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British Authors

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1996 Spice Girls popularity 10/10  Spice Girls quotes1882 Leopold Stokowski popularity 5/10  Leopold Stokowski quotes
1989 Daniel Radcliffe popularity 10/10  Daniel Radcliffe quotes1881 Margery Williams popularity 0/10  Margery Williams quotes
1983 Cheryl Tweedy popularity 9/10  Cheryl Tweedy quotes1881 Edgar A. Guest popularity 5/10  Edgar A. Guest quotes
1979 Sophie Dahl popularity 8/10  Sophie Dahl quotes1879 Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess popularity 0/10  Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess quotes
1976 Tim Rice-Oxley popularity 0/10  Tim Rice-Oxley quotes1878 John Masefield popularity 6/10  John Masefield quotes
1976 Emma Bunton popularity 10/10  Emma Bunton quotes1875 Queen Marie of Romania popularity 0/10  Queen Marie of Romania quotes
1976 Jon McGregor popularity 0/10  Jon McGregor quotes1874 Winston Churchill popularity 10/10  Winston Churchill quotes
1975 Kate Winslet popularity 10/10  Kate Winslet quotes1872 Lord Hailsham popularity 0/10  Lord Hailsham quotes
1975 Sienna Guillory popularity 9/10  Sienna Guillory quotes1871 Ernest Rutherford popularity 9/10  Ernest Rutherford quotes
1969 Rachel Kelsey popularity 0/10  Rachel Kelsey quotes1867 Edward Frederick Benson popularity 0/10  Edward Frederick Benson quotes
1969 Catherine Zeta Jones popularity 10/10  Catherine Zeta Jones quotes1867 Arnold Bennett popularity 5/10  Arnold Bennett quotes
1968 Catherine Bell popularity 10/10  Catherine Bell quotes1867 Stanley Baldwin popularity 6/10  Stanley Baldwin quotes
1968 Dr.Ili Gidov popularity 0/10  Dr.Ili Gidov quotes1863 Sir Henry Royce popularity 0/10  Sir Henry Royce quotes
1967 Marianne Jean-Baptiste popularity 0/10  Marianne Jean-Baptiste quotes1863 David Lloyd George popularity 7/10  David Lloyd George quotes
1966 Gabriella Goddard popularity 0/10  Gabriella Goddard quotes1861 Alfred North Whitehead popularity 7/10  Alfred North Whitehead quotes
1964 Nigel Benn popularity 5/10  Nigel Benn quotes1860 Charles William Stubbs popularity 0/10  Charles William Stubbs quotes
1962 Eddie Izzard popularity 9/10  Eddie Izzard quotes1859 Havelock Ellis popularity 6/10  Havelock Ellis quotes
1961 Princess Diana popularity 10/10  Princess Diana quotes1858 Beatrice Potter Webb popularity 3/10  Beatrice Potter Webb quotes
1959 Julie Burchill popularity 6/10  Julie Burchill quotes1857 Sir Robert Baden-Powell popularity 5/10  Sir Robert Baden-Powell quotes
1959 Irene Grodecki popularity 0/10  Irene Grodecki quotes1855 Fiona Macleod popularity 5/10  Fiona Macleod quotes
1958 David Harkins popularity 0/10  David Harkins quotes1846 Charles Prestwich Scott popularity 0/10  Charles Prestwich Scott quotes
1957 Dawn French popularity 8/10  Dawn French quotes1844 Gerard Manley Hopkins popularity 7/10  Gerard Manley Hopkins quotes
1957 Sid Vicious popularity 10/10  Sid Vicious quotes1842 Alfred Marshall popularity 7/10  Alfred Marshall quotes
1955 Tim Berners-Lee popularity 8/10  Tim Berners-Lee quotes1841 John Moffat popularity 0/10  John Moffat quotes
1954 Elvis Costello popularity 9/10  Elvis Costello quotes1840 Thomas Hardy popularity 8/10  Thomas Hardy quotes
1953 Tony Blair popularity 10/10  Tony Blair quotes1838 James Bryce popularity 0/10  James Bryce quotes
1952 Douglas Adams popularity 8/10  Douglas Adams quotes1836 Joseph Chamberlain popularity 6/10  Joseph Chamberlain quotes
1951 Sting popularity 10/10  Sting quotes1834 William Morris popularity 8/10  William Morris quotes
1949 Stephen Bayley popularity 2/10  Stephen Bayley quotes1833 Charles Gordon popularity 6/10  Charles Gordon quotes
1948 David Gemmell popularity 7/10  David Gemmell quotes1832 Leslie Stephen popularity 5/10  Leslie Stephen quotes
1948 Ian Mcewan popularity 7/10  Ian Mcewan quotes1831 Owen Meredith popularity 3/10  Owen Meredith quotes
1948 Jeremy Irons popularity 8/10  Jeremy Irons quotes1827 George Q. Cannon popularity 0/10  George Q. Cannon quotes
