Dink Kenna popularity 0/10  Hinky Dink Kenna quotes
John Armstrong popularity 6/10  John Armstrong quotes Howard Dean popularity 9/10  Howard Dean quotes
John Ashcroft popularity 7/10  John Ashcroft quotes Hugh White popularity 0/10  Hugh White quotes
John Capozzi popularity 0/10  John Capozzi quotes Hugo Black popularity 7/10  Hugo Black quotes
John Hume popularity 5/10  John Hume quotes Henry Bolingbroke popularity 3/10  Henry Bolingbroke quotes
Mario Cuomo popularity 7/10  Mario Cuomo quotes Harold L. Ickes popularity 3/10  Harold L. Ickes quotes
Jiang Qing popularity 6/10  Jiang Qing quotes Harold Macmillan popularity 1/10  Harold Macmillan quotes
Josephus Daniels popularity 6/10  Josephus Daniels quotes Harold Washington popularity 7/10  Harold Washington quotes
Leon Blum popularity 5/10  Leon Blum quotes Harold Wilson popularity 6/10  Harold Wilson quotes
Kenneth Kaunda popularity 5/10  Kenneth Kaunda quotes Giulio Andreotti popularity 6/10  Giulio Andreotti quotes
Robert S. McNamara popularity 6/10  Robert S. McNamara quotes George Grenville popularity 7/10  George Grenville quotes
Sallust popularity 5/10  Sallust quotes George McGovern popularity 7/10  George McGovern quotes
Thomas Corwin popularity 5/10  Thomas Corwin quotes Georges Pompidou popularity 6/10  Georges Pompidou quotes
Thomas E. Dewey popularity 5/10  Thomas E. Dewey quotes G. Gordon Liddy popularity 7/10  G. Gordon Liddy quotes
Silius Italicus popularity 0/10  Silius Italicus quotes Earl Warren popularity 7/10  Earl Warren quotes
Simon Cameron popularity 5/10  Simon Cameron quotes Edith Clara Summerskill popularity 0/10  Edith Clara Summerskill quotes
William Lyon MacKenzie popularity 7/10  William Lyon MacKenzie quotes Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton popularity 0/10  Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quotes
William Hastie popularity 5/10  William Hastie quotes Daniel P. Moynihan popularity 0/10  Daniel P. Moynihan quotes
 William Jennings Bryan popularity 8/10  William Jennings Bryan quotes David Duke popularity 8/10  David Duke quotes
 Jesse Jackson popularity 8/10  Jesse Jackson quotes David N. Dinkins popularity 5/10  David N. Dinkins quotes
 William McKinley popularity 8/10  William McKinley quotes David Steel popularity 2/10  David Steel quotes
 William Randolph Hearst popularity 8/10  William Randolph Hearst quotes Davy Crockett popularity 9/10  Davy Crockett quotes
 Zhao Ziyang popularity 5/10  Zhao Ziyang quotes Deng Xiaoping popularity 7/10  Deng Xiaoping quotes
 Stanley Baldwin popularity 6/10  Stanley Baldwin quotes Carter Glass popularity 5/10  Carter Glass quotes
 Stephen Harper popularity 8/10  Stephen Harper quotes Chanakya popularity 2/10  Chanakya quotes
 Theobald Theodor Von Bethmann-Hollweg popularity 0/10  Theobald Theodor Von Bethmann-Hollweg quotes Charles de Montesquieu popularity 5/10  Charles de Montesquieu quotes
 Thomas Brackett Reed popularity 0/10  Thomas Brackett Reed quotes Charles Prestwich Scott popularity 0/10  Charles Prestwich Scott quotes
 Thomas Osborne Davis popularity 0/10  Thomas Osborne Davis quotes Charles Stewart Parnell popularity 6/10  Charles Stewart Parnell quotes
 Tom DeLay popularity 9/10  Tom DeLay quotes Chauncey Depew popularity 0/10  Chauncey Depew quotes
 Tony Benn popularity 6/10  Tony Benn quotes Cicero popularity 8/10  Cicero quotes
 Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale popularity 0/10  Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale quotes Barry Goldwater popularity 8/10  Barry Goldwater quotes
 Walter F. Mondale popularity 3/10  Walter F. Mondale quotes Arthur Calwell popularity 5/10  Arthur Calwell quotes
 William Bennett popularity 7/10  William Bennett quotes B. R. Ambedkar popularity 0/10  B. R. Ambedkar quotes
 Sam Houston popularity 9/10  Sam Houston quotes Andrew Marvell popularity 7/10  Andrew Marvell quotes
 Sam Rayburn popularity 7/10  Sam Rayburn quotes Aneurin Bevan popularity 2/10  Aneurin Bevan quotes
 Samuel Adams popularity 9/10  Samuel Adams quotes Aaron Burr popularity 8/10  Aaron Burr quotes
 Samuel Osgood popularity 5/10  Samuel Osgood quotes Adlai E. Stevenson popularity 6/10  Adlai E. Stevenson quotes
 Russ Feingold popularity 6/10  Russ Feingold quotes Alben William Barkley popularity 5/10  Alben William Barkley quotes
 Kinky Friedman popularity 8/10  Kinky Friedman quotes Anthelme Brillat-Savarin popularity 0/10  Anthelme Brillat-Savarin quotes
 Lionel Jospin popularity 3/10  Lionel Jospin quotes Antonio Gramsci popularity 6/10  Antonio Gramsci quotes
 Lord Hailsham popularity 0/10  Lord Hailsham quotes Ann Richards popularity 7/10  Ann Richards quotes
 Luis Munoz-Marin popularity 0/10  Luis Munoz-Marin quotes Barbara Cubin popularity 5/10  Barbara Cubin quotes
 Manuel Fraga Iribarne popularity 0/10  Manuel Fraga Iribarne quotes Barbara Rütting popularity 0/10  Barbara Rütting quotes
 Karl Liebknecht popularity 5/10  Karl Liebknecht quotes Bernadette Devlin popularity 5/10  Bernadette Devlin quotes
 Mark White popularity 6/10  Mark White quotes Clare Short popularity 0/10  Clare Short quotes
 Martin Bormann popularity 8/10  Martin Bormann quotes Dolores Ibarruri (Pasionaria) popularity 0/10  Dolores Ibarruri (Pasionaria) quotes
 Maurice Barres popularity 3/10  Maurice Barres quotes Evita Perón popularity 8/10  Evita Perón quotes
 Max Lerner popularity 5/10  Max Lerner quotes Glenda Jackson popularity 7/10  Glenda Jackson quotes
 Milovan Djilas popularity 5/10  Milovan Djilas quotes Indira Gandhi popularity 8/10  Indira Gandhi quotes
 Muhammad Ali Jinnah popularity 0/10  Muhammad Ali Jinnah quotes Jeannette Rankin popularity 7/10  Jeannette Rankin quotes
 Muhammad Barakeh, popularity 0/10  Muhammad Barakeh, quotes Jill Ruckelshaus popularity 0/10  Jill Ruckelshaus quotes
 Napoleon Bonaparte popularity 9/10  Napoleon Bonaparte quotes Margaret Thatcher popularity 8/10  Margaret Thatcher quotes
 Neil Kinnock popularity 5/10  Neil Kinnock quotes Shirley Chisholm popularity 8/10  Shirley Chisholm quotes
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