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Famous Actresses

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10/10 Alexis Bledel popularity 10/10  Alexis Bledel quotes9/10 Audrey Hepburn popularity 9/10  Audrey Hepburn quotes
10/10 Ali Landry popularity 10/10  Ali Landry quotes9/10 Audrey Tautou popularity 9/10  Audrey Tautou quotes
10/10 Alicia Silverstone popularity 10/10  Alicia Silverstone quotes9/10 Ava Gardner popularity 9/10  Ava Gardner quotes
10/10 Alyson Hannigan popularity 10/10  Alyson Hannigan quotes9/10 Anne Heche popularity 9/10  Anne Heche quotes
10/10 Alyssa Milano popularity 10/10  Alyssa Milano quotes9/10 Anita Ekberg popularity 9/10  Anita Ekberg quotes
10/10 Amanda Bynes popularity 10/10  Amanda Bynes quotes8/10 Anna Chlumsky popularity 8/10  Anna Chlumsky quotes
10/10 Amanda Peet popularity 10/10  Amanda Peet quotes8/10 Alicia Witt popularity 8/10  Alicia Witt quotes
10/10 Amy Weber popularity 10/10  Amy Weber quotes8/10 Barbara Feldon popularity 8/10  Barbara Feldon quotes
10/10 Angelina Jolie popularity 10/10  Angelina Jolie quotes8/10 Betty Grable popularity 8/10  Betty Grable quotes
10/10 Angie Everhart popularity 10/10  Angie Everhart quotes8/10 Annette Funicello popularity 8/10  Annette Funicello quotes
10/10 Anne Bancroft popularity 10/10  Anne Bancroft quotes8/10 Britt Ekland popularity 8/10  Britt Ekland quotes
10/10 Anne Hathaway popularity 10/10  Anne Hathaway quotes8/10 Candice Bergen popularity 8/10  Candice Bergen quotes
10/10 Aria Giovanni popularity 10/10  Aria Giovanni quotes8/10 Catherine Deneuve popularity 8/10  Catherine Deneuve quotes
10/10 Ashlee Simpson popularity 10/10  Ashlee Simpson quotes8/10 Caroline Rhea popularity 8/10  Caroline Rhea quotes
10/10 Ashley Judd popularity 10/10  Ashley Judd quotes8/10 Claudette Colbert popularity 8/10  Claudette Colbert quotes
10/10 Aaliyah popularity 10/10  Aaliyah quotes8/10 Courteney Cox popularity 8/10  Courteney Cox quotes
10/10 Beverly Mitchell popularity 10/10  Beverly Mitchell quotes8/10 Cathy Lee Crosby popularity 8/10  Cathy Lee Crosby quotes
10/10 Beyonce Knowles popularity 10/10  Beyonce Knowles quotes8/10 Dawn French popularity 8/10  Dawn French quotes
10/10 Bo Derek popularity 10/10  Bo Derek quotes8/10 Dannii Minogue popularity 8/10  Dannii Minogue quotes
10/10 Brittany Murphy popularity 10/10  Brittany Murphy quotes8/10 Donna Reed popularity 8/10  Donna Reed quotes
10/10 Cameron Diaz popularity 10/10  Cameron Diaz quotes8/10 Denise Van Outen popularity 8/10  Denise Van Outen quotes
10/10 Carmen Electra popularity 10/10  Carmen Electra quotes8/10 Diana Dors popularity 8/10  Diana Dors quotes
10/10 Carrie Fisher popularity 10/10  Carrie Fisher quotes8/10 Delta Burke popularity 8/10  Delta Burke quotes
10/10 Catherine Bell popularity 10/10  Catherine Bell quotes8/10 Dorothy Lamour popularity 8/10  Dorothy Lamour quotes
10/10 Cher popularity 10/10  Cher quotes8/10 Dyan Cannon popularity 8/10  Dyan Cannon quotes
