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English Authors

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  "Alf" Shrubb quotes1872 Bertrand Russell popularity 8/10  Bertrand Russell quotes
 Albert Pine popularity 0/10  Albert Pine quotes1872 Max Beerbohm popularity 5/10  Max Beerbohm quotes
 Aqariya News Magazine popularity 0/10  Aqariya News Magazine quotes1872 Ralph Vaughan Williams popularity 7/10  Ralph Vaughan Williams quotes
 Barrie Pepper popularity 0/10  Barrie Pepper quotes1873 George Moore popularity 6/10  George Moore quotes
 Blackadder popularity 0/10  Blackadder quotes1873 Ford Madox Ford popularity 3/10  Ford Madox Ford quotes
 Celia Brayfield popularity 0/10  Celia Brayfield quotes1874 G. K. Chesterton popularity 6/10  G. K. Chesterton quotes
 Garth Marenghi popularity 0/10  Garth Marenghi quotes1874 Holbrook Jackson popularity 1/10  Holbrook Jackson quotes
 Jack the Ripper popularity 9/10  Jack the Ripper quotes1874 Robert Service popularity 8/10  Robert Service quotes
 J. Hudson Taylor popularity 0/10  J. Hudson Taylor quotes1874 William Somerset Maugham popularity 6/10  William Somerset Maugham quotes
 Joanna Field popularity 0/10  Joanna Field quotes1875 Evelyn Underhill popularity 6/10  Evelyn Underhill quotes
 John R.W. Stott popularity 0/10  John R.W. Stott quotes1875 Aleister Crowley popularity 9/10  Aleister Crowley quotes
 Minette Marin popularity 0/10  Minette Marin quotes1876 Helen Rowland popularity 5/10  Helen Rowland quotes
 Rodney Barker popularity 5/10  Rodney Barker quotes1877 James Jeans popularity 8/10  James Jeans quotes
 Sandra Sturtz Hauss popularity 0/10  Sandra Sturtz Hauss quotes1879 E. M. Forster popularity 5/10  E. M. Forster quotes
 Simon Haynes popularity 0/10  Simon Haynes quotes1879 William Beveridge popularity 5/10  William Beveridge quotes
 Thomas Babington popularity 5/10  Thomas Babington quotes1879 Sydney Greenstreet popularity 6/10  Sydney Greenstreet quotes
1268 Henry de Bracton popularity 0/10  Henry de Bracton quotes1880 Josiah Charles Stamp popularity 0/10  Josiah Charles Stamp quotes
1343 Geoffrey Chaucer popularity 8/10  Geoffrey Chaucer quotes1880 Alfred Noyes popularity 7/10  Alfred Noyes quotes
1422 William Caxton popularity 7/10  William Caxton quotes1881 Daisy Ashford popularity 0/10  Daisy Ashford quotes
1470 Sir Thomas Malory popularity 7/10  Sir Thomas Malory quotes1881 Edward F. Halifax popularity 0/10  Edward F. Halifax quotes
1477 Thomas More popularity 8/10  Thomas More quotes1881 Rose Macaulay popularity 5/10  Rose Macaulay quotes
1496 Queen Mary I of England popularity 0/10  Queen Mary I of England quotes1882 Sir Arthur Eddington popularity 5/10  Sir Arthur Eddington quotes
1497 John Heywood popularity 5/10  John Heywood quotes1882 Virginia Woolf popularity 8/10  Virginia Woolf quotes
1503 Sir Thomas Wyatt popularity 0/10  Sir Thomas Wyatt quotes1882 Wyndham Lewis popularity 5/10  Wyndham Lewis quotes
1524 Thomas Tusser popularity 0/10  Thomas Tusser quotes1882 J. C. Squire popularity 0/10  J. C. Squire quotes
1530 Thomas Hoby popularity 0/10  Thomas Hoby quotes1882 John Drinkwater popularity 5/10  John Drinkwater quotes
1539 Sir Humphrey Gilbert popularity 7/10  Sir Humphrey Gilbert quotes1882 A. A. Milne popularity 7/10  A. A. Milne quotes
1551 William Camden popularity 5/10  William Camden quotes1883 John Maynard Keynes popularity 8/10  John Maynard Keynes quotes
1552 Edward Coke popularity 0/10  Edward Coke quotes1884 James Elroy Flecker popularity 0/10  James Elroy Flecker quotes
1554 Walter Raleigh, Sr. popularity 0/10  Walter Raleigh, Sr. quotes1884 Lord Brabazon popularity 0/10  Lord Brabazon quotes
