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Famous Novelists

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 Alan Brien popularity 3/10  Alan Brien quotes1887 Lajos Kassak popularity 0/10  Lajos Kassak quotes
 Alice Caldwell Rice popularity 0/10  Alice Caldwell Rice quotes1887 Edna Ferber popularity 7/10  Edna Ferber quotes
 Christian Furchtegott Gellert popularity 0/10  Christian Furchtegott Gellert quotes1887 Floyd Dell popularity 5/10  Floyd Dell quotes
 Gertrude Franklin Atherton popularity 0/10  Gertrude Franklin Atherton quotes1888 Paul Eldridge popularity 0/10  Paul Eldridge quotes
 Henry MacKenzie popularity 0/10  Henry MacKenzie quotes1888 Paul Morand popularity 3/10  Paul Morand quotes
 Ivy Compton-Burnett popularity 3/10  Ivy Compton-Burnett quotes1888 Vicki Baum popularity 1/10  Vicki Baum quotes
 Judith Viorst popularity 8/10  Judith Viorst quotes1889 Jean Cocteau popularity 7/10  Jean Cocteau quotes
 Letitia Landon popularity 0/10  Letitia Landon quotes1890 G. B. Stern popularity 0/10  G. B. Stern quotes
 Mary Stewart popularity 7/10  Mary Stewart quotes1890 Franz Werfel popularity 5/10  Franz Werfel quotes
 Mavis Gallant popularity 5/10  Mavis Gallant quotes1890 Agatha Christie popularity 8/10  Agatha Christie quotes
 P. D. James popularity 5/10  P. D. James quotes1890 Claude McKay popularity 8/10  Claude McKay quotes
 Raymond Williams popularity 6/10  Raymond Williams quotes1892 Vita Sackville-West popularity 3/10  Vita Sackville-West quotes
 Sarah Grand popularity 0/10  Sarah Grand quotes1892 Richard Aldington popularity 5/10  Richard Aldington quotes
 Sir Walter Besant popularity 3/10  Sir Walter Besant quotes1893 Ben Hecht popularity 3/10  Ben Hecht quotes
 Sylvia Ashton-Warner popularity 5/10  Sylvia Ashton-Warner quotes1893 Anita Loos popularity 6/10  Anita Loos quotes
 Sylvia Townsend Warner popularity 5/10  Sylvia Townsend Warner quotes1894 Aldous Huxley popularity 8/10  Aldous Huxley quotes
 Vanna Bonta popularity 6/10  Vanna Bonta quotes1894 Charles Morgan popularity 6/10  Charles Morgan quotes
 William Gilmore Simms popularity 6/10  William Gilmore Simms quotes1894 Robert Nathan popularity 6/10  Robert Nathan quotes
 William H. Gass popularity 5/10  William H. Gass quotes1894 Jean Rhys popularity 6/10  Jean Rhys quotes
 William Rose Benet popularity 5/10  William Rose Benet quotes1896 John Dos Passos popularity 7/10  John Dos Passos quotes
 William S. Burroughs popularity 7/10  William S. Burroughs quotes1896 Dodie Smith popularity 6/10  Dodie Smith quotes
1640 Aphra Behn popularity 7/10  Aphra Behn quotes1897 Bernard De Voto popularity 0/10  Bernard De Voto quotes
1707 Henry Fielding popularity 7/10  Henry Fielding quotes1897 Louis Aragon popularity 6/10  Louis Aragon quotes
1715 Gellert popularity 6/10  Gellert quotes1897 William Faulkner popularity 9/10  William Faulkner quotes
1730 Oliver Goldsmith popularity 6/10  Oliver Goldsmith quotes1898 Malcolm Cowley popularity 2/10  Malcolm Cowley quotes
1740 Marquis De Sade popularity 8/10  Marquis De Sade quotes1898 C.S. Lewis popularity 9/10  C.S. Lewis quotes
1749 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe popularity 7/10  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotes1899 Ernest Hemingway popularity 9/10  Ernest Hemingway quotes
1763 Jean Paul Richter popularity 5/10  Jean Paul Richter quotes1899 Vladimir Nabokov popularity 6/10  Vladimir Nabokov quotes
1764 Ann Radcliffe popularity 6/10  Ann Radcliffe quotes1900 Thomas Wolfe popularity 8/10  Thomas Wolfe quotes