10/10 Christina Applegate popularity 10/10  Christina Applegate quotes8/10 Elize Du Toit popularity 8/10  Elize Du Toit quotes
10/10 Christina Milian popularity 10/10  Christina Milian quotes8/10 Ethel Merman popularity 8/10  Ethel Merman quotes
10/10 Christina Ricci popularity 10/10  Christina Ricci quotes8/10 Ethel Waters popularity 8/10  Ethel Waters quotes
10/10 Cindy Crawford popularity 10/10  Cindy Crawford quotes8/10 Eva Gabor popularity 8/10  Eva Gabor quotes
10/10 Catherine Zeta Jones popularity 10/10  Catherine Zeta Jones quotes8/10 Emmanuelle Chriqui popularity 8/10  Emmanuelle Chriqui quotes
10/10 Charisma Carpenter popularity 10/10  Charisma Carpenter quotes8/10 Frances Farmer popularity 8/10  Frances Farmer quotes
10/10 Charlize Theron popularity 10/10  Charlize Theron quotes8/10 Francesca Annis popularity 8/10  Francesca Annis quotes
10/10 Denise Richards popularity 10/10  Denise Richards quotes8/10 Evita Perón popularity 8/10  Evita Perón quotes
10/10 Diane Kruger popularity 10/10  Diane Kruger quotes8/10 Fanny Brice popularity 8/10  Fanny Brice quotes
10/10 Diane Lane popularity 10/10  Diane Lane quotes8/10 Gilda Radner popularity 8/10  Gilda Radner quotes
10/10 Dolly Parton popularity 10/10  Dolly Parton quotes8/10 Ginger Rogers popularity 8/10  Ginger Rogers quotes
10/10 Drew Barrymore popularity 10/10  Drew Barrymore quotes8/10 Glenn Close popularity 8/10  Glenn Close quotes
10/10 Elisha Cuthbert popularity 10/10  Elisha Cuthbert quotes8/10 Isabella Rossellini popularity 8/10  Isabella Rossellini quotes
10/10 Eliza Dushku popularity 10/10  Eliza Dushku quotes8/10 Isla Fisher popularity 8/10  Isla Fisher quotes
10/10 Elizabeth Hurley popularity 10/10  Elizabeth Hurley quotes8/10 Izabella Scorupco popularity 8/10  Izabella Scorupco quotes
10/10 Erika Eleniak popularity 10/10  Erika Eleniak quotes8/10 Jacqueline Bisset popularity 8/10  Jacqueline Bisset quotes
10/10 Estella Warren popularity 10/10  Estella Warren quotes8/10 Gloria Leonard popularity 8/10  Gloria Leonard quotes
10/10 Eva Longoria popularity 10/10  Eva Longoria quotes8/10 Greta Garbo popularity 8/10  Greta Garbo quotes
10/10 Eva Mendes popularity 10/10  Eva Mendes quotes8/10 Hedy Lamarr popularity 8/10  Hedy Lamarr quotes
10/10 Emma Watson popularity 10/10  Emma Watson quotes8/10 Jean Harlow popularity 8/10  Jean Harlow quotes
10/10 Gabrielle Union popularity 10/10  Gabrielle Union quotes8/10 Jeanette Biedermann popularity 8/10  Jeanette Biedermann quotes
10/10 Gillian Anderson popularity 10/10  Gillian Anderson quotes8/10 Ingrid Bergman popularity 8/10  Ingrid Bergman quotes
10/10 Goldie Hawn popularity 10/10  Goldie Hawn quotes8/10 Jennifer Jones popularity 8/10  Jennifer Jones quotes
10/10 Halle Berry popularity 10/10  Halle Berry quotes8/10 Janeane Garofalo popularity 8/10  Janeane Garofalo quotes
10/10 Heather Graham popularity 10/10  Heather Graham quotes8/10 Jerry Hall popularity 8/10  Jerry Hall quotes
10/10 Heather Locklear popularity 10/10  Heather Locklear quotes8/10 Joan Crawford popularity 8/10  Joan Crawford quotes