1554 Sir Philip Sidney popularity 7/10  Sir Philip Sidney quotes1885 David Herbert Lawrence popularity 0/10  David Herbert Lawrence quotes
1554 Richard Hooker popularity 6/10  Richard Hooker quotes1886 Harold Nicolson popularity 0/10  Harold Nicolson quotes
1555 Lancelot Andrewes popularity 3/10  Lancelot Andrewes quotes1886 Rex Stout popularity 6/10  Rex Stout quotes
1558 Thomas Lodge popularity 3/10  Thomas Lodge quotes1887 Rupert Brooke popularity 7/10  Rupert Brooke quotes
1561 Francis Bacon, Sr. popularity 0/10  Francis Bacon, Sr. quotes1887 Dame Edith Sitwell popularity 5/10  Dame Edith Sitwell quotes
1564 Christopher Marlowe popularity 8/10  Christopher Marlowe quotes1887 Bernard Law Montgomery popularity 0/10  Bernard Law Montgomery quotes
1564 William Adams (explorer) popularity 0/10  William Adams (explorer) quotes1887 Boris Karloff popularity 8/10  Boris Karloff quotes
1564 William Shakespeare popularity 10/10  William Shakespeare quotes1888 Ronald Knox popularity 3/10  Ronald Knox quotes
1567 Thomas Campion popularity 5/10  Thomas Campion quotes1888 T.S. Eliot popularity 8/10  T.S. Eliot quotes
1568 Henry Wotton, Sr. popularity 0/10  Henry Wotton, Sr. quotes1888 Joyce Cary popularity 3/10  Joyce Cary quotes
1570 Thomas Dekker popularity 7/10  Thomas Dekker quotes1889 Margery Allingham popularity 6/10  Margery Allingham quotes
1572 John Donne popularity 8/10  John Donne quotes1889 Philip Guedalla popularity 0/10  Philip Guedalla quotes
1572 Ben Jonson popularity 8/10  Ben Jonson quotes1889 Robin G. Collingwood popularity 0/10  Robin G. Collingwood quotes
1577 Robert Burton popularity 6/10  Robert Burton quotes1889 Arnold Toynbee popularity 6/10  Arnold Toynbee quotes
1579 John Fletcher popularity 6/10  John Fletcher quotes1889 Enid Bagnold popularity 5/10  Enid Bagnold quotes
1580 John Webster popularity 6/10  John Webster quotes1890 Agatha Christie popularity 8/10  Agatha Christie quotes
1588 Thomas Hobbes popularity 9/10  Thomas Hobbes quotes1890 Alan Herbert popularity 0/10  Alan Herbert quotes
1592 Francis Quarles popularity 0/10  Francis Quarles quotes1890 Richmal Crompton popularity 0/10  Richmal Crompton quotes
1593 George Herbert popularity 7/10  George Herbert quotes1891 Sir Stanley Spencer popularity 3/10  Sir Stanley Spencer quotes
1593 Izaak Walton popularity 6/10  Izaak Walton quotes1892 Sir Osbert Sitwell popularity 0/10  Sir Osbert Sitwell quotes
1600 Charles I popularity 8/10  Charles I quotes1892 Rebecca West popularity 6/10  Rebecca West quotes
1603 Roger Williams popularity 8/10  Roger Williams quotes1892 J.R.R. Tolkien popularity 8/10  J.R.R. Tolkien quotes
1606 Edmund Waller popularity 5/10  Edmund Waller quotes1893 Vera Brittain (Mary) popularity 0/10  Vera Brittain (Mary) quotes
1608 John Milton popularity 8/10  John Milton quotes1893 Wilfred Owen popularity 8/10  Wilfred Owen quotes
1611 James Harrington popularity 6/10  James Harrington quotes1894 Tommy Manville popularity 0/10  Tommy Manville quotes
1613 Jeremy Taylor popularity 6/10  Jeremy Taylor quotes1894 J. B. Priestley popularity 3/10  J. B. Priestley quotes
1613 Richard Crashaw popularity 6/10  Richard Crashaw quotes1894 Aldous Huxley popularity 8/10  Aldous Huxley quotes
1618 Abraham Cowley popularity 3/10  Abraham Cowley quotes1894 Charles Morgan popularity 6/10  Charles Morgan quotes
1620 John Evelyn popularity 5/10  John Evelyn quotes1895 Leslie Poles Hartley popularity 0/10  Leslie Poles Hartley quotes
1621 Andrew Marvell popularity 7/10  Andrew Marvell quotes1896 R. C. Sherriff popularity 0/10  R. C. Sherriff quotes