1947 David Hare popularity 6/10  David Hare quotes1826 Dorothy Nevill popularity 0/10  Dorothy Nevill quotes
1947 Elton John popularity 10/10  Elton John quotes1826 Walter Bagehot popularity 5/10  Walter Bagehot quotes
1947 Salman Rushdie popularity 8/10  Salman Rushdie quotes1823 Thomas Hughes popularity 6/10  Thomas Hughes quotes
1946 Clare Short popularity 0/10  Clare Short quotes1823 Alfred Russel Wallace popularity 6/10  Alfred Russel Wallace quotes
1946 Julian Barnes popularity 5/10  Julian Barnes quotes1821 George Granville popularity 5/10  George Granville quotes
1944 Ann Oakley popularity 0/10  Ann Oakley quotes1821 Richard Francis Burton popularity 5/10  Richard Francis Burton quotes
1942 Derek Jarman popularity 5/10  Derek Jarman quotes1820 Herbert Spencer popularity 8/10  Herbert Spencer quotes
1939 Nanette Newman popularity 0/10  Nanette Newman quotes1820 Florence Nightingale popularity 9/10  Florence Nightingale quotes
1937 Mark Potter popularity 3/10  Mark Potter quotes1819 Charles Kingsley popularity 6/10  Charles Kingsley quotes
1937 Tom Stoppard popularity 7/10  Tom Stoppard quotes1819 Queen Victoria popularity 9/10  Queen Victoria quotes
1936 Glenda Jackson popularity 7/10  Glenda Jackson quotes1818 James Anthony Froude popularity 0/10  James Anthony Froude quotes
1936 Albert Finney popularity 7/10  Albert Finney quotes1817 Benjamin Jowett popularity 0/10  Benjamin Jowett quotes
1935 Michael Parkinson popularity 6/10  Michael Parkinson quotes1809 William E. Gladstone popularity 0/10  William E. Gladstone quotes
1935 Michael Winner popularity 3/10  Michael Winner quotes1804 Benjamin Disraeli popularity 7/10  Benjamin Disraeli quotes
1935 Julie Andrews popularity 9/10  Julie Andrews quotes1803 Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton popularity 0/10  Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quotes
1933 Michael Caine popularity 7/10  Michael Caine quotes1800 Henry Taylor popularity 6/10  Henry Taylor quotes
1933 Joe Orton popularity 6/10  Joe Orton quotes1795 Rowland Hill popularity 6/10  Rowland Hill quotes
1933 David Storey popularity 6/10  David Storey quotes1792 Captain Frederick Marryat popularity 0/10  Captain Frederick Marryat quotes
1930 Antony Jay popularity 0/10  Antony Jay quotes1791 Charles Babbage popularity 9/10  Charles Babbage quotes
1929 Audrey Hepburn popularity 9/10  Audrey Hepburn quotes1779 Lord Melbourne popularity 5/10  Lord Melbourne quotes
1929 John Osborne popularity 6/10  John Osborne quotes1778 Henry Peter Brougham popularity 0/10  Henry Peter Brougham quotes
1929 Ronnie Barker popularity 7/10  Ronnie Barker quotes1778 Baron Henry Peter Brougham popularity 0/10  Baron Henry Peter Brougham quotes
1927 R. D. Laing popularity 3/10  R. D. Laing quotes1778 William Hazlitt popularity 5/10  William Hazlitt quotes
1926 Elizabeth II popularity 6/10  Elizabeth II quotes1775 Jane Austen popularity 8/10  Jane Austen quotes
1925 Margaret Thatcher popularity 8/10  Margaret Thatcher quotes1771 James Montgomery popularity 0/10  James Montgomery quotes
1925 Peter Sellers popularity 8/10  Peter Sellers quotes1770 George Canning popularity 3/10  George Canning quotes
1921 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh popularity 0/10  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh quotes1764 Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey popularity 0/10  Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey quotes
1921 Sir Graham Leonard popularity 0/10  Sir Graham Leonard quotes1759 William Pitt the younger popularity 6/10  William Pitt the younger quotes
1919 Iris Murdoch popularity 7/10  Iris Murdoch quotes1758 Horatio Nelson popularity 7/10  Horatio Nelson quotes
1919 Doris Lessing popularity 7/10  Doris Lessing quotes1730 Oliver Goldsmith popularity 6/10  Oliver Goldsmith quotes
1917 E. J. Hobsbawm popularity 0/10  E. J. Hobsbawm quotes1729 Edmund Burke popularity 8/10  Edmund Burke quotes