10/10 Hilary Duff popularity 10/10  Hilary Duff quotes8/10 Joan Blondell popularity 8/10  Joan Blondell quotes
10/10 Hilary Swank popularity 10/10  Hilary Swank quotes8/10 Joey Lauren Adams popularity 8/10  Joey Lauren Adams quotes
10/10 Holly Marie Combs popularity 10/10  Holly Marie Combs quotes8/10 Juliette Binoche popularity 8/10  Juliette Binoche quotes
10/10 Helen Hunt popularity 10/10  Helen Hunt quotes8/10 Karen Allen popularity 8/10  Karen Allen quotes
10/10 Jamie Lee Curtis popularity 10/10  Jamie Lee Curtis quotes8/10 Judi Dench popularity 8/10  Judi Dench quotes
10/10 Jane Fonda popularity 10/10  Jane Fonda quotes8/10 Lana Turner popularity 8/10  Lana Turner quotes
10/10 Jennifer Aniston popularity 10/10  Jennifer Aniston quotes8/10 Laura Dern popularity 8/10  Laura Dern quotes
10/10 Jennifer Connelly popularity 10/10  Jennifer Connelly quotes8/10 Maria Grazia Cucinotta popularity 8/10  Maria Grazia Cucinotta quotes
10/10 Jennifer Ellison popularity 10/10  Jennifer Ellison quotes8/10 Loretta Swit popularity 8/10  Loretta Swit quotes
10/10 Jennifer Garner popularity 10/10  Jennifer Garner quotes8/10 Loretta Young popularity 8/10  Loretta Young quotes
10/10 Jennifer Lopez popularity 10/10  Jennifer Lopez quotes8/10 Louise Brooks popularity 8/10  Louise Brooks quotes
10/10 Jennifer Love Hewitt popularity 10/10  Jennifer Love Hewitt quotes8/10 Lillian Gish popularity 8/10  Lillian Gish quotes
10/10 Jenny Mccarthy popularity 10/10  Jenny Mccarthy quotes8/10 Lily Tomlin popularity 8/10  Lily Tomlin quotes
10/10 Jenna Jameson popularity 10/10  Jenna Jameson quotes8/10 Lauren Hutton popularity 8/10  Lauren Hutton quotes
10/10 Jessica Alba popularity 10/10  Jessica Alba quotes8/10 Marlo Thomas popularity 8/10  Marlo Thomas quotes
10/10 Jessica Biel popularity 10/10  Jessica Biel quotes8/10 Marla Maples popularity 8/10  Marla Maples quotes
10/10 Jodie Foster popularity 10/10  Jodie Foster quotes8/10 Mary Pickford popularity 8/10  Mary Pickford quotes
10/10 Josie Maran popularity 10/10  Josie Maran quotes8/10 Olivia Newton-John popularity 8/10  Olivia Newton-John quotes
10/10 Julia Roberts popularity 10/10  Julia Roberts quotes8/10 Rachael Leigh Cook popularity 8/10  Rachael Leigh Cook quotes
10/10 Julianne Moore popularity 10/10  Julianne Moore quotes8/10 Rae Dawn Chong popularity 8/10  Rae Dawn Chong quotes
10/10 Kate Beckinsale popularity 10/10  Kate Beckinsale quotes8/10 Rita Moreno popularity 8/10  Rita Moreno quotes
10/10 Kate Bosworth popularity 10/10  Kate Bosworth quotes8/10 Roseanne popularity 8/10  Roseanne quotes
10/10 Kate Hudson popularity 10/10  Kate Hudson quotes8/10 Patty Duke popularity 8/10  Patty Duke quotes
10/10 Kate Winslet popularity 10/10  Kate Winslet quotes8/10 Sarah Bernhardt popularity 8/10  Sarah Bernhardt quotes
10/10 Katie Holmes popularity 10/10  Katie Holmes quotes8/10 Shelley Long popularity 8/10  Shelley Long quotes
10/10 Kim Basinger popularity 10/10  Kim Basinger quotes8/10 Sherry Stringfield popularity 8/10  Sherry Stringfield quotes