1626 John Aubrey popularity 5/10  John Aubrey quotes1897 Anthony Eden popularity 6/10  Anthony Eden quotes
1627 John Ray popularity 7/10  John Ray quotes1898 Cecil Maurice Bowra popularity 0/10  Cecil Maurice Bowra quotes
1628 John Bunyan popularity 7/10  John Bunyan quotes1898 Henry Moore popularity 8/10  Henry Moore quotes
1630 Charles II popularity 7/10  Charles II quotes1899 James Laver popularity 0/10  James Laver quotes
1632 John Locke popularity 9/10  John Locke quotes1899 Alfred Hitchcock popularity 9/10  Alfred Hitchcock quotes
1633 George Savile popularity 0/10  George Savile quotes1899 Noel Coward popularity 7/10  Noel Coward quotes
1633 Samuel Pepys popularity 7/10  Samuel Pepys quotes1900 Victor Sawdon Pritchett popularity 0/10  Victor Sawdon Pritchett quotes
1635 Thomas Betterton popularity 0/10  Thomas Betterton quotes1900 Basil Bunting popularity 5/10  Basil Bunting quotes
1637 Thomas Traherne popularity 5/10  Thomas Traherne quotes1900 James Hilton popularity 6/10  James Hilton quotes
1640 Aphra Behn popularity 7/10  Aphra Behn quotes1900 Elizabeth, the Queen Mother popularity 0/10  Elizabeth, the Queen Mother quotes
1642 Isaac Newton popularity 10/10  Isaac Newton quotes1901 Edith Clara Summerskill popularity 0/10  Edith Clara Summerskill quotes
1644 William Penn popularity 9/10  William Penn quotes1902 Beryl Markham popularity 6/10  Beryl Markham quotes
1647 John Wilmot (2nd Earl of Rochester) popularity 0/10  John Wilmot (2nd Earl of Rochester) quotes1902 Brooke Astor popularity 0/10  Brooke Astor quotes
1652 Thomas Otway popularity 0/10  Thomas Otway quotes1902 David Cecil popularity 0/10  David Cecil quotes
1664 Sir John Vanbrugh popularity 0/10  Sir John Vanbrugh quotes1902 Doug Larson popularity 6/10  Doug Larson quotes
1669 Susannah Centlivre popularity 1/10  Susannah Centlivre quotes1902 Paul Dirac popularity 6/10  Paul Dirac quotes
1671 Colley Cibber popularity 3/10  Colley Cibber quotes1902 Ralph Richardson popularity 5/10  Ralph Richardson quotes
1672 Joseph Addison popularity 7/10  Joseph Addison quotes1903 William Plomer popularity 0/10  William Plomer quotes
1674 Isaac Watts popularity 6/10  Isaac Watts quotes1903 Donald Soper popularity 0/10  Donald Soper quotes
1679 Abel Evans popularity 0/10  Abel Evans quotes1903 Cyril Connolly popularity 5/10  Cyril Connolly quotes
1683 Edward Young popularity 5/10  Edward Young quotes1903 Bob Hope popularity 8/10  Bob Hope quotes
1683 King George II popularity 7/10  King George II quotes1903 Evelyn Waugh popularity 7/10  Evelyn Waugh quotes
1685 George Frideric Handel popularity 8/10  George Frideric Handel quotes1903 George Orwell popularity 8/10  George Orwell quotes
1685 John Gay popularity 6/10  John Gay quotes1904 Graham Greene popularity 8/10  Graham Greene quotes
1688 Alexander Pope popularity 8/10  Alexander Pope quotes1904 Christopher Isherwood popularity 6/10  Christopher Isherwood quotes
1692 John Byrom popularity 0/10  John Byrom quotes1904 Cecil Beaton popularity 7/10  Cecil Beaton quotes
1694 Earl Of Chesterfield popularity 0/10  Earl Of Chesterfield quotes1904 Nancy Mitford popularity 5/10  Nancy Mitford quotes
1703 John Wesley popularity 8/10  John Wesley quotes1905 Mary Renault popularity 6/10  Mary Renault quotes
1707 Carolus Linnaeus popularity 8/10  Carolus Linnaeus quotes1905 Anthony Powell popularity 6/10  Anthony Powell quotes
1709 Samuel Johnson popularity 8/10  Samuel Johnson quotes1906 Henry Youngman popularity 5/10  Henry Youngman quotes
1712 George Grenville popularity 7/10  George Grenville quotes1907 Christopher Fry popularity 5/10  Christopher Fry quotes