1916 Harold Wilson popularity 6/10  Harold Wilson quotes1723 Joshua Reynolds popularity 6/10  Joshua Reynolds quotes
1915 Peter B. Medawar popularity 0/10  Peter B. Medawar quotes1709 Lord Lyttelton popularity 0/10  Lord Lyttelton quotes
1912 Sir John Templeton popularity 6/10  Sir John Templeton quotes1708 William Pitt the elder popularity 7/10  William Pitt the elder quotes
1912 Alan Turing popularity 8/10  Alan Turing quotes1707 Henry Fielding popularity 7/10  Henry Fielding quotes
1911 David Ogilvy popularity 6/10  David Ogilvy quotes1699 John Dyer popularity 6/10  John Dyer quotes
1911 E. F. Schumacher popularity 2/10  E. F. Schumacher quotes1694 Lord Chesterfield popularity 5/10  Lord Chesterfield quotes
1909 Henry Longhurst popularity 3/10  Henry Longhurst quotes1678 Henry Bolingbroke popularity 3/10  Henry Bolingbroke quotes
1909 Jessica Tandy popularity 7/10  Jessica Tandy quotes1670 Bernard Mandeville popularity 6/10  Bernard Mandeville quotes
1906 A. J. P. Taylor popularity 0/10  A. J. P. Taylor quotes1667 Francis Lockier popularity 0/10  Francis Lockier quotes
1906 William Empson popularity 5/10  William Empson quotes1664 Matthew Prior popularity 0/10  Matthew Prior quotes
1905 Arthur Koestler popularity 6/10  Arthur Koestler quotes1634 Bishop Robert South popularity 0/10  Bishop Robert South quotes
1904 Harold Acton popularity 0/10  Harold Acton quotes1631 John Dryden popularity 7/10  John Dryden quotes
1903 Mary Norton popularity 5/10  Mary Norton quotes1612 Anne Bradstreet popularity 8/10  Anne Bradstreet quotes
1902 Nikolaus Pevsner popularity 0/10  Nikolaus Pevsner quotes1608 Thomas Fuller popularity 7/10  Thomas Fuller quotes
1902 Brooke Astor popularity 0/10  Brooke Astor quotes1590 Thomas Morton popularity 5/10  Thomas Morton quotes
1899 Charles Laughton popularity 6/10  Charles Laughton quotes1580 Thomas Middleton popularity 5/10  Thomas Middleton quotes
1898 C.S. Lewis popularity 9/10  C.S. Lewis quotes1566 James I of England popularity 6/10  James I of England quotes
1897 Elizabeth Bibesco popularity 0/10  Elizabeth Bibesco quotes1536 Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset popularity 0/10  Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset quotes
1897 Patrick M. S. Blackett popularity 0/10  Patrick M. S. Blackett quotes1533 Elizabeth I popularity 8/10  Elizabeth I quotes
1896 Nubar Gulbenkian popularity 0/10  Nubar Gulbenkian quotes1530 Thomas Hoby popularity 0/10  Thomas Hoby quotes
1895 B. H. Liddell Hart popularity 0/10  B. H. Liddell Hart quotes The Beatles popularity 10/10  The Beatles quotes
1895 Anna Freud popularity 7/10  Anna Freud quotes Stewart B. Johnson popularity 0/10  Stewart B. Johnson quotes
1894 Edward VIII popularity 6/10  Edward VIII quotes Sidney Keyes popularity 5/10  Sidney Keyes quotes
1894 Harold Macmillan popularity 1/10  Harold Macmillan quotes Sir James Murray popularity 0/10  Sir James Murray quotes
1893 Dorothy L. Sayers popularity 3/10  Dorothy L. Sayers quotes Phantom of the Opera popularity 0/10  Phantom of the Opera quotes
1892 J. B. S. Haldane popularity 0/10  J. B. S. Haldane quotes W. GIFFORD-JONES popularity 0/10  W. GIFFORD-JONES quotes
1892 Richard Aldington popularity 5/10  Richard Aldington quotes E. P. Beauchene popularity 0/10  E. P. Beauchene quotes
1892 Vita Sackville-West popularity 3/10  Vita Sackville-West quotes Adlin Sinclair popularity 0/10  Adlin Sinclair quotes
1890 G. B. Stern popularity 0/10  G. B. Stern quotes Bob Schneider popularity 8/10  Bob Schneider quotes
1889 Charlie Chaplin popularity 9/10  Charlie Chaplin quotes Carol Malia popularity 0/10  Carol Malia quotes
1888 T.E. Lawrence popularity 6/10  T.E. Lawrence quotes Ivan Corea popularity 0/10  Ivan Corea quotes
1885 D.H. Lawrence popularity 8/10  D.H. Lawrence quotes Patrick Dean popularity 0/10  Patrick Dean quotes
1884 Hugh Walpole, Sr. popularity 0/10  Hugh Walpole, Sr. quotes Johnny Rotten popularity 8/10  Johnny Rotten quotes
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