1767 Benjamin Constant popularity 6/10  Benjamin Constant quotes1900 Julien Green popularity 6/10  Julien Green quotes
1771 Sir Walter Scott popularity 8/10  Sir Walter Scott quotes1900 Edward Dahlberg popularity 0/10  Edward Dahlberg quotes
1772 Novalis popularity 7/10  Novalis quotes1900 Ignazio Silone popularity 0/10  Ignazio Silone quotes
1775 Jane Austen popularity 8/10  Jane Austen quotes1900 James Hilton popularity 6/10  James Hilton quotes
1783 Marie Henri Beyle (Stendhal) popularity 0/10  Marie Henri Beyle (Stendhal) quotes1901 A. B. Guthrie, Jr. popularity 0/10  A. B. Guthrie, Jr. quotes
1789 James Fenimore Cooper popularity 8/10  James Fenimore Cooper quotes1901 Andre Malraux popularity 6/10  Andre Malraux quotes
1797 Alfred Victor Vigny popularity 0/10  Alfred Victor Vigny quotes1902 John Steinbeck popularity 9/10  John Steinbeck quotes
1797 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley popularity 6/10  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley quotes1903 George Orwell popularity 8/10  George Orwell quotes
1799 Honore de Balzac popularity 6/10  Honore de Balzac quotes1904 Graham Greene popularity 8/10  Graham Greene quotes
1802 Harriet Martineau popularity 7/10  Harriet Martineau quotes1904 James T. Farrell popularity 6/10  James T. Farrell quotes
1802 Alexandre Dumas popularity 8/10  Alexandre Dumas quotes1905 Elias Canetti popularity 5/10  Elias Canetti quotes
1802 Lydia Maria Francis Child popularity 0/10  Lydia Maria Francis Child quotes1905 Arthur Koestler popularity 6/10  Arthur Koestler quotes
1802 Victor Hugo popularity 8/10  Victor Hugo quotes1905 Ayn Rand popularity 9/10  Ayn Rand quotes
1803 Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton popularity 0/10  Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quotes1906 Victoria Holt popularity 0/10  Victoria Holt quotes
1804 Benjamin Disraeli popularity 7/10  Benjamin Disraeli quotes1907 Alberto Moravia popularity 6/10  Alberto Moravia quotes
1804 Nathaniel Hawthorne popularity 9/10  Nathaniel Hawthorne quotes1907 James A. Michener popularity 5/10  James A. Michener quotes
1811 William Makepeace Thackeray popularity 6/10  William Makepeace Thackeray quotes1908 Cesare Pavese popularity 6/10  Cesare Pavese quotes
1811 Theophile Gautier popularity 5/10  Theophile Gautier quotes1908 Leo Rosten popularity 5/10  Leo Rosten quotes
1812 Martin Delany popularity 6/10  Martin Delany quotes1909 Nelson Algren popularity 6/10  Nelson Algren quotes
1812 Berthold Auerbach popularity 0/10  Berthold Auerbach quotes1909 Eudora Welty popularity 8/10  Eudora Welty quotes
1812 Charles Dickens popularity 9/10  Charles Dickens quotes1910 Nicholas Monsarrat popularity 3/10  Nicholas Monsarrat quotes
1813 Arthur Helps popularity 0/10  Arthur Helps quotes1910 Peter De Vries popularity 5/10  Peter De Vries quotes
1814 Gertudis Gomez de Avellaneda popularity 0/10  Gertudis Gomez de Avellaneda quotes1910 Jean Genet popularity 6/10  Jean Genet quotes
1816 Charlotte Bronte popularity 8/10  Charlotte Bronte quotes1911 L. Ron Hubbard popularity 7/10  L. Ron Hubbard quotes
1818 Emily Bronte popularity 8/10  Emily Bronte quotes1911 Mervyn Peake popularity 5/10  Mervyn Peake quotes
1818 Francis Edward Smedley popularity 0/10  Francis Edward Smedley quotes1911 Naguib Mahfouz popularity 6/10  Naguib Mahfouz quotes
1819 George Eliot popularity 8/10  George Eliot quotes1911 William G. Golding popularity 0/10  William G. Golding quotes