1713 Laurence Sterne popularity 5/10  Laurence Sterne quotes1907 Laurence Olivier, Sir popularity 0/10  Laurence Olivier, Sir quotes
1716 Thomas Gray popularity 7/10  Thomas Gray quotes1907 Sir Henry Cotton popularity 0/10  Sir Henry Cotton quotes
1717 Horace Walpole popularity 6/10  Horace Walpole quotes1907 W. H. Auden popularity 7/10  W. H. Auden quotes
1717 David Garrick popularity 6/10  David Garrick quotes1907 W.H. Auden popularity 0/10  W.H. Auden quotes
1722 Christopher Smart popularity 5/10  Christopher Smart quotes1908 Robert Morley popularity 5/10  Robert Morley quotes
1723 William Blackstone popularity 7/10  William Blackstone quotes1908 Quentin Crisp popularity 6/10  Quentin Crisp quotes
1725 John Wilkes popularity 6/10  John Wilkes quotes1908 Greer Garson popularity 7/10  Greer Garson quotes
1725 John Newton popularity 8/10  John Newton quotes1909 Eric Ambler popularity 5/10  Eric Ambler quotes
1729 Thomas Percy popularity 5/10  Thomas Percy quotes1909 C. Northcote Parkinson popularity 5/10  C. Northcote Parkinson quotes
1731 William Cowper popularity 6/10  William Cowper quotes1910 William Shockley popularity 8/10  William Shockley quotes
1733 Joseph Priestley popularity 8/10  Joseph Priestley quotes1911 William G. Golding popularity 0/10  William G. Golding quotes
1737 Thomas Paine popularity 9/10  Thomas Paine quotes1913 Benjamin Britten popularity 8/10  Benjamin Britten quotes
1737 Edward Gibbon popularity 6/10  Edward Gibbon quotes1915 Theodore H. White popularity 5/10  Theodore H. White quotes
1749 Edward Jenner popularity 9/10  Edward Jenner quotes1916 Peter Finch popularity 5/10  Peter Finch quotes
1751 John Eldon popularity 0/10  John Eldon quotes1917 Arthur C. Clarke popularity 8/10  Arthur C. Clarke quotes
1751 Richard Brinsley Sheridan popularity 5/10  Richard Brinsley Sheridan quotes1917 Anthony Burgess popularity 7/10  Anthony Burgess quotes
1752 Thomas Chatterton popularity 5/10  Thomas Chatterton quotes1917 Jessica Mitford popularity 6/10  Jessica Mitford quotes
1752 Fanny Burney popularity 6/10  Fanny Burney quotes1919 Margot Fonteyn popularity 8/10  Margot Fonteyn quotes
1754 George Crabbe popularity 0/10  George Crabbe quotes1921 Peter Ustinov popularity 6/10  Peter Ustinov quotes
1754 Thomas Bowdler popularity 5/10  Thomas Bowdler quotes1921 Edgar Z. Friedenberg popularity 0/10  Edgar Z. Friedenberg quotes
1757 William Blake popularity 9/10  William Blake quotes1922 Philip Larkin popularity 7/10  Philip Larkin quotes
1762 George Colman, the Younger popularity 0/10  George Colman, the Younger quotes1922 Kingsley Amis popularity 6/10  Kingsley Amis quotes
1763 William Cobbett popularity 5/10  William Cobbett quotes1923 Denise Levertov popularity 7/10  Denise Levertov quotes
1763 Samuel Rogers popularity 0/10  Samuel Rogers quotes1923 Freeman Dyson popularity 6/10  Freeman Dyson quotes
1764 Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey popularity 0/10  Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey quotes1924 Joan Delano Aiken popularity 3/10  Joan Delano Aiken quotes
1765 Charles Dibdin popularity 0/10  Charles Dibdin quotes1924 Benny Hill popularity 9/10  Benny Hill quotes
1766 John Dalton popularity 9/10  John Dalton quotes1925 Gerald Durrell popularity 5/10  Gerald Durrell quotes
1766 Robert Bloomfield popularity 5/10  Robert Bloomfield quotes1925 Tony Benn popularity 6/10  Tony Benn quotes
1766 Samuel Wesley popularity 5/10  Samuel Wesley quotes1926 Eric Morecambe popularity 6/10  Eric Morecambe quotes
1766 Thomas Robert Malthus popularity 6/10  Thomas Robert Malthus quotes1926 John Berger popularity 6/10  John Berger quotes