10/10 Kristin Kreuk popularity 10/10  Kristin Kreuk quotes8/10 Sarah Polley popularity 8/10  Sarah Polley quotes
10/10 Kylie Minogue popularity 10/10  Kylie Minogue quotes8/10 Teri Garr popularity 8/10  Teri Garr quotes
10/10 Lacey Chabert popularity 10/10  Lacey Chabert quotes8/10 Stefanie Powers popularity 8/10  Stefanie Powers quotes
10/10 Kirsten Dunst popularity 10/10  Kirsten Dunst quotes8/10 Tyne Daly popularity 8/10  Tyne Daly quotes
10/10 Leeann Tweeden popularity 10/10  Leeann Tweeden quotes8/10 Tracey Ullman popularity 8/10  Tracey Ullman quotes
10/10 Lucy Liu popularity 10/10  Lucy Liu quotes8/10 Veronica Lake popularity 8/10  Veronica Lake quotes
10/10 Madonna popularity 10/10  Madonna quotes8/10 Vivien Leigh popularity 8/10  Vivien Leigh quotes
10/10 Marilyn Monroe popularity 10/10  Marilyn Monroe quotes8/10 Yeardley Smith popularity 8/10  Yeardley Smith quotes
10/10 Martha Stewart popularity 10/10  Martha Stewart quotes8/10 Zsa Zsa Gabor popularity 8/10  Zsa Zsa Gabor quotes
10/10 Melissa Joan Hart popularity 10/10  Melissa Joan Hart quotes7/10 Tallulah Bankhead popularity 7/10  Tallulah Bankhead quotes
10/10 Monica Bellucci popularity 10/10  Monica Bellucci quotes7/10 Silvia Colloca popularity 7/10  Silvia Colloca quotes
10/10 Meg Ryan popularity 10/10  Meg Ryan quotes7/10 Sonja Henie popularity 7/10  Sonja Henie quotes
10/10 Natalie Portman popularity 10/10  Natalie Portman quotes7/10 Ruth Gordon popularity 7/10  Ruth Gordon quotes
10/10 Neve Campbell popularity 10/10  Neve Campbell quotes7/10 Norma Shearer popularity 7/10  Norma Shearer quotes
10/10 Nicole Kidman popularity 10/10  Nicole Kidman quotes7/10 Nancy Cartwright popularity 7/10  Nancy Cartwright quotes
10/10 Oprah Winfrey popularity 10/10  Oprah Winfrey quotes7/10 Marion Davies popularity 7/10  Marion Davies quotes
10/10 Pamela Anderson popularity 10/10  Pamela Anderson quotes7/10 Lee Grant popularity 7/10  Lee Grant quotes
10/10 Paris Hilton popularity 10/10  Paris Hilton quotes7/10 Lupe Velez popularity 7/10  Lupe Velez quotes
10/10 Patricia Ford popularity 10/10  Patricia Ford quotes7/10 Kim Hunter popularity 7/10  Kim Hunter quotes
10/10 Penelope Cruz popularity 10/10  Penelope Cruz quotes7/10 Joan Plowright popularity 7/10  Joan Plowright quotes
10/10 Reese Witherspoon popularity 10/10  Reese Witherspoon quotes7/10 Jessica Tandy popularity 7/10  Jessica Tandy quotes
10/10 Renee Zellweger popularity 10/10  Renee Zellweger quotes7/10 Jeanne Moreau popularity 7/10  Jeanne Moreau quotes
10/10 Salma Hayek popularity 10/10  Salma Hayek quotes7/10 Irish McCalla popularity 7/10  Irish McCalla quotes
10/10 Sandra Bullock popularity 10/10  Sandra Bullock quotes7/10 Helen Hayes popularity 7/10  Helen Hayes quotes
10/10 Sarah Jessica Parker popularity 10/10  Sarah Jessica Parker quotes7/10 Gloria Grahame popularity 7/10  Gloria Grahame quotes
10/10 Sarah Michelle Gellar popularity 10/10  Sarah Michelle Gellar quotes7/10 Glenda Jackson popularity 7/10  Glenda Jackson quotes