1819 Herman Melville popularity 8/10  Herman Melville quotes1911 Ernesto Sábato popularity 0/10  Ernesto Sábato quotes
1820 Anna Sewell popularity 7/10  Anna Sewell quotes1912 Tillie Olsen popularity 7/10  Tillie Olsen quotes
1820 Anne Bronte popularity 6/10  Anne Bronte quotes1912 Mary McCarthy popularity 6/10  Mary McCarthy quotes
1821 Gustave Flaubert popularity 7/10  Gustave Flaubert quotes1913 Albert Camus popularity 8/10  Albert Camus quotes
1821 Fyodor Dostoyevsky popularity 6/10  Fyodor Dostoyevsky quotes1914 Bernard Malamud popularity 7/10  Bernard Malamud quotes
1821 Fiodor Dostoievsky popularity 0/10  Fiodor Dostoievsky quotes1914 Marguerite Duras popularity 6/10  Marguerite Duras quotes
1823 Thomas Hughes popularity 6/10  Thomas Hughes quotes1914 John Berryman popularity 7/10  John Berryman quotes
1826 Dinah Maria Mulock Craik popularity 0/10  Dinah Maria Mulock Craik quotes1914 Romain Gary popularity 5/10  Romain Gary quotes
1828 George Meredith popularity 5/10  George Meredith quotes1915 Saul Bellow popularity 7/10  Saul Bellow quotes
1828 Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy popularity 0/10  Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy quotes1915 Theodore H. White popularity 5/10  Theodore H. White quotes
1830 Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach popularity 5/10  Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach quotes1916 Walker Percy popularity 6/10  Walker Percy quotes
1832 Lewis Carroll popularity 9/10  Lewis Carroll quotes1916 John D. MacDonald popularity 5/10  John D. MacDonald quotes
1834 Ludovic Halevy popularity 3/10  Ludovic Halevy quotes1916 Harold Robbins popularity 6/10  Harold Robbins quotes
1835 Samuel Butler popularity 6/10  Samuel Butler quotes1917 Han Suyin popularity 0/10  Han Suyin quotes
1837 Edward Eggleston popularity 5/10  Edward Eggleston quotes1917 Anthony Burgess popularity 7/10  Anthony Burgess quotes
1838 Edward Payson Roe popularity 0/10  Edward Payson Roe quotes1917 Augusto Roa Bastos popularity 6/10  Augusto Roa Bastos quotes
1840 Emile Zola popularity 8/10  Emile Zola quotes1918 Alexander Solzhenitsyn popularity 7/10  Alexander Solzhenitsyn quotes
1840 Thomas Hardy popularity 8/10  Thomas Hardy quotes1919 Doris Lessing popularity 7/10  Doris Lessing quotes
1843 Bertha von Suttner popularity 5/10  Bertha von Suttner quotes1919 Iris Murdoch popularity 7/10  Iris Murdoch quotes
1844 John Boyle O'Reilly popularity 6/10  John Boyle O'Reilly quotes1919 J. D. Salinger popularity 6/10  J. D. Salinger quotes
1846 Edmondo De Amicis popularity 0/10  Edmondo De Amicis quotes1920 Charles Bukowski popularity 8/10  Charles Bukowski quotes
1849 Frances Burnett popularity 6/10  Frances Burnett quotes1921 Brian Moore popularity 7/10  Brian Moore quotes
1849 Jean Richepin popularity 0/10  Jean Richepin quotes1921 Friedrich Dürrenmatt popularity 5/10  Friedrich Dürrenmatt quotes
1851 Kate Chopin popularity 9/10  Kate Chopin quotes1922 Jose Saramago popularity 7/10  Jose Saramago quotes
1852 P. Bourget popularity 0/10  P. Bourget quotes1922 Kingsley Amis popularity 6/10  Kingsley Amis quotes
1852 Paul Bourget popularity 0/10  Paul Bourget quotes1922 Jack Kerouac popularity 9/10  Jack Kerouac quotes
1853 Edgar Watson Howe popularity 0/10  Edgar Watson Howe quotes1922 William Gaddis popularity 5/10  William Gaddis quotes
1854 Oscar Wilde popularity 8/10  Oscar Wilde quotes1922 William Manchester popularity 6/10  William Manchester quotes
1855 Marie Corelli popularity 5/10  Marie Corelli quotes1923 Nadine Gordimer popularity 0/10  Nadine Gordimer quotes