1769 John Hookham Frere popularity 0/10  John Hookham Frere quotes1927 Kenneth Tynan popularity 3/10  Kenneth Tynan quotes
1770 William Wordsworth popularity 8/10  William Wordsworth quotes1927 Roger Moore popularity 8/10  Roger Moore quotes
1771 Sydney Smith popularity 5/10  Sydney Smith quotes1928 Bob Monkhouse popularity 5/10  Bob Monkhouse quotes
1772 Samuel Taylor Coleridge popularity 8/10  Samuel Taylor Coleridge quotes1928 Anita Brookner popularity 3/10  Anita Brookner quotes
1774 Robert Southey popularity 5/10  Robert Southey quotes1929 Christopher Plummer popularity 8/10  Christopher Plummer quotes
1775 Walter Savage Landor popularity 5/10  Walter Savage Landor quotes1929 Joan Plowright popularity 7/10  Joan Plowright quotes
1775 Charles Lamb popularity 7/10  Charles Lamb quotes1929 Len Deighton popularity 6/10  Len Deighton quotes
1776 John Constable popularity 7/10  John Constable quotes1930 Harold Pinter popularity 7/10  Harold Pinter quotes
1778 Humphrey Davy popularity 6/10  Humphrey Davy quotes1931 John LeCarre popularity 6/10  John LeCarre quotes
1780 Charles Caleb Colton popularity 5/10  Charles Caleb Colton quotes1931 Diana Dors popularity 8/10  Diana Dors quotes
1782 Ann Taylor popularity 9/10  Ann Taylor quotes1931 Colin Wilson popularity 7/10  Colin Wilson quotes
1783 Bishop Heber popularity 0/10  Bishop Heber quotes1932 Elizabeth Taylor popularity 9/10  Elizabeth Taylor quotes
1784 Leigh Hunt popularity 6/10  Leigh Hunt quotes1932 Petula Clark popularity 0/10  Petula Clark quotes
1784 Lord Palmerston popularity 6/10  Lord Palmerston quotes1933 Joan Collins popularity 9/10  Joan Collins quotes
1785 Thomas Love Peacock popularity 5/10  Thomas Love Peacock quotes1933 Ashleigh Brilliant popularity 6/10  Ashleigh Brilliant quotes
1786 Benjamin Haydon popularity 0/10  Benjamin Haydon quotes1934 Alan Bennett popularity 5/10  Alan Bennett quotes
1787 Mary Russell Mitford popularity 5/10  Mary Russell Mitford quotes1934 Eleanor Bron popularity 6/10  Eleanor Bron quotes
1788 Lord Byron popularity 8/10  Lord Byron quotes1934 Jonathan Miller popularity 6/10  Jonathan Miller quotes
1788 Rev. R. H. Barham popularity 0/10  Rev. R. H. Barham quotes1934 Sir Alan Bates popularity 0/10  Sir Alan Bates quotes
1791 Michael Faraday popularity 8/10  Michael Faraday quotes1935 Brian Clough popularity 5/10  Brian Clough quotes
1792 Percy Bysshe Shelley popularity 8/10  Percy Bysshe Shelley quotes1935 David Lodge popularity 6/10  David Lodge quotes
1792 John Keble popularity 5/10  John Keble quotes1935 David Prowse popularity 7/10  David Prowse quotes
1793 John Clare popularity 6/10  John Clare quotes1935 Dudley Moore popularity 7/10  Dudley Moore quotes
1795 John Keats popularity 8/10  John Keats quotes1937 Anthony Hopkins popularity 8/10  Anthony Hopkins quotes
1797 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley popularity 6/10  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley quotes1937 Peter Cook popularity 7/10  Peter Cook quotes
1797 Thomas Haynes Bayly popularity 5/10  Thomas Haynes Bayly quotes1937 Willy Rushton popularity 0/10  Willy Rushton quotes
1799 Thomas Hood popularity 6/10  Thomas Hood quotes1938 Diana Rigg popularity 9/10  Diana Rigg quotes
1800 Thomas Babington Macaulay popularity 5/10  Thomas Babington Macaulay quotes1938 David Bailey popularity 8/10  David Bailey quotes
1801 John Henry Newman popularity 5/10  John Henry Newman quotes1939 John Cleese popularity 8/10  John Cleese quotes
1802 Harriet Martineau popularity 7/10  Harriet Martineau quotes1940 John Lennon popularity 10/10  John Lennon quotes
1803 Clement Attlee popularity 6/10  Clement Attlee quotes1940 Angela Carter popularity 7/10  Angela Carter quotes
1803 Douglas Jerrold popularity 0/10  Douglas Jerrold quotes1940 Linda Reid popularity 0/10  Linda Reid quotes
1803 Susanna Strickland Moodie popularity 0/10  Susanna Strickland Moodie quotes1940 Sir Cliff Richard popularity 0/10  Sir Cliff Richard quotes
1803 Thomas Lovell Beddoes popularity 0/10  Thomas Lovell Beddoes quotes1941 Dave Berry popularity 8/10  Dave Berry quotes
1804 Richard Owen popularity 6/10  Richard Owen quotes1941 Jackie Collins popularity 7/10  Jackie Collins quotes
1805 Samuel Palmer popularity 5/10  Samuel Palmer quotes1942 Anita Roddick popularity 7/10  Anita Roddick quotes
1806 Elizabeth Barrett Browning popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Barrett Browning quotes1942 Stephen Hawking popularity 9/10  Stephen Hawking quotes
1806 John Stuart Mill popularity 8/10  John Stuart Mill quotes1942 Paul McCartney popularity 10/10  Paul McCartney quotes
1809 Charles Darwin popularity 9/10  Charles Darwin quotes1942 Neil Kinnock popularity 5/10  Neil Kinnock quotes
1809 Alfred, Lord Tennyson popularity 0/10  Alfred, Lord Tennyson quotes1943 Keith Richards popularity 8/10  Keith Richards quotes
1811 John Bright popularity 6/10  John Bright quotes1943 Brian Jones popularity 8/10  Brian Jones quotes
1811 William Makepeace Thackeray popularity 6/10  William Makepeace Thackeray quotes1943 Eric Idle popularity 8/10  Eric Idle quotes
1812 Robert Browning popularity 8/10  Robert Browning quotes1943 George Harrison popularity 9/10  George Harrison quotes
1812 Edward Lear popularity 8/10  Edward Lear quotes1944 Francesca Annis popularity 8/10  Francesca Annis quotes
1812 Charles Dickens popularity 9/10  Charles Dickens quotes1944 Frank Oz popularity 8/10  Frank Oz quotes
1813 Arthur Helps popularity 0/10  Arthur Helps quotes1944 Jacqueline Bisset popularity 8/10  Jacqueline Bisset quotes
1816 Charlotte Bronte popularity 8/10  Charlotte Bronte quotes1944 Jimmy Page popularity 9/10  Jimmy Page quotes
1816 Frederick W. Robertson popularity 0/10  Frederick W. Robertson quotes1944 Alan Parker popularity 5/10  Alan Parker quotes
1816 Sir John Simon popularity 0/10  Sir John Simon quotes1944 Ray Davies popularity 8/10  Ray Davies quotes
1816 Philip James Bailey popularity 3/10  Philip James Bailey quotes1945 David Pleat popularity 0/10  David Pleat quotes
1817 G. H. Lewes popularity 0/10  G. H. Lewes quotes1945 Davy Jones popularity 7/10  Davy Jones quotes
1818 Emily Bronte popularity 8/10  Emily Bronte quotes1946 Marianne Faithfull popularity 8/10  Marianne Faithfull quotes
1819 George Eliot popularity 8/10  George Eliot quotes1947 David Bowie popularity 10/10  David Bowie quotes
1819 John Ruskin popularity 7/10  John Ruskin quotes1947 Cat Stevens popularity 9/10  Cat Stevens quotes
1819 Arthur Hugh Clough popularity 3/10  Arthur Hugh Clough quotes1947 Jeff Lynne popularity 8/10  Jeff Lynne quotes
1820 Anna Sewell popularity 7/10  Anna Sewell quotes1948 Terry Pratchett popularity 8/10  Terry Pratchett quotes
1820 Anne Bronte popularity 6/10  Anne Bronte quotes1949 Richard Thompson popularity 8/10  Richard Thompson quotes
1822 Matthew Arnold popularity 7/10  Matthew Arnold quotes1949 Maurice Gibb popularity 7/10  Maurice Gibb quotes
1823 William Johnson Cory popularity 0/10  William Johnson Cory quotes1949 Christopher Hitchens popularity 8/10  Christopher Hitchens quotes
1823 Charles Buxton popularity 5/10  Charles Buxton quotes1950 Bruce Oldfield popularity 0/10  Bruce Oldfield quotes
1825 Adelaide Anne Procter popularity 0/10  Adelaide Anne Procter quotes1950 Dr. Tony Giles popularity 0/10  Dr. Tony Giles quotes