10/10 Scarlett Johansson popularity 10/10  Scarlett Johansson quotes7/10 Gracie Allen popularity 7/10  Gracie Allen quotes
10/10 Shannon Elizabeth popularity 10/10  Shannon Elizabeth quotes7/10 Greer Garson popularity 7/10  Greer Garson quotes
10/10 Sharon Stone popularity 10/10  Sharon Stone quotes7/10 Elsa Lanchester popularity 7/10  Elsa Lanchester quotes
10/10 Sofia Vergara popularity 10/10  Sofia Vergara quotes7/10 Elizabeth Wurtzel popularity 7/10  Elizabeth Wurtzel quotes
10/10 Sophia Loren popularity 10/10  Sophia Loren quotes7/10 Daliah Lavi popularity 7/10  Daliah Lavi quotes
10/10 Sophie Marceau popularity 10/10  Sophie Marceau quotes7/10 Barbara Stanwyck popularity 7/10  Barbara Stanwyck quotes
10/10 Tara Reid popularity 10/10  Tara Reid quotes7/10 Carole Lombard popularity 7/10  Carole Lombard quotes
10/10 Teri Hatcher popularity 10/10  Teri Hatcher quotes7/10 Carrie Snodgress popularity 7/10  Carrie Snodgress quotes
10/10 Thora Birch popularity 10/10  Thora Birch quotes7/10 Butterfly McQueen popularity 7/10  Butterfly McQueen quotes
10/10 Traci Lords popularity 10/10  Traci Lords quotes6/10 Anna Magnani popularity 6/10  Anna Magnani quotes
10/10 Vanessa Marcil popularity 10/10  Vanessa Marcil quotes6/10 Barbara Harris popularity 6/10  Barbara Harris quotes
10/10 Uma Thurman popularity 10/10  Uma Thurman quotes6/10 Anne Schedeen popularity 6/10  Anne Schedeen quotes
10/10 Whitney Houston popularity 10/10  Whitney Houston quotes6/10 Dani Behr popularity 6/10  Dani Behr quotes
10/10 Whoopi Goldberg popularity 10/10  Whoopi Goldberg quotes6/10 Elsie de Wolfe popularity 6/10  Elsie de Wolfe quotes
10/10 Yasmine Bleeth popularity 10/10  Yasmine Bleeth quotes6/10 Eleanor Bron popularity 6/10  Eleanor Bron quotes
9/10 Winona Ryder popularity 9/10  Winona Ryder quotes6/10 Hedda Hopper popularity 6/10  Hedda Hopper quotes
9/10 Ursula Andress popularity 9/10  Ursula Andress quotes6/10 Jan Sterling popularity 6/10  Jan Sterling quotes
9/10 Vanessa Paradis popularity 9/10  Vanessa Paradis quotes6/10 Jeanette MacDonald popularity 6/10  Jeanette MacDonald quotes
9/10 Tiffani Amber Thiessen popularity 9/10  Tiffani Amber Thiessen quotes6/10 Lilli Palmer popularity 6/10  Lilli Palmer quotes
9/10 Tea Leoni popularity 9/10  Tea Leoni quotes6/10 Liv Tyler popularity 6/10  Liv Tyler quotes
9/10 Susan Sarandon popularity 9/10  Susan Sarandon quotes6/10 Mabel Normand popularity 6/10  Mabel Normand quotes
9/10 Suzanne Somers popularity 9/10  Suzanne Somers quotes6/10 Marie Dressler popularity 6/10  Marie Dressler quotes
9/10 Shirley Temple popularity 9/10  Shirley Temple quotes6/10 Miriam Hopkins popularity 6/10  Miriam Hopkins quotes
9/10 Sienna Guillory popularity 9/10  Sienna Guillory quotes6/10 Maud Gonne popularity 6/10  Maud Gonne quotes
9/10 Sally Field popularity 9/10  Sally Field quotes6/10 Rachael Leigh popularity 6/10  Rachael Leigh quotes