1857 Joseph Conrad popularity 8/10  Joseph Conrad quotes1924 Truman Capote popularity 8/10  Truman Capote quotes
1858 Remy de Gourmont popularity 0/10  Remy de Gourmont quotes1924 James Arthur Baldwin popularity 6/10  James Arthur Baldwin quotes
1858 Charles W. Chesnutt popularity 5/10  Charles W. Chesnutt quotes1924 Grace Metalious popularity 6/10  Grace Metalious quotes
1859 Jerome K. Jerome popularity 5/10  Jerome K. Jerome quotes1925 Gore Vidal popularity 8/10  Gore Vidal quotes
1859 Knut Hamsun popularity 6/10  Knut Hamsun quotes1925 Elmore Leonard popularity 7/10  Elmore Leonard quotes
1860 James Matthew Barrie popularity 6/10  James Matthew Barrie quotes1925 William Styron popularity 6/10  William Styron quotes
1862 Maurice Barres popularity 3/10  Maurice Barres quotes1926 J. P. Donleavy popularity 3/10  J. P. Donleavy quotes
1862 Edith Wharton popularity 8/10  Edith Wharton quotes1926 Don Delillo popularity 6/10  Don Delillo quotes
1863 Arthur Machen popularity 5/10  Arthur Machen quotes1926 Ed McBain popularity 6/10  Ed McBain quotes
1863 Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch popularity 0/10  Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch quotes1927 Gunter Grass popularity 7/10  Gunter Grass quotes
1864 Henri de Régnier popularity 0/10  Henri de Régnier quotes1928 Gabriel Garcia Marquez popularity 8/10  Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes
1865 Rudyard Kipling popularity 9/10  Rudyard Kipling quotes1929 Milan Kundera popularity 6/10  Milan Kundera quotes
1866 Tristan Bernard popularity 0/10  Tristan Bernard quotes1930 J. G. Ballard popularity 5/10  J. G. Ballard quotes
1866 H. G. Wells popularity 6/10  H. G. Wells quotes1931 Fay Weldon popularity 6/10  Fay Weldon quotes
1867 Edward Frederick Benson popularity 0/10  Edward Frederick Benson quotes1931 Don Carpenter popularity 0/10  Don Carpenter quotes
1867 Arnold Bennett popularity 5/10  Arnold Bennett quotes1931 Bishop Desmond Tutu popularity 7/10  Bishop Desmond Tutu quotes
1867 Luigi Pirandello popularity 7/10  Luigi Pirandello quotes1931 Mordecai Richler popularity 6/10  Mordecai Richler quotes
1867 John Galsworthy popularity 6/10  John Galsworthy quotes1931 Jane Rule popularity 3/10  Jane Rule quotes
1868 Maxim Gorky popularity 5/10  Maxim Gorky quotes1932 Malcolm Bradbury popularity 0/10  Malcolm Bradbury quotes
1869 Booth Tarkington popularity 6/10  Booth Tarkington quotes1932 Umberto Eco popularity 8/10  Umberto Eco quotes
1870 H. H. Munro popularity 6/10  H. H. Munro quotes1932 Sylvia Plath popularity 9/10  Sylvia Plath quotes
1871 Marcel Proust popularity 8/10  Marcel Proust quotes1932 Rona Jaffe popularity 0/10  Rona Jaffe quotes
1871 Stephen Crane popularity 8/10  Stephen Crane quotes1932 Alice Thomas Ellis popularity 5/10  Alice Thomas Ellis quotes
1871 Theodore Dreiser popularity 7/10  Theodore Dreiser quotes1933 David Storey popularity 6/10  David Storey quotes
1872 Paul Laurence Dunbar popularity 8/10  Paul Laurence Dunbar quotes1933 Michael Frayn popularity 6/10  Michael Frayn quotes
1873 H. Barbusse popularity 0/10  H. Barbusse quotes1934 Leonard Cohen popularity 0/10  Leonard Cohen quotes
1873 Ellen Glasgow popularity 5/10  Ellen Glasgow quotes1934 Joan Didion popularity 6/10  Joan Didion quotes
1873 Ford Madox Ford popularity 3/10  Ford Madox Ford quotes1934 George Douglas popularity 5/10  George Douglas quotes
1874 G. K. Chesterton popularity 6/10  G. K. Chesterton quotes1935 Harry Crews popularity 6/10  Harry Crews quotes
1874 William Somerset Maugham popularity 6/10  William Somerset Maugham quotes1935 David Lodge popularity 6/10  David Lodge quotes
1874 Zona Gale popularity 6/10  Zona Gale quotes1936 Judith Guest popularity 8/10  Judith Guest quotes
1875 Thomas Mann popularity 7/10  Thomas Mann quotes1936 Marge Piercy popularity 7/10  Marge Piercy quotes
1876 Jack London popularity 9/10  Jack London quotes1936 Mario Vargas Llosa popularity 7/10  Mario Vargas Llosa quotes
1876 David Lindsay popularity 6/10  David Lindsay quotes1936 Tom Robbins popularity 8/10  Tom Robbins quotes
1877 Hermann Hesse popularity 7/10  Hermann Hesse quotes1937 Gail Godwin popularity 5/10  Gail Godwin quotes
1878 Don Marquis popularity 6/10  Don Marquis quotes1940 Gao Xingjian popularity 5/10  Gao Xingjian quotes
1878 Carl Sandburg popularity 8/10  Carl Sandburg quotes1940 David McFadden popularity 5/10  David McFadden quotes
1878 Upton Sinclair popularity 8/10  Upton Sinclair quotes1940 Angela Carter popularity 7/10  Angela Carter quotes
1879 John Erskine popularity 5/10  John Erskine quotes1941 Anne Tyler popularity 7/10  Anne Tyler quotes
1879 E. M. Forster popularity 5/10  E. M. Forster quotes1941 Paul Theroux popularity 6/10  Paul Theroux quotes
1880 Carl Van Vechten popularity 6/10  Carl Van Vechten quotes1942 John Irving popularity 8/10  John Irving quotes
1880 Sholem Asch popularity 0/10  Sholem Asch quotes1944 Kinky Friedman popularity 8/10  Kinky Friedman quotes
1880 Robert Musil popularity 5/10  Robert Musil quotes1944 Winston Groom popularity 6/10  Winston Groom quotes
1881 Rose Macaulay popularity 5/10  Rose Macaulay quotes1945 Pat Conroy popularity 7/10  Pat Conroy quotes
1881 P. G. Wodehouse popularity 6/10  P. G. Wodehouse quotes1947 Paulo Coelho popularity 7/10  Paulo Coelho quotes
1881 Mary Webb popularity 3/10  Mary Webb quotes1947 Tom Clancy popularity 8/10  Tom Clancy quotes
1881 Giovanni Papini popularity 5/10  Giovanni Papini quotes1947 Mark Helprin popularity 6/10  Mark Helprin quotes
1882 Jean Giraudoux popularity 0/10  Jean Giraudoux quotes1949 Jane Smiley popularity 6/10  Jane Smiley quotes
1882 James Joyce popularity 9/10  James Joyce quotes1949 Graham Swift popularity 6/10  Graham Swift quotes
1882 Sigrid Undset popularity 6/10  Sigrid Undset quotes1950 Gloria Naylor popularity 6/10  Gloria Naylor quotes
1882 Susan Glaspell popularity 8/10  Susan Glaspell quotes1951 Arturo Perez Reverte popularity 6/10  Arturo Perez Reverte quotes
1883 Kahlil Gibran popularity 8/10  Kahlil Gibran quotes1952 Amy Tan popularity 8/10  Amy Tan quotes
1884 Georges Duhamel popularity 0/10  Georges Duhamel quotes1954 Aritha Van Herk popularity 0/10  Aritha Van Herk quotes
1884 Hugh Walpole, Sr. popularity 0/10  Hugh Walpole, Sr. quotes1956 Alexander Jablokov popularity 0/10  Alexander Jablokov quotes
1884 Yevgeny Zamyatin popularity 5/10  Yevgeny Zamyatin quotes1958 Helen Fielding popularity 7/10  Helen Fielding quotes
1885 Elinor Wylie popularity 6/10  Elinor Wylie quotes1959 Jeanette Winterson popularity 6/10  Jeanette Winterson quotes
1885 D.H. Lawrence popularity 8/10  D.H. Lawrence quotes1960 Neil Gaiman popularity 8/10  Neil Gaiman quotes
1885 Andre Maurois popularity 6/10  Andre Maurois quotes1961 Chuck Palahniuk popularity 8/10  Chuck Palahniuk quotes
1885 Jules Romains popularity 0/10  Jules Romains quotes1968 Don Williams, Jr. popularity 0/10  Don Williams, Jr. quotes
1885 Pierre Benoit popularity 0/10  Pierre Benoit quotes 
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