1825 Thomas Henry Huxley popularity 5/10  Thomas Henry Huxley quotes1950 Andrew Brown popularity 6/10  Andrew Brown quotes
1826 Dinah Maria Mulock Craik popularity 0/10  Dinah Maria Mulock Craik quotes1950 Peter Gabriel popularity 9/10  Peter Gabriel quotes
1827 Elizabeth Adamson popularity 0/10  Elizabeth Adamson quotes1953 Richard Fairbrass popularity 0/10  Richard Fairbrass quotes
1828 George Meredith popularity 5/10  George Meredith quotes1953 Robyn Hitchcock popularity 8/10  Robyn Hitchcock quotes
1829 H.P.Liddon popularity 0/10  H.P.Liddon quotes1953 Andy Partridge popularity 6/10  Andy Partridge quotes
1829 William Booth popularity 7/10  William Booth quotes1954 Berton Averre popularity 0/10  Berton Averre quotes
1830 Christina G. Rossetti popularity 0/10  Christina G. Rossetti quotes1955 Billy Idol popularity 10/10  Billy Idol quotes
1831 C. S. Calverley popularity 0/10  C. S. Calverley quotes1955 Captain Sensible popularity 7/10  Captain Sensible quotes
1831 Amelia E. Barr popularity 0/10  Amelia E. Barr quotes1956 Rowan Atkinson popularity 8/10  Rowan Atkinson quotes
1832 Lewis Carroll popularity 9/10  Lewis Carroll quotes1956 Kim Cattrall popularity 9/10  Kim Cattrall quotes
1834 Lord Acton popularity 6/10  Lord Acton quotes1957 Nick Hornby popularity 7/10  Nick Hornby quotes
1834 Charles H. Spurgeon popularity 5/10  Charles H. Spurgeon quotes1957 Billy Bragg popularity 8/10  Billy Bragg quotes
1834 John Lubbock popularity 0/10  John Lubbock quotes1958 Andy Gibb popularity 8/10  Andy Gibb quotes
1834 John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton popularity 0/10  John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton quotes1958 Mike Peters popularity 5/10  Mike Peters quotes
1835 Samuel Butler popularity 6/10  Samuel Butler quotes1958 Lita Ford popularity 0/10  Lita Ford quotes
1836 William S. Gilbert popularity 5/10  William S. Gilbert quotes1958 Simon LeBon popularity 7/10  Simon LeBon quotes
1836 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson popularity 6/10  Elizabeth Garrett Anderson quotes1959 Tracey Ullman popularity 8/10  Tracey Ullman quotes
1837 Algernon Charles Swinburne popularity 6/10  Algernon Charles Swinburne quotes1959 Ben Elton popularity 7/10  Ben Elton quotes
1838 H. R. Haweis popularity 0/10  H. R. Haweis quotes1959 Hugh Laurie popularity 9/10  Hugh Laurie quotes
1838 John Morley popularity 5/10  John Morley quotes1960 Hugh Grant popularity 8/10  Hugh Grant quotes
1839 Marie Louise De La Ramee popularity 5/10  Marie Louise De La Ramee quotes1960 Ellis Hadlock popularity 0/10  Ellis Hadlock quotes
1840 Austin Dobson popularity 0/10  Austin Dobson quotes1960 Kim Wilde popularity 9/10  Kim Wilde quotes
1844 Robert Bridges popularity 5/10  Robert Bridges quotes1960 Kenneth Branagh popularity 8/10  Kenneth Branagh quotes
1845 George Saintsbury popularity 3/10  George Saintsbury quotes1960 Neil Gaiman popularity 8/10  Neil Gaiman quotes
1847 George Grossmith popularity 5/10  George Grossmith quotes1961 Tim Roth popularity 7/10  Tim Roth quotes
1847 Annie Besant popularity 6/10  Annie Besant quotes1961 Andrea Arnold popularity 5/10  Andrea Arnold quotes
1849 Dame Margaret Kendal popularity 0/10  Dame Margaret Kendal quotes1962 Mark Haddon popularity 7/10  Mark Haddon quotes
1849 Edmund Gosse popularity 5/10  Edmund Gosse quotes1965 Alex Winter popularity 6/10  Alex Winter quotes
1850 Samuel Gompers popularity 8/10  Samuel Gompers quotes1965 Elizabeth Hurley popularity 10/10  Elizabeth Hurley quotes
1851 Henry Arthur Jones popularity 0/10  Henry Arthur Jones quotes1965 Joanne Kathleen Rowling popularity 8/10  Joanne Kathleen Rowling quotes
1852 Francis William Bourdillon popularity 5/10  Francis William Bourdillon quotes1967 Emily Watson popularity 8/10  Emily Watson quotes
1853 Herbert Beerbohm Tree popularity 0/10  Herbert Beerbohm Tree quotes1968 Naomi Watts popularity 0/10  Naomi Watts quotes
1854 Jennie Jerome Churchill popularity 0/10  Jennie Jerome Churchill quotes1968 Thom Yorke popularity 8/10  Thom Yorke quotes
1857 Joseph Conrad popularity 8/10  Joseph Conrad quotes1971 Paul Bettany popularity 8/10  Paul Bettany quotes
1858 William Watson popularity 6/10  William Watson quotes1971 Dido popularity 10/10  Dido quotes
1859 Lord (George Nathaniel) Curzon popularity 0/10  Lord (George Nathaniel) Curzon quotes1972 Claire Forlani popularity 9/10  Claire Forlani quotes
1859 Francis Thompson popularity 6/10  Francis Thompson quotes1972 Jude Law popularity 10/10  Jude Law quotes
1859 A. E. Housman popularity 6/10  A. E. Housman quotes1972 Wentworth Miller popularity 9/10  Wentworth Miller quotes
1860 Dan Leno popularity 0/10  Dan Leno quotes1973 Kate Beckinsale popularity 10/10  Kate Beckinsale quotes
1860 C T Studd popularity 0/10  C T Studd quotes1973 Denise Van Outen popularity 8/10  Denise Van Outen quotes
1860 William Ralph Inge popularity 0/10  William Ralph Inge quotes1973 Howard John Davies popularity 0/10  Howard John Davies quotes
1861 Albert Chevalier popularity 0/10  Albert Chevalier quotes1974 Kate Moss popularity 10/10  Kate Moss quotes
1862 Arthur Christopher Benson popularity 0/10  Arthur Christopher Benson quotes1974 Robbie Williams popularity 10/10  Robbie Williams quotes
1862 Eden Phillpotts popularity 0/10  Eden Phillpotts quotes1974 Victoria Beckham popularity 10/10  Victoria Beckham quotes
1862 Frederick Delius popularity 5/10  Frederick Delius quotes1975 David Beckham popularity 10/10  David Beckham quotes
1863 Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch popularity 0/10  Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch quotes1976 Cat Deeley popularity 8/10  Cat Deeley quotes
1864 Israel Zangwill popularity 5/10  Israel Zangwill quotes1976 Abi Titmuss popularity 10/10  Abi Titmuss quotes
1865 Rudyard Kipling popularity 9/10  Rudyard Kipling quotes1977 Orlando Bloom popularity 10/10  Orlando Bloom quotes
1866 H. G. Wells popularity 6/10  H. G. Wells quotes1978 Katie Price popularity 10/10  Katie Price quotes
1866 Beatrix Potter popularity 8/10  Beatrix Potter quotes1979 Sophie Ellis-Bextor popularity 6/10  Sophie Ellis-Bextor quotes
1867 John Galsworthy popularity 6/10  John Galsworthy quotes1979 Sean Reichle popularity 0/10  Sean Reichle quotes
1867 Queen Mary (consort of George V) popularity 0/10  Queen Mary (consort of George V) quotes1981 Sean Conlon popularity 5/10  Sean Conlon quotes
1868 Robert Falcon Scott popularity 8/10  Robert Falcon Scott quotes1981 Donna Ann Evans popularity 0/10  Donna Ann Evans quotes
1868 George Arliss popularity 0/10  George Arliss quotes1982 James Anderson (cricket player) popularity 0/10  James Anderson (cricket player) quotes
1868 E. V. Lucas popularity 0/10  E. V. Lucas quotes1983 Jennifer Ellison popularity 10/10  Jennifer Ellison quotes
1870 H. H. Munro popularity 6/10  H. H. Munro quotes1986 Charlotte Church popularity 10/10  Charlotte Church quotes
1870 Harry Vardon popularity 6/10  Harry Vardon quotes1986 Brittany Renée popularity 0/10  Brittany Renée quotes
1872 Aubrey Beardsley popularity 8/10  Aubrey Beardsley quotes1990 Emma Watson popularity 10/10  Emma Watson quotes
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