9/10 Rita Hayworth popularity 9/10  Rita Hayworth quotes6/10 Sophie Ellis-Bextor popularity 6/10  Sophie Ellis-Bextor quotes
9/10 Piper Perabo popularity 9/10  Piper Perabo quotes6/10 Simone Signoret popularity 6/10  Simone Signoret quotes
9/10 Patricia Arquette popularity 9/10  Patricia Arquette quotes6/10 Sasha Azevedo popularity 6/10  Sasha Azevedo quotes
9/10 Natalie Wood popularity 9/10  Natalie Wood quotes6/10 Tammy Townsend popularity 6/10  Tammy Townsend quotes
9/10 Melanie Griffith popularity 9/10  Melanie Griffith quotes6/10 Totie Fields popularity 6/10  Totie Fields quotes
9/10 Mena Suvari popularity 9/10  Mena Suvari quotes6/10 Thelma Ritter popularity 6/10  Thelma Ritter quotes
9/10 Mira Sorvino popularity 9/10  Mira Sorvino quotes6/10 Uta Hagen popularity 6/10  Uta Hagen quotes
9/10 Mary Tyler Moore popularity 9/10  Mary Tyler Moore quotes5/10 Shirley Knight popularity 5/10  Shirley Knight quotes
9/10 Katarina Witt popularity 9/10  Katarina Witt quotes5/10 Patsy Kelly popularity 5/10  Patsy Kelly quotes
9/10 Marlene Dietrich popularity 9/10  Marlene Dietrich quotes5/10 Liv Ullmann popularity 5/10  Liv Ullmann quotes
9/10 Mae West popularity 9/10  Mae West quotes5/10 Lindsay Lohan popularity 5/10  Lindsay Lohan quotes
9/10 Maggie Gyllenhaal popularity 9/10  Maggie Gyllenhaal quotes5/10 Ilka Chase popularity 5/10  Ilka Chase quotes
9/10 Maria Bello popularity 9/10  Maria Bello quotes5/10 Hermione Gingold popularity 5/10  Hermione Gingold quotes
9/10 Leelee Sobieski popularity 9/10  Leelee Sobieski quotes5/10 Judy Carter popularity 5/10  Judy Carter quotes
9/10 Lena Horne popularity 9/10  Lena Horne quotes5/10 Eleanora Duse popularity 5/10  Eleanora Duse quotes
9/10 Kirstie Alley popularity 9/10  Kirstie Alley quotes5/10 Dame Edith Evans popularity 5/10  Dame Edith Evans quotes
9/10 Kristin Davis popularity 9/10  Kristin Davis quotes5/10 De la Tour popularity 5/10  De la Tour quotes
9/10 Lara Flynn Boyle popularity 9/10  Lara Flynn Boyle quotes5/10 Anna Cora Mowatt popularity 5/10  Anna Cora Mowatt quotes
9/10 Kim Cattrall popularity 9/10  Kim Cattrall quotes5/10 Andrea Arnold popularity 5/10  Andrea Arnold quotes
9/10 Kathleen Turner popularity 9/10  Kathleen Turner quotes5/10 Constance Bennett popularity 5/10  Constance Bennett quotes
9/10 Kate Capshaw popularity 9/10  Kate Capshaw quotes3/10 Lynn Fontanne popularity 3/10  Lynn Fontanne quotes
9/10 Kaley Cuoco popularity 9/10  Kaley Cuoco quotes1/10 Dame Flora Robson popularity 1/10  Dame Flora Robson quotes
9/10 Julie Andrews popularity 9/10  Julie Andrews quotes0/10 Dame Margaret Kendal popularity 0/10  Dame Margaret Kendal quotes
9/10 Joan Severance popularity 9/10  Joan Severance quotes0/10 Eleanor Robson Belmont popularity 0/10  Eleanor Robson Belmont quotes
9/10 Jenna Elfman popularity 9/10  Jenna Elfman quotes0/10 Diane Keaton (orig. Diane Hall) popularity 0/10  Diane Keaton (orig. Diane Hall) quotes
9/10 Joan Collins popularity 9/10  Joan Collins quotes0/10 Frances Anne Kemble popularity 0/10  Frances Anne Kemble quotes
9/10 Jennie Garth popularity 9/10  Jennie Garth quotes0/10 Courtney Cox popularity 0/10  Courtney Cox quotes
9/10 Jayne Mansfield popularity 9/10  Jayne Mansfield quotes0/10 Charlotte Saunders Cushman popularity 0/10  Charlotte Saunders Cushman quotes
9/10 Gwyneth Paltrow popularity 9/10  Gwyneth Paltrow quotes0/10 Cody Wilshire popularity 0/10  Cody Wilshire quotes
9/10 Grace Kelly popularity 9/10  Grace Kelly quotes0/10 Barbara Rütting popularity 0/10  Barbara Rütting quotes
9/10 Geena Davis popularity 9/10  Geena Davis quotes0/10 Maria Montez popularity 0/10  Maria Montez quotes
9/10 Gena Lee Nolin popularity 9/10  Gena Lee Nolin quotes0/10 Marianne Jean-Baptiste popularity 0/10  Marianne Jean-Baptiste quotes
9/10 Elisabeth Shue popularity 9/10  Elisabeth Shue quotes0/10 Lisa Kudrow popularity 0/10  Lisa Kudrow quotes
9/10 Emily Procter popularity 9/10  Emily Procter quotes0/10 Lisa Shue popularity 0/10  Lisa Shue quotes
9/10 Elizabeth Taylor popularity 9/10  Elizabeth Taylor quotes0/10 Lauren Bacall popularity 0/10  Lauren Bacall quotes
9/10 Elle Macpherson popularity 9/10  Elle Macpherson quotes0/10 Kim Reeves popularity 0/10  Kim Reeves quotes
9/10 Ellen Barkin popularity 9/10  Ellen Barkin quotes0/10 Nancy Reagan popularity 0/10  Nancy Reagan quotes
9/10 Ellen DeGeneres popularity 9/10  Ellen DeGeneres quotes0/10 Nanette Newman popularity 0/10  Nanette Newman quotes
9/10 Diana Rigg popularity 9/10  Diana Rigg quotes0/10 Naomi Watts popularity 0/10  Naomi Watts quotes
9/10 Doris Day popularity 9/10  Doris Day quotes0/10 Mary-Louise Parker popularity 0/10  Mary-Louise Parker quotes
9/10 Cynthia Nixon popularity 9/10  Cynthia Nixon quotes0/10 Joy Page popularity 0/10  Joy Page quotes
9/10 Danica McKellar popularity 9/10  Danica McKellar quotes0/10 Jorja Fox popularity 0/10  Jorja Fox quotes
9/10 Daryl Hannah popularity 9/10  Daryl Hannah quotes0/10 Josephine Hull popularity 0/10  Josephine Hull quotes
9/10 Cate Blanchett popularity 9/10  Cate Blanchett quotes0/10 Joan Fontaine popularity 0/10  Joan Fontaine quotes
9/10 Claire Forlani popularity 9/10  Claire Forlani quotes0/10 Idina Menzel popularity 0/10  Idina Menzel quotes
9/10 Bridget Moynahan popularity 9/10  Bridget Moynahan quotes0/10 Jane Sherwood Ace popularity 0/10  Jane Sherwood Ace quotes
9/10 Brigitte Bardot popularity 9/10  Brigitte Bardot quotes0/10 Petula Clark popularity 0/10  Petula Clark quotes
9/10 Adriana Karembeu popularity 9/10  Adriana Karembeu quotes0/10 Rebecca Gayheart popularity 0/10  Rebecca Gayheart quotes
9/10 Barbra Streisand popularity 9/10  Barbra Streisand quotes0/10 Sabina Sesselmann popularity 0/10  Sabina Sesselmann quotes
9/10 Bernadette Peters popularity 9/10  Bernadette Peters quotes0/10 Signourney Weaver popularity 0/10  Signourney Weaver quotes
9/10 Bette Midler popularity 9/10  Bette Midler quotes0/10 Tammy Lynn Micheals popularity 0/10  Tammy Lynn Micheals quotes
9/10 Asia Argento popularity 9/10  Asia Argento quotes